December 01, 2007

Some of Saturday

I went to bed at nearly 3 last night. Which made me wake up at about 11 this morning. D took care of her brother, but I have to set both his and my clock so that I get up and take care of him when I should. That doesn't mean today hasn't been without it's activity. I picked up and did some vaccuuming, did some dishes, and worked on part of Purple Rose #5. Of course the ceiling still leaks. I called the resident manager and asked him what the last thing he did for it was, and when he's going to get working on it again. Or maybe I just asked what was going on---anyhow, he told me that he had the pipe but his back is so bad right now that it would be impossible for him to get under the sink today and that he will be doing it tomorrow, then that he will be coming over next weekend to re-ceiling-tile the ceiling. T commented on the fact that it can't be good for our health to have the ceiling like it is. I told T that it makes me a bit naseous just to smell the shallac like smell coming from it. :-( I hope this gets taken care of soon. I'd like to put a tarp over it but right now the tarp would just fill up and defeat the purpose.

The good thing is that we will leave just as soon as we find a place and can get the money together. We could very well use a loan from his 401(k)---not something I like the idea of, but oh well.

I had a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to post about, but wouldn't you know it got swept away because I decided instead to make dinner, put up some links on the blog, etc.

Some of what I did today

  • dishes
  • grocery shopping
  • made dinner (an extension of an experiment I did earlier in the week, this time with cheese :-D)
  • gave P a bath
  • put P to bed by 9:30
  • made a list of future ideas for Thursday Thirteen, and started a couple of them
While putting up the links to blogs in my sidebar, I read someone's post about why they blog. I agree with the majority of it. But I wonder who she was thinking of when she was commenting on how some people get negative in their blogs. I was the last one to comment on her TT post. It's probably paranoid to think she was thinking of me...but am I really that negative? I tend to look at the matter in 2 ways, now that I've been thinking about it. (1) Right now, there are some things that are difficult in my life. The apartment, dealing with a 2 year old, dealing with an 11 year old. I'm honest that there are some things about me that I'd like to change. But I'm taking them all to Christ and God, and I hope that in that action it makes everything better. I don't like to dwell on the negative, but not everything can be positive either. I know through God, in way or another (sometimes in talking to someone else about things, especially an impartial person who is just a sounding board or an ear), things will get solved. It's not always easy or possible in the moment, but I do try to find the good in things. There have been days when I have gushed about the good stuff, and days when I have complained about the bad stuff. But I don't like complaining, just like I don't like yelling. It makes me feel bad inside, so this is not just a sounding board for my problems or a place to shout out my praises, but a place to hopefully lead to the next portion of how I look at it. (2) Sometimes people's complaining is other people's finding out there are people out there just like them. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has a bad day with their kids once in a while, or reaches their breaking point when they have to deal with problems with their kids. And I want to be that for someone else. And I purposely leave my comments section closed because I'm not always posting here for feedback, sometimes I just post to put down what's in my head because I guess I'm moving over to the computer for writing and not pen and paper anymore (gosh, that makes me sorta sad).

Well, I need to finish these papers and then head off to bed. In the morning it's time to get up bright and early to go to church and then time to bring these papers out. It's yet another week when maybe I should have gotten the papers Friday night (which I usually do), folded them before I went to bed then brought them out on Saturday, but either way they will go really fast :-)