December 16, 2007

Sunday, Snowy Sunday.

That's reminiscent of a song, but I don't remember which, and I know it's not snow. We are getting whollopped, just not nearly as bad I think as they made it out to sound. Some areas around here probably got worse than we did. I'm certainly glad that I did the Penny Savers yesterday though!!!

Yesterday was my 200th post! I didn't do up a banner for it this time, as you can see. I barely let it pass with a mention other than this one.

Yes, my period is hitting. I'm not in such great shape. My head hurts, my back hurts, I'd rather lay down and curl up with my hubby then be up and do much of anything.

But that's not to say my day was a complete loss. The kids and I went to church, we watched the adult musical, my Weight Watchers meeting leader was doing the nursery, and I remembered to tell her I had a poem Lizzie had wrote that I wanted her to see, so I asked her for her email address. She likes it :-) I don't know if she'll read it at the meeting, but I knew it would be something she'd like. We went to see mom for a while, we came home and just sat and watched some tv, then up went the tree. It's going to be fun keeping little hands off of it. Then we sat some more, and then we all went into the kitchen and did the mountain of dishes that had accumulated. Then I took a shower because I feel just plain awful. Then we had dinner---I asked T if he could throw some spaghetti together, maybe brown up some of the ground beef I had bought. I totally forgot about the meatballs we had gotten from Schwan's (but not the charge to the account, ha ha, that's cleared already!), but he didn't so he did those up with the spaghetti sauce, and that was dinner. Soon he'll be going to work but he'll be home tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. It's actually a good thing that he's taking this vacation, because he doesn't have much of one for Christmas. They are going to be doing Kosher, so he has to work that night! I mean, it's not a Jewish holiday after all!

I'm so happy the kids' Christmas is mostly taken care of. There's even something T ordered on ebay that's something I was going to get for D here at home, but he's going to be getting money back for something we bought for a coworker, so it should cover that. I think the only other thing is what dinner's going to be that night, and I'm also wondering if my sister remembers that I invited them for dinner. Oh, right now I feel so horrible that I guess it really doesn't matter. I hope this clears soon!!!!!

Later, I wanted this to be quick and short so I could get P to bed!