December 21, 2007

Friday Afternoon

I've been busy. I'm somewhat happy to say that I do in fact believe completely now that the times I'm in down mode have to be the times that my body is at the start of my cycle. I don't always get a period, but the pattern seems to be cyclical. So I have to really hit the Flylady idea hard during the times I'm not in down mode, so that it trains me for when I am. Did you understand that? Oh well, it's more important for me anyhow.

Still, today has shown me this to be true. I woke up about my "usual" time, but I really didn't want to stay in bed as much as I have the last few weeks. I got right up, and went into the living room. I think I surprised P by being so energetic. It doesn't help that he's sick now. But, so far today I've folded the clothes that have been sitting next to the tv for most of the week---I got sick of having to paw through them to find what I needed, and I needed to find socks for the little guy---plus I'm nearly all the way through the dishes that have backed up. Also, I just finished mixing up and panning the banana bread for the Girl Scout bake sale this evening. It might also help that my husband is back to work after his little vacation. OMGoodnes, what would it have been like if his dad HAD been here??? I'm actually rather relieved that he didn't come out (even though I DID want to see him!!!!). I've invited my sister and her husband, plus dad, here for Christmas. I'm back in good enough shape that I should be able to handle that well. I've got to do a few more things before then to kick this house back into shape, but even with having T home Christmas Eve and of course most of this weekend, it's not going to be as hard as it has been. D will be home the whole time too, of course, but I think I can do this! :-) I'm going to put D to work some. D and T are also up in Buffalo today, to do some shopping. Hopefully they will be home soon, as we have to get over to the bake sale earlier than I knew before. I've got to come up with the list for Christmas food shopping soon, but that should go relatively easy considering I've had lasagna noodles waiting for a while, I've got the spaghetti sauce from T from work, and I've got a can of crushed tomatoes if I can't use the spaghetti sauce we have. I'll go to Aldi's and pick up mozzerella cheese and at least cottage cheese, plus I'll have to get some bread for at least the bread pudding (plus we just need bread around here anyhow). I KNOW I can do this! It's not insurmountable!!! :-D

That being said (and now that the bread pudding recipe I found is printing), I have clothes to work on :-)

P's asleep. I'm not as worried so much about his sleeping anymore, but I will continue to read No Cry Sleep Solution. I intend for him to be able to sleep on his own, not have me go in with him. I can't wait until we get our next place, hopefully we will find one soon!

Oh, and one more thing....we finished the roses for mom's dialysis unit nurses. I didn't find out until I delivered them to her that she wanted 2 per thing, like I did for hers, but that's okay. I'm not going to even touch the pattern (after I put it away) for months!!! Here's a picture or two of them! :-)