November 30, 2007

Friday's Fiascos?

My Friday really isn't all that bad. I just wanted to title it in kind. I really would like to change my blog title though. I see so many clever ones during the Thursday Thirteen, I really felt rather ashamed. But if you look in my comments, I guess I made some impressions on some people, so it's not so bad :-)

When I first sat down here, about 4 hours ago, and opened up my main browser to look and see if I had anymore comments on my TT post, I felt really good. I mean, sure I'm not wonderfully super popular (I never expected to be), but at least SOMEONE read SOMETHING on my blog and found it interesting. I don't want a lot of people commenting on my blog, that's really not what it's for (and there are certain people I point towards my blog that I REALLY don't want commenting on it), but I always did wonder who and/or how many people read my blog. Mine's a listed blog, but I doubt a lot of people like to "blog surf" like I often do, with those "next blog", "last blog" buttons, and come upon mine. But I wouldn't know either, now would I, if I don't leave my comments section open, huh?

Now I feel kinda low. I don't think the headache that, when I went in to put P to bed (at 11, ugh!), I realized I'm getting helps any. This time my teeth definitely are NOT to blame. I think this stinkin' place doesn't help any. It's not nearly big enough for 4 people, possibly adding T's mom would just be CRAZY, and I CAN'T STAND IT because the place is LITERALLY falling apart!!! Yes, the leaks in my ceiling still exist and, even though I wanted to call the resident manager at least twice today, I didn't get my phone, fingers and my ear to work together towards that goal at the same time. Sometimes I had the phone in my hand, sometimes I was thinking about it, but not ever at the same time, and any time I asked people to get me the phone no one really did, and now it's kinda too late to inquire about what the last thing he did about it was. He told me something about how he was going to get a new pipe for the water, since the one that has been there gees who knows how long and was getting no water pressure but now is (what difference does that faucet make in water pressure? He replaced that the other day up there) is cracked. I hate having the constant sound of water dripping in this room, it smells funny...I think I will be taking the fellow Girl Scout mom (who happens to know some other tenants here in the park) up on her offer of getting my landlord and resident manager (even though I'll tell ya I think he really is a good guy deep down) in some trouble with the state. Actually, what I would PREFER is just to get out of here. Right now our credit is so HORRIBLE that it's IMPOSSIBLE to buy a home, even if we wanted to do it here.

But, through it all, all I'm trying to do is turn it to Him. He'll get us out of here when and/or if we are supposed to.

A short time later: I recently got done talking with my wonderful mentor with the candle biz. I found a house nearby in the rental ads that I know is on the market. I talked with her about different things, including how much I can't stand this place. Sometimes I wonder what it is that's holding me back---me and my expectations or me and my fears. I wonder often if it's not the latter. I have big dreams.

At the base it's to take care of my family. Often I may not live up to that, spending too much time on things like the computer, things that center my time on myself and not the rest of the family. But I want the peace of mind of knowing my bills are paid (most of them are, the basic heat, water, electric are, plus phone and cable especially now that they are forever again linked, but there are a few bills that people keep bugging me about that I didn't realize at the time would grow so big---20% insurance multiplies easily, and 20% of an $80 bill is a lot different than 20% of a $2000 one. :-( And those bills have existed since 2005. Yeah, guess what's it's from?). It's part of why I started the candle biz. But I question how much I really want it...

I question a lot of things. My faith sometimes. I believe, but do I believe enough? I want to take care of the family, clear away the bills, but do I really give all of the time I need to to them? Really, right now I want to curl up in a little ball and just weep for a while. Even though it's 2 in the morning, that's not really an option. I need to go to bed. I'm going to do the candle thing next Saturday. I'm a bit depressed because this house is a mess and that stupid hole in the ceiling doesn't help one bit :-( The last thing I want to do is come to God with a greedy heart, asking Him to do for me when I'm not even sure I do for him, and expecting something in return when I do. That's part of what's holding me back with I putting what I put on the check because I want to give back to Him and thank Him for giving us what He has, or am I giving back in expectation of getting more back in return? It freezes me and just about brings me to tears.

Well, I guess I'll spend the rest of this weekend deep in prayer, even while I go around and do other things. I should write down what it is in a new apartment that I feel we need.

  • 3+ bedrooms, more rationally 4 so his mom can move in. Looks like we're the ones that will be blessed with that.
  • 2 baths (I mean, really...she needs her own. We can handle using the same one :-))
  • laundry hookups---I've got the machines
  • hardwood floors---I can't stand rugs, even though I don't mop in the kitchen often. But that's a bit of a hassle, you don't know my kitchen floor---I can't really tell where it's dirty and where it's not a lot of the time (see the evil pattern? Picture courtesy of my 2 year old. Yes, sometimes we let him loose with the camera because he just loves the whole thing of taking the pictures, with the noise it makes and the flash. I'm his favorite papparazzi subject, according to T):

  • 2 floors. None of our apartments have had 2 levels.
  • somewhere to STORE things we don't need 24/7 right out in the middle of everywhere. So a basement would be nice. Craft stuff may or may not go down there---if we can have 4 bedrooms plus at least one room or a good amount of space that can handle the computer---something like the cubby hole at the house we went to the estate sale at today would be good, looks like once it was a little closet or something (hey, THAT house would
    be cool, even! ;-))---it would be nice, then I can stick things out of the way and have my VERY OWN, PERSONALLY HOSTED HOME PARTY!!!!! In my OWN HOME!!!!!
  • open floor plan. I'd like to be able to look from my living room into my kitchen, and especially vice versa
  • safety. I don't want to worry about the little guy toddling out a door easily. I want that open floor plan bad---I want to be able to see the main living areas from each other.
  • dry basement. This would be the best place to store thing we're not using. And maybe turn part of it into her bedroom for the time she's with us. Or not. But I want a basement.
On a fairly positive note, here's something pretty to even out the possibly bad mood I put you into. The first 14 flowers (5 yellow, 5 pink, 4 purple. Count them :-)) I've made for the workers at mom's dialysis unit....

Today's Journey

Not too creative right now on my post titles. Oh well :-|

Today wasn't too bad. P and I had to wait until nearly noon for T to get home from work. Missed him terribly. Ended up intertwined with him this evening, so that more than made up for it! But I was crabby up until he got home.

I have to apologize, I just got done reading a lot of other people's Thursday Thirteens, so now I'm a bit tired because of how late it is, and I forgot about half of what I wanted to mention. Let's see if I can remember something....

I managed to get a few things done today. Some dishes, folded some clothes, gripped to the resident manager about the water coming from our ceiling (:-( Which hasn't stopped, I'm going to call and complain tomorrow, again), took a SEVERAL bags of garbage that T was supposed to but just hadn't yet. That got me to decide to sweep up the leaves that had collected in our little "patio" area. Here's a look at the pile:

That's all of them collected up. We've got our own pile! But don't go jumping in them because it's on asphalt after all!!! We've got more down the side of the house, but I'll probably just leave them alone until spring.

I took a picture of the sky while I was out there, but it looks darker than I remember. It was still nice to see a bit of blue peeking out of the clouds.

Tonight's going to be another late night, but not completely because of P. He went down fairly easily tonight. But it was later than I wanted (which is always 8). I didn't finish dinner until after 8, but then that's in part because of being intertwined with T. We were cuddling for at least an hour---but no need to ask where the time went!

I played around a bit again with Paint Shop Pro earlier today. I made the new banner you see under my description, and the new plug button too. It's not how I really wanted it, and I think I might revise it, but it did about what I wanted anyhow, so I guess it doesn't really matter. Oh, but when I pasted "plug" it was still a bit of a surprise.

Can't have anything other than water now. I haven't had anything to eat since dinner, which is only possible because of the horrible medicinal taste from the stinkin' mouthwash they prescribe when you have dental problems like T and I do. :-| My mouth still hurts from yesterday, but at least I have my "picket fence" back, right? I'm going to try to work really hard to keep it!!!!

November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 1st edition!

Thirteen Things about Allison (aka AngelGal)

1. I'm is my husband, T, whose birthday is exactly 5 days before mine :-)

2. I'm a mom to 2 wonderful kids---D, 11, and P, 2.

3. I have roughly 8 hobbies (can increase with the seasons), and I often forget at least one while listing them, but I'll try to anyhow---I crochet (now and forever my #1 hobby---I can do wonders with a crochet hook and a bit of yarn or thread. I could crochet with something else, but haven't tried much of anything else yet. You can always check out one of my other blogs, either the one for my crochet projects, or the one for the crochet group I own, WNY_Crocheters.), knit, cross stitch, bead, sew, bake, cook (the hobby is in the experimentation, though I'm not as much into it as some people I've seen on the web----wowwie wow wow wow!), bead and swap fbs and write penpals. During the spring and summer it can increase to include gardening and camping, and maybe one day it will also include some of the wonderful outdoor activities that help with #6.

4. This is the first blog I've been good about keeping. Most of the other ones (okay, I've only ever had 2 other ones in my life, but still) have gone by the way side quickly. I like that Blogger is connected to Google, because my main email is a Gmail account.

5. I'm a born again Christian. I was brought up Lutheran. My parents married in the same church that I was brought up in, I was baptized in, my sister was baptized in, she got married in, we both got confirmed in, I had both my kids baptized in and we renewed our vows at 2 years ago. After having some personal disagreements with other members of the Christian faith (those problems still exist to some extent, as it does for my father and even my mother, but I have realized that my focus does not belong on just His family, but on my own walk in faith), I swerved off a path I had been on since I was about 12 (when I first said the prayer to accept Jesus, etc), and decided to look elsewhere. I always had church and God somewhere in my mind, but thought (as all who fall away) that I could do it on my own. Earlier this year it began to dawn on me that I can't.

6. I'm going to Weight Watchers. So far, since January, I've lost 52.4 pounds. This isn't the first time I've gone, but WW is definitely the only program I've ever tried. I never tried any of the other fad diets....WW is what works best for me, and I'm not going to try anything else.

7. I have a Penny Saver route. I walked in the office, which happens to be very close to my house, and asked if I could have the route surrounding the house and the Penny Saver office. I have it for 2 reasons, the first being losing weight, but there is another reason...

8. I have a candle business. I sell Mia Bella Candles, and the other fine products in the line. My favorite candles are the Bella Buns, which look and smell just like real cinnamon buns. I also like the hand and foot cream, Bella Balm, quite a bit. So far I have recruited 2 WONDERFUL ladies, both of which sorta fell into my lap. I didn't need to do barely any promoting or convincing at all. The first noticed the Biz Opp line on my business card. The other bought some things from my online store when I told the group we are in together that I finally had the online store added to the website. I personally signed up as an Associate first, to get my foot in the door and cement the fact in my own mind that I wanted to do it. Before I went Candle of the Month, where you get a 16 oz jar candle and 12 votives in that month's scent, plus a Bella Bar (soap!), I got myself a website but, at least at that time, they didn't include the storefront with the website. So I had to wait about a month and then I was able to go COTM and get the store.

9. I write. Sure, we all write. And I have to write to have penpals, right? But, no, I WRITE. Now, I'll give it to ya that I haven't written a lick of a story for MONTHS, but they are still back there. The character from a story from my first Creative Writing class is still bouncing around in the back of my head. She made an appearance about a week ago, and I made sure to write down the thoughts and points that came to mind surrounding her story, but I haven't written anything since, and nothing much before that either.

10. I'm a SAHM. I feel drawn to and that it is my calling to give just as much as I can into being D and P's mommy. That's not to say I don't have a career goal. I went to college, thus having that Creative Writing class I mentioned back in 9, to get my BA in English (which I completed December 04. OH wow, the realization that it's been 3 years since I got done hits pretty hard every time. Anyhow, I got my BA in English so that I could go on and get my Masters in Library Science. I plan on working on THAT when we move out to Colorado, which is where my husband is from. I also took an Internet Programming class when I was in college (and some basic computer programming while in high school, though that might be a bit trickier to do now), so that's how I have fun playing around with the blog :-D.

11. My favorite color is black. Sure, other colors are nice. I wear other colors. I don't have a problem with other colors, in fact I wouldn't want the world without the other colors. But my favorite color is black. It has been since I was in high school, and it continues to be so even now.

12. My favorite number is 2. It doesn't drive much of anything in my life---I mean, I have 2 kids, but we didn't stop there because of any arbitrary reason. Right now I don't want to have anymore, but we are not restricting ourselves to 2 for any good or bad reason. That's just how it is. And if #3 comes along, well, I'm getting my tubes tied. Plain and simple. 2 are bad enough (and I've already got 3 if you count my husband!). But I really don't mind the number 13 either! I'm not a superstitious gal! :-D (or else I'd call myself Superstitious Gal and not AngelGal)

13. I collect angels. That's part of why I call myself AngelGal. Also, in a few ways it's a shortening of other monikers I've taken on during my time on the internet. Those include RedheadedAngel, and simply RedAngel. Cause I have red hair :-)

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November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Now you see him, now you don't

Turning a difficult day into a good one.

Do you know how I'm doing that? By turning my thoughts to Him. Yup. Gotta do that, right? And when I think about what shelter He has provided for me, my thoughts turn to another husband. That's who God has provided for me to share my tears with, heck I don't even have to cry to him (besides, he doesn't like seeing people cry). I just need to go curl up next to him. While waiting for dinner to bake, I guess that's what I'll do.

And I was going to sit down here and complain about my day. Again, in retrospect, it wasn't all that bad, really. The worst part was being tipped back, in what at first appeared to be a very restful position, and then having someone poking, prodding, picking and pulling at my mouth. We went to the dentist today. One way to look at it is that the worst is over, and if I'm smart (which we all know I really am), all I have to do to propagate this transformation of my teeth and gums is to do what I should have been doing all along---brush my teeth! Which I will do after dinner's done.

I know I'm going to have another rough night with the little guy. It's after 8, and I just now have dinner on. I've got to work on forethought with all these things. Tomorrow will be partially spent deciding on a dinner menu for the rest of the week. Things went the best when I did that. That way I can figure out a grocery list. Hopefully it won't go more than $50 at Aldi's, which would be good because I really can't spend much more than that. Or can I? Hmm. Just as long as I leave my savings account alone this week and next...hmm. I don't know. I will have to look it over...

And keep up this thought I've been working on to deal with everything....

He will provide. He has so far, He will continue to do so. I think He's starting to throw some my way, by way of Mary (thanks again, sister!), with the leads she's been sending my way. As long as I work them---some day one of the leads who went to my site will pick up the phone, and I'll be able to talk to them about the biz. I got one today that I'm really hopeful about! :-D

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a meme for Wednesday today. I think I'll have to look in the photo files before I decide if I will, because the one I will do would be Wordless Wednesday. Have I shot that one down already? Hope not....oh well :-D

Later days.

November 27, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Lucky us, my first meme.....more to come soon!!! :-)

Anyhow, without further ado...

10 Best Games (video, board, card, etc)

1. Miles Bourne - hands down. I LOVE that card game. I went crazy with happiness that came up with a game almost but not quite like it (Thousand Island Solitaire), so much so that I commented on it in a post to one of my groups. They must have thought I was loony---but then some knew the game I was talking about, some googled it just because they were curious!

2. Buzz Word - Oh, this one is fun. Too bad for my family that I just LOVE word games, puns, cliches, idioms, etc. I'll win every time we play this....they can only hope I'm the one giving the clues. Oh well, let's them all learn, right? Now I feel bad...but I'm still getting this for the family for Christmas!

3. Football - Okay, I don't play it, it's a sport and not technically a GAME, but COME ON PEOPLE! It's FOOTBALL. I may be a (die hard, life long, never say die) Bills fan, but I LOVE the game! And it's not the big burly guys running around in tight pants either (though there was a day when they turned my head). I just love it. I'll even cheer for the Broncos, thanks to T, once in a while too. And any AFC team as long as it's not one I can't stand, like the Dolphins...okay, if the Bills aren't in the Super Bowl, I'm cheering for the AFC team no matter who they are. Maybe not the Raiders.

4. Sim City 3000 - Yeah, the graphics are lame, it's an old game, but the sound effects were cute. We'd never be able to get the money right (yeah, I just suck at finances. But I'm better than T at them.), but it was still fun to see the towns grow.

5. Tetris - I'm sure my husband would wonder how it is that this isn't #1. Well, I just didn't think of it first. But it is one of the best. I like the problem solving part. I like all of it. I like the TetrisMania that I downloaded onto my last cell phone. Fun times...

6. Klax - Here's one to definitely blame on my hubby. He bought this one multi game pack that had Klax when we had the Playstation. We still have it, it's just not hooked up. Anyhow, I fell for this game. It's no different than Tetris in some ways (and it looks like, according to the Wikipedia reference I found, that it was supposed to be a follow up to Tetris).

7. Tickle fights - Okay, not a game per se either. But they are fun. I'd always lose to most of my friends, as I'm rather ticklish (to the hubby too), but it's so much fun to tickle a kid. My favorite is when they are old enough to have learned what you are going to do when you just start coming at them with a wiggling finger and they collapse into giggles as soon as they see your finger. Too cute.

8. Scrabble - This was one of the games which, when we played it when I was a kid, you didn't want to be on the team AGAINST me and my dad---and since there were only 4 of us in the family, my poor sister and mom had to work TWICE as hard to win. Which they didn't often.

9. Weffriddles - Talk about mindblowing. I'm still at level 54.1, but I don't know if it's a real level or not. I haven't played that game in nearly a year, but I'll pick it back up someday. I still have my notes, and I still have my place bookmarked. :-| Thanks a lot FIBN ladies! :-S

10. Catan - Awesome strategy game T's best friend C showed to us our first time in Colorado. We saw it at Borders, I'd love to get it one day, but not with the way games get used around here. That's not something I'm happy about. But it's an AWESOME game.

You know, I didn't think this was going to be so hard. I mean, we used to play games a lot when I was a kid. It was fun having game night. But that was 13+ years ago too. We don't play many in our house. I just don't know what's up with that....:-S

Looking around...

Wow, today is just a day of ups and downs. Pretty much it was....a downer, I think. Not letting myself eat much before Weight Watchers was no fun. I ate, but by the time it was time for WW, I was not happy. I should stop doing that....I don't think it's just today, though, because I know I've not been drinking my water lately either. That doesn't help much. And I need to get out and move more. I felt really good for a while after going for the walk I took to put P to sleep---he was to the point he really wasn't going to get to sleep any other way. So out we went for about half a hour. Sure he only slept for about a half an hour more, but that's fine. He got some sleep. Of course, bedtime wasn't the most fun, he wanted to keep doing the things he's been doing all day, but he had to finally realize it was time to go to bed. He did, with some help from me. He got to sleep not long after daddy left for work. Of course, I didn't start until after 8 either. Ugh, I should really start before 8. I'm going to bed REAL soon (no PSP, no staying up talking to people all night, etc etc, little more blog reading time after this), so we'll start there on our daily list. I've got to throw myself back in to Flylady. I'm not totally sure what has thrown me off. Before I started reading TPDL, I was off. I sorta came back, but now I'm off again :-( And I'm really tired. :-| Those of you that pray, pray for me, okay?

I can't wait for No Cry Sleep Solution to get here. I don't know what I'm going to do now. We had been doing so well for most of P's life, but within the last 2 or 3 months, things have just been off. :-(

Speaking of things getting here, the Bella Balm did show up today. That was a definite up. My hands don't seem so dry, and it wasn't oily at all. It has a hint of lemon (at least it seems lemony to me), but it's not an overpowering scent, whatever it is. I think I've figured out what it is that I want to get with the money from the phonebooks. I'm looking at the Mia Melts, to use as scent samples. A few of those and one Bella Bun. Which means that next week will be a fun week for me---2 shipments instead of 1. :-D The COTM, then the one the money from the phonebooks gets me. So nice. :-D

Well, I want to do one more thing on here, then the computer goes off and I go to bed. But you'll know about that thing first, won't you?

And maybe today was an upper. I mean, I got the kid to bed before 10, I got the Bella Balm (Lizzie got her shipment today :-D), even though I was worried about this week because it was after all a holiday week I still lost 1 pound (keeping me at a weight loss total above 50 pounds), I may not have FINISHED the dishes, yet, but I did at least get the new bottle of dishsoap I needed, there are 3 of the flowers I'm making for mom that are sewn together, P went down for some kind of nap, I'm alright over all....I guess it's a good day. Silly me. Oh yeah, and I've got one person who has put up their plugbutton on my plugboard! I was SO surprised to see it there!!! I feel special now!!! :-D

Title Search: New

Before I go to bed and while I'm thinking about it, I'm not satisfied with the title of my blog anymore. This was just a way to title it to pair it with my crochet blog, but I don't like it anymore. I don't feel as if I'm on a roller coaster anymore, so I'd like to come up with a new title.

Any suggestions? For once I'm opening up my comments to anyone who (oh, is reading, interested) would like to comment. And yes, to see who reads my blog.

Here's what you need to know, if you haven't figured me out yet:

I'm a SAHM, and I LOVE that position.
Crocheting based titles are not allowed---while that's in my url, I've already got a blog for that (and yes I will update soon)
It needs to encompass all of who I am, but be short and concise (to the point).
Incorporating Angelgal still would be a nice touch.

Anything else? I don't know. I'll leave that up to you!

November 26, 2007

(Non)Manic Monday (although that could come into debate at any time)

Church yesterday was good. Pastor Brent's sermon talked about "What if what God asked you to do is embarrassing?". It was interesting and informative. He used Mary as an example---I mean, in her time getting preggers without being married, etc. He said he's going to have a whole series of "What if?" questions using the characters in the Christmas story as the jumping off point for each. I look forward to it. The most notable points had to do with things that had occurred that weekend and I had been thinking about. How interesting that God always does that...I think and wonder about something while in church, and my question is often answered shortly after. The thing that I was pondering was Thanksgiving and the thing with mom's yams. And T's mom. I'm not going to go into it here. And about being a parent in general. So, the thing that Pastor Brent said that responded to my thoughts was that he realized a few times (and I have too, really, in the time since I started this quest) that our jobs as parents are to teach our kids to obey us so they are ready to obey God when the time comes. It's something I have to realize constantly about my parenting, not to mention how I act both as a parent and as a Christian. Heavy stuff, really. I remember this a day and a half later because, it's really cool, the bulletins at church have a whole space for notes on the sermons. Sometimes there's fill in the blank stuff pertaining to the sermon, sometimes like this week there's just a big open space on that page. For the program, there's a scant listing...the songs they play aren't listed, like at my home church where they list all the hymns; the exact prayers said aren't listed, sometimes I wonder if large parts of it aren't thought up right then and there in service; if there are additional things, those are added in, often with what service it's at. It's cool, I really like this place. To think, nearly a year ago, last Christmas eve, we were driving by this church and when I looked in the window I got such a nice warm feeling, now I'm going to the church and trying to find ways to become active in it. And I know when the Christmas eve/day services are too, LOL!

So, the rest of it. I actually took a pause there because T had come around the computer with me, I got side tracked onto playing with Paint Shop Pro more, and I had to make dinner.

Dinner was good, sorry no pictures today (yeah, I keep forgetting :-S). Penne pasta with chicken and tomato sauce. Ack, sometimes I swear I'm getting myself sick of TOMATO SAUCES! I was going to try a pork chops with pineapple salsa recipe off of the Weight Watchers website, but it turns out our pork chops had gone bad. Bad me. I want us to start eating dinner at the kitchen table again, and I'm going to start planning specific dinners instead of doing it on the fly like I am, again. :-| I've taken out my Control Journal, and I'm going to work on that some tonight before going to bed.

Speaking of going to bed. Little guy went to bed very quickly tonight. None of that waiting on him to fall asleep while he plays with the wall, etc. I've ordered a copy of No Cry Sleep Solution through the library's online system, hopefully I'll be able to read all the way through it this time. Last time I got it I didn't. Speaking of which, I should drop what books I do have out late when we're out tomorrow with Weight Watchers.

I'm not holding up much hope for WW this week. I know I didn't really follow it at all. And with Turkey Day---well, let's say, I think 50 pounds lost is blown out of the water. :-| After tomorrow I will just have to start over again. Yippee, Thursday is payday which means I get to figure out my dinner menu and grocery list. Aldi's had tomato sauce in cans, right?

I'm still waiting on my tube of Bella Balm. That should get here tomorrow. My hands aren't too bad, not like they were at the end of the week last week. And all my papercuts from the phonebooks the week before have now healed. Speaking of Mia Bella and the phonebooks (ha ha....nice transition?), I'll be getting paid for that this week too :-D Yippee, now I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to get with that. Thanks to Nicole's help, I was able to get the Bella Balm and the catalogs, what will the phonebooks get me? I had the hardest time going back and figuring out my numbers for each of the streets...I was so tired last night when I was sitting down here and trying to figure it out that my math was ALL wrong! :-S So, after the boss man called this afternoon, since I was sitting here anyhow, I looked over my numbers and used the number pad to figure out what the numbers and totals were. I'm still a bit confused over them, but that's not so bad because I'm getting paid this week, and it's all handed in now.

Well, this evening certainly got away from me. I wanted to go to bed a lot earlier than this. But then I got talking to a couple people, and got looking at something, and here it is 1:30 at night.

Why me?

I'm still going to try to get up early in the morning---8:30.

Later days.

November 25, 2007

Been fun...

I didn't have a bad day today. I think today would have been the better day to go out and deliver the PS, because it looked halfway decent outside, but at least I got them stuffed and in the bags, right?

Little guy was a terror to get to bed, and he's restless tonight. I don't know if he's coming down with something, he does sound a little congested. I really want to go to church in the morning, I hope he doesn't get something full blown and decide to share it at church. It'll be my first day with my new shoes that I got just so I could wear them to church. I'll wear them elsewhere too, but I've been getting sick of wearing my gym shoes to nice places, and the heels I got at that one church scare my ankle way too much so that's why I got them.

Besides revamping this blog (do you like? It's what I was doing when I should have been stuffing the papers and delivering them and when I was stuffing them), I deleted my candle and writing one. They're really a part of this anyhow (in more ways than one because I transferred the interesting posts over here), I just have to keep up with the labels :-)

I came up with a really nice new plugboard button. I'll be filling my plugboard with it, so it won't look as if no one wants anything to do with it. Of course, not many people can have anything to do with it if they don't know it exists, right? Oh well

I've got to get to bed, it's after 1 and I want to go to church in the morning!!!!!

November 24, 2007

Giving Thanks, continuted...

So, I was looking at other people's blogs and their Thursday 13, when I realized I had only listed---GASP!---10. It's a common number, but that's no excuse.

This means I have to come up with 3 more. Is that possible? I've looked at other people's lists, and I just don't do mine in the same fashion. But I suppose there's always something more to add. Now what is it?

11. Yarn: What more needs to be said? Without it I wouldn't have the loves I do. Crochet, Knitting...both wonderful things.

12. Mia Bella: It's not growing very fast, but those candles and my business are growing bit by bit. We'll get there one day. :-)

13. America: I have problems being a citizen sometimes, but I wouldn't rather have been born anywhere else. We're not all the same as certain aspects of it (though sadly I know from personal experience that people outside of the country think that. But then people on the outside of things always make wild assumptions based not on the reality of the person, place or thing, but on their own belief system, their own experiences and what they have been told.), but we are all hopefully really out for the same things. Sometimes I wonder though. Still very thankful to be an American, there are a lot of things that I believe are contained within being an American and our symbols, and those are what I would die for if I need to.

Guess that about covers it. :-)

November 22, 2007


It's that time of year again. For some people it means lots of cooking, spending time with family---both the ones they want to see and some they don't---traveling, eating lots of turkey, football, sleeping on the couch....lots of things. For us it meant going to see my mom, spending a bit of time with my sister, having dinner here with dad, and a late night tonight.

It also meant this year that my biz grew! I got another recruit today! And my sponsor was great enough to surprise me with some new leads! I'm going to call them tomorrow to follow up.

I wanted to start doing the Thursday Thirteen this week. But when I sat down to the computer to do so, I started talking on Yahoo messenger with my new recruit. That started all the whirlwind that comes with signing someone up as a bit of a surprise, so my *first* post will post on Friday. One day I will get a TT one done ON TIME.

This seems to be a theme with the other TT posts I've looked at so far. There's nothing better to write about today than what we are thankful for. So without further ado (you don't know how much ado there has been so far, you really don't)....

Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For

1. God: I think this probably goes without saying. I'd be a fool to ignore the fact that even before I admitted to Jesus being my person Savior, that God has done some wonderful things in my life, some of which will definitely show up later on my list. But afterwards, now, he's still at work. There's of course the surprises when I finally got recruits. I'd spend lots of time praying for help with myself and my personal image, asking for help to learn who I am and how to approach people in order to help them in whatever way the biz would help them. And just when I least expect it, pop. There's the times when He opens my eyes and makes me realize a different angle on a subject---for example, to realize that some things in my life have had to fall away in order to prune who I am, so that I can grow back stronger and more beautiful than before. These things are being removed in order that there is room for whatever He has in mind and in store for me to fill that place later.

2. T: There is no better match in this world for me than him. Maybe it's part of why God had us marry so close to Thanksgiving....I can see this wonderful guy in action every year, doing something he loves. He loves to cook, and he does it well. He might not want to turn that into a career (just yet?), but it's something he has a passion for. Maybe one day we can have a home so that we can both enjoy this little pastime together. Either way, it's still a nice thing to watch him doing. And that's not the only reason I love him so much and know he's my perfect match. If I really stop and listen closely....I don't hear a thing. But it's not an empty silence. Every time I think about being in his arms, 2 songs come to mind. One is our song, Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd. The other is When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss. Especially this last one in this instance. He's it. I know it when I'm alone in the dark and I think of him. I know it when I look in his eyes.

3. D and P: They are the best things we've ever done together. They are our legacy. No one is perfect, and it's a hard road being mommy and daddy, but I wouldn't rather be mommy to anyone else. If someone gives us another T, fine. But I'm happy with just them too. And I can't tell you how happy I feel just watching them (okay, the yelling and crying I can do without, but it's better than absolute silence too, right?).

4. Mom and Dad: Yeah, mom and I fought over the yams, but I'm sure ours wasn't the only disagreement. I'm sure others had it much worse. Besides, they gave me life. Without them I wouldn't be here. Without them, watching their love, their marriage, I wouldn't know how good it could be, and how to keep it that way. 33 years hun, that's all I've got to say about that.

5. Mom's back here: Again, yeah, yams and all. But she's not 100 miles away. She's home.

6. Josh, Cindy and David: Good friends. Good times. There's few things that can replace good friends. There are more friends I'm sure. I don't remember all my friends, how sad is that. Well, I am thankful for all the ones I have, I know I am. Some are the momentary friends, some are the forever ones. You know, if you honestly think about it, both Josh and Cindy have been there a lot longer than even the ones I thought were going to be there forever. The ones who weren't up to par. When I had S's phone number and talked to her when she moved to Westfield, or we moved to Cass, I had Cindy's address in my address book and the memory of her in my mind. She has proven herself in real ways, in the adult forum. Josh has been one of the few constants in my life, even today. Today I still get a nice warm thought in my heart when I think of him. And I've known him longer than any other friend. And I'm pretty sure I'm in the same place for him :-)

7. Mary and Claudette (not to be put atop all the ladies on W2W): What can I say? They are some of the best support a person can have. I asked for help tonight, and they were there. I wanted to make sure I got things right, they were there with more experience to fill in the gaps in my mind (from fatigue and lack of knowledge not to mention experience and simple learning), and kudos and congrats for the reason I needed them (my new recruit).

8. Nicole and Lizzie: My recruits! They are proof that I have to be doing SOMETHING right. That my passion for this biz might spread to them, that they may be able to take it to the heights they deserve---yes, it's great what I could do with them, but it's even greater what they are going to do for themselves. And I know they are great women far beyond just the biz....Lizzie's working towards a dream, and Nicole is standing her own ground.

9. FIBN, HMB and WNY_C: Great ladies. Great support too. It's great to be able to find a place, even one, where people share the same things you of a craft, a desire to make yourself better.

10. Harvest Chapel: A home away from home. It's not where I grew up, but it's a good place to bring up my babies. They don't ask or demand anything from you. They are there in the Lord's name (interesting how, really, I started with God and I end with Him too). That's all they see of you, I believe. Some may not understand, but I know that's what they are there for.

Being a mommy can be hard....

Boy what a difference 12 hours makes. I was feeling really good for most of the day. Then bedtime hit. And it hit hard. Needless to say, it wasn't like any of the meltdowns my mom would have (which were probably a lot better than ones she had to experience...or even day to day life), but it wasn't fun either. Little guy didn't fall asleep until after 11. I don't know what the problem is. :-( I didn't wait until after 9. I actually tried about 8:30. Maybe I have to go even earlier. :-( And he's not sleeping in his crib anymore. Maybe I'll have to have daddy take care of all of this. I don't know. I'll talk to him when he gets home tomorrow. It's not fun. It's nearly my favorite time of the day, but it's not fun at all :-( I'm tired right now because I cried. I think I'll do some dishes and then head for bed.

Sad night in this household. You had better believe I'm praying HARD. :-(

November 21, 2007

Say it ain't so!

You're not going to believe it. I actually got up at 8 AM two days in a row ON PURPOSE. And I feel GOOD about the idea! And I'm AWAKE at noon. Amazing, huh?

Well, yesterday when I got up to get ready to go to MOPS, I liked how it felt so much, being alone (or pretty much so), with P still in bed, and one of those days (yesterday) T being asleep too. Even having him up when I got up today was good---we didn't talk about much, but we got to talk, person to person, and he showed me all his purchases for turkey day and his cheesecakes. He's all excited because he now has enough cream cheese for 5 cheesecakes!! I'm not going to be looking forward to that...I'm going to have to limit what I have or avoid them all together. No big, I guess.

The rest of the day doesn't look too bad. I've got to pay a couple bills...I'm happy that the money hit the account today. When I first checked the bank's online service, it wasn't posted, but the second time, it was. So I'm happy about that. I've written out the checks for the bills I'm going to pay, and I've noticed that I have a good deal of money left over. I hope I don't spend it ALL. I'm also planning on new shoes for P and I, as we both really need them. I'm going to have to buy him new boots, but even though a small bit of seam on one of mine is splitting, I'm not going to get a new pair. Other than that one spot they are in great condition I think. I'm hoping D can live on the ones she's got now. She was wearing them the other day, so I'm hoping so. I've got a load in the dryer, one in the basket of the same stuff, a load (mine) in the washer, and I'm sure I'll be putting T's clothes in shortly. My dishes are nearly done, really. I've put away what I did yesterday, I've got another sink-ful in the drainer, and there's another sinkful in now. I'm planning on having them all done by tonight. I'm going to have to get up off the computer soon, but that doesn't sound as impossible as it might have at other times. I'm also going to have to go to the store...I don't have much to get, just enough for the fruit salad at mom's tomorrow, and potatoes for tomorrow, plus maybe a bag of some veggie or other. Dad's got the stuffing and some candied yams for mom. We're going to have some friends over besides just dad...we should have enough room, even though I was at first thinking it would just be her. By her email earlier today, I'm starting to wonder if it's also going to be her husband too, which is GREAT. Haven't seen him in forever, and it was just his birthday (maybe I should pick up a card too....I'll add it to the list in a minute here), and I can't wait to see him! :-) He gives good hugs, hee hee :-) I've also got to get some rolls...we always have Grands because that's what T likes, and my dad likes another kind. We haven't discussed them lately, and I don't remember seeing them the last time I was at Quality but I could be wrong. Our friends are going to take care of the pie. I told her she (they) is (are) welcome, just bring a pumpkin pie :-D I'm excited to have more than just immediate family for dinner. It'll be cool.

The turkey's already being thawed. On one of my lists, we had discussed our turkey day and turkey preps, because on lady needed to know since I guess it would be one of her first. I mentioned that it's T's department, and that we hadn't exactly discussed it but I was sure he had been thinking about it. Last night he wanted to go to WM for a bucket, and started the brine (finished it too, ha ha). See, we're like connected at the brain level too. ha ha 12 years, what do you expect? :-D

Well, I gotta get up from here :-) Have a good day :-D

November 18, 2007

Are there such things as Simple Sundays anymore?

Not around here, I don't think.

It's not too bad, it's our anniversary so it's not supposed to be "normal", is it?

We actually got to church about on time...they weren't several minutes into the singing at the beginning of service at least (I'm not so sure if that's a good thing, I'm not crazy about singing you know. You don't want to be near me when I sing, I don't do it well. P's the only one to be *blessed* with that). During that, I pondered the fact that my relationship with T has lasted so long (well, in a lot of circles 12 years is an ETERNITY!), and how to keep that "new" feeling going with God. Well, during the sermon that got answered...Pastor Pam talked about Thanksgiving, and what does it really mean. Part of it is that Thanksgiving, in spiritual/God related form is worship. Something covered in The Purpose Driving Life, BTW. That doing everything and anything, even dealing with those family members you don't want to at the holidays, is a part of worship, as long as you are doing anything and everything you do in His Name. Simply something I have to keep remembering!!!!! Part of why it still feels fresh and "new" with me and T is because he's always there. And that's a given with God as well, so if I can just remember THAT, then I'm in good stead.

The whole nursery situation went well this time---most of the time we've gone he's had a good bit of separation anxiety. This time I put him down and pretty much from then until people started coming to pick other kids up, he did well. He was REAL happy to see mommy though! I'm happy he did so well. I'm hoping he IS getting used to church, and it's something he enjoys. Let's see how he does for MOPS.

When we came home, after going to see mom and getting D from her church play rehearsal, T was just waking up from a good day's sleep. He stayed with the little guy for my first round of delivering the Penny Savers, then she and I went out, then we all went. That was fun.......little guy LOVES being carried by daddy during a lot of things, AND he LOVES to help out (he helped in the clean up after church, in the nursery. I told them, "he LOVES to clean and help out." I'm training him well, he he he....what a lucky girl will get my boy, huh?). Not easy on mommy's nerves on a busy street, even with D and T just about as nervous!

He conked out on the way to drop D at Youth Group, which we did a bit late. Oh well. I didn't try to get him down until about 9, and up until a few minutes ago he was still up. I came in here and started cleaning and sat down about when he asked to go in the crib. Well this time I didn't stay in the room, I didn't go back and pick him up just as soon as he asked....I'm not sure if he's asleep yet or not, but I don't hear him right now. I'll go in soon and check on him. Just as long as he doesn't decide to try to get out (he only does that when he fusses with a lot of "out out out". Little bugger!). He hasn't yet though. He asked, but not really urgently. I'm thinking, he might even LIKE going to bed in his crib. We will see, we will see. I'll ask him tomorrow if he'd like to sleep in his crib again, assuming this works out.

And I'm not even going to TALK about his sister. Sometimes, I tell ya! :-S But God never gives you more than you can handle. Sometimes I wonder if he trusts me too much, or if I'm just falling short!!! :-(

I'm not thrilled about the Bills game. *sigh* Tom Brady sure is cute, but I wanted his team to GO DOWN tonight!!! :-( It doesn't look like THAT'S going to happen. As long as the guys can come back from this, that's all that matters. It just looks like the Patriots have shoes of gold on, that's all. Sorta sad that probably the best thing about this game would be Everret's message to the fans and team, huh? Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Can't say we're used to this by now, but....

You know, we're used to this. :-|

I've got some flowers to go work on, and a little boy to check on.

November 17, 2007

Celebrate the union, not the day.....

Tomorrow is our 12th anniversary (I know it's not the first time I mentioned this important milestone---each year is precious). 2 years ago we renewed our vows. Last year, we went out for dinner the evening of our anniversary (to Ellicottville Brewery here in town....YUM! The food, not the alcohol as I had none, but he had some dark beer :-)). This year we went up to Olive Garden with the kids, and spent some money as well, LOL! 2 years ago, our anniversary fell on a Friday, but as my sister was getting married just 3 weeks later, the pastor wouldn't do ours on a Friday too...Fridays were his day off. So we did that on the 17th as well. That's fine though. What's important is not to celebrate the day, but the union that was formed.

I think we do that most every day anyhow. Most days, I'm still just as crazy over him, if not more so, than when we first met. Frankly, I wouldn't want to spend my time with anyone else more, ever. I turn to him for most decisions, because it's how it should effects both of our lives, and we're both halves of the same unit.

We went up and had Olive Garden with the kids. Then we went to Borders and checked to see about Buzz Word. Then we went to JoAnn Fabrics and got some yarn. All in all a good, money spending heavy evening. :-)

Now it's time for me to go to bed!!!

November 16, 2007

Finally at the Finish Line

You know, I sat down here not totally sure what I wanted to write. Someone had listed something she had been thinking of this week on her blog, while I was reading the blogs I like to look at. It occurred to me to maybe do something like that. I've been pondering joining the Thursday Thirteen, and I think I'm going to do that next week. Also, twice this week I thought about my position on abortion. My thoughts haven't changed, really. Only now my personal inner fight with it is stronger. But I stand by my thoughts.

Do you want to know what they are? I guess I'll still tell you. If you don't want to know, go on to the next paragraph, I'll mark it for ya....

I've always thought that, should I be pregnant, it wouldn't be an option for me. I'd be with a guy that I loved a lot and was going to be staying with, and so I wouldn't have to decide whether or not I'd get one. The point would be mote. And it was when I came to that place---I was with a guy I loved and was going to stay with (and who was, by the way, very excited by the idea he was becoming a daddy...he couldn't keep the smile off his face when I told him), and I was entering a life I was very excited about. The second time, of course, the relationship with the same guy was nearly 10 years old, and we had totally planned that one. As for whether the option should exist, period, well....I was once called and asked what my position was. I told them "For me I'm prolife, for others I'm prochoice." I don't like the idea of someone going out and having an abortion. I do believe it's murder, which is part of why I will never do it. But I don't think I've got the right to force my beliefs on someone else, for one. For another, and more importantly, I think education is more important. You can't necessarily replace good self esteem, which would keep you out of that position in the first place, with education, but you can make a pretty dang good attempt at it. Abstinence is nice, but you can't convince everyone to do that either. And birth control is essential. The thought came up that the Catholic church is against birth control. But that makes no real sense when you consider the fact that another big thing for them is also celbacy for certain people. I mean, that does the same as birth control---keeps the guy's stuff from the girl's stuff---so how can one be okay but not that other. But then I guess that's the great paradox of human kind, huh?

No more abortion talk...I've been a bit busy this evening. I sorted through the box that's been sitting full of stuff on my futon. I don't much like the fact that right now that's full from one end to the other with stuff, but it's not so bad---the stuff is on it's way out. One is the box that was full of stuff, which I also use for the Penny Savers each week. That will be moved to the bottom of the stairs for the week after I deliver them on Sunday. The other big thing on the futon is the pile of phone books waiting to be delivered as well. I folded the basket of towels and clothes that have been sitting in my living room most of this week. I've got to get the sweaters and my shawl out of the dryer sometime soon, and bring the sweaters to church this weekend.

Now I have to figure out where my grocery list went to. I'd been doing really good today, figuring out all the things I needed and had made a mental note of. ...bandaids, grocery bags, the turkey for next week, meat for this as well as some peppers and some salad. Hopefully I'll find it before I leave to bring D to GS. I'm hoping to spend no more than $50, as I'd like to have some money left over for our anniversary dinner in case we need it. Maybe we can make it an anniversary lunch, since I'd really like to go up to Olive Garden. We'll see :-) Wow, and in pondering our finances in I found that a charge we had made a couple weeks ago FINALLY hit. I was starting to wonder. Now I'm waiting to see how our gas bill goes....this is the balancing month, and we've been billed, over all, a bit over $151 since the last balancing period. There is a remaining balance, after the payment I just made, of about $112, and I'm not sure how they will handle that. I know that before when we had a balancing month paired up with a remaining balance of something that was about what we were over charged, the balance was cleared. I think it will end up that we will have a negative balance left over, which will be credited to us next month and I will (a) have money for the kids for Christmas (plus some money to use somehow to donate), and (b) will not have to pay so much in January. At least that's what I'm hoping! I'm not going to change my mind about what my dad, sister and mom are all getting, but I'll be able to have a bit of fun for the kids. It's a good thing my ideas for that are actually rather targeted. :-) And the bill over all will work out for me as well :-) Though, maybe it won't work out for me. I hope so, I'd like to do something decent for the kids. Maybe I'll just have to do what I did when I started having the bit over that we owed. I hope it will be a good thing....ugh. The suspense is killing me!!! :-S I shouldn't have to wait longer than the weekend.

Okay, during that short space, I was out doing a lot. I sat here and looked at some blogs (some a really funny, that I got from the Blog of Note feature here on Blogger), then we brought my daughter to GS, went grocery shopping, things like that. Now we're home, T's at work, and the little guy's in bed. He went down easier than he had been, back before I was able to commit to getting him to bed at a decent time, but not as easy as the last few days. Now I'm getting tired, and I wanted to get started today on the flowers I'm supposed to be making for mom. Doesn't look like I'm going to get any dishes done today. Oh well, if tomorrow isn't nice---as it's not supposed to be, it's supposed to snow---then there's something I can do besides some stuff on recent lists for cleaning around here. Before I know it, it's going to be time to figure out where the tree goes. Thanksgiving's in less than a week.

I want something to eat, though I'm not really all that sure what it is that I want. I don't want a sandwich, and the only thing we can have anyhow is a peanut butter one. But there's really nothing else to eat around here. I've already had a salad---we didn't really have any dinner, so that sorta takes the place of one. I didn't get anything to munch on other than the salad. I'd like something to eat, but not the sandwich. I told myself....and obviously can live up to it pretty well....that I'm not going to eat anymore bread. It's something I definitely like, a lot. Always have. :-| I could go for a couple cinnasticks from Pizza Hut again. :-|I'd like just one little piece of chocolate too. Nothing like that around. The microwave kicked the bucket, so even we had it I couldn't make any popcorn. *sigh* I'm not going to have any bread.


November 15, 2007

It's Thursday night, 5 more minutes until Friday!

Today was again pretty much a good day. I didn't get the last basket in the living room done, but I did fold 2 others, both T's. I didn't get out and do phonebooks again like I wanted to, but I've got one more set bagged and ready to go out on the next nice day. I didn't get the floor vacced again like it needs, but it's cleared of toys and pretty much everything else that's big enough to trip you. I didn't get the dishes finished, but I did do 3 sinkfuls despite having a thumb that hurts because of a couple small cuts from the tape measure I had to get out of P's hands this morning.

I got P to bed by 9 again. And he went to bed SO easily. I'm hoping somehow this trend will continue. 2 more days until our 12th anniversary. We're not planning anything big. And I'm not going to be doing the flea market at a local American Legion this weekend either. Oh well. I'm not upset, it was a nice idea but it's just not possible right now. I don't have anyone to watch the kids---T will be going into work at 4 Saturday, and I don't want my dad to have to deal with the kids for 6 hours!!! I won't be able to deal with the stress myself!!! I'd bring them with, but I just don't like the idea of having to keep P calm and sequestered while I'm trying to make a sale! :-( Oh well, I'll keep praying for opprotunities. Things will come around when they are supposed to! :-)

Other than that, I'm going to be getting up here shortly and have my tea :-) Tonight it's Chamomile. I'm going to go in the living room and sit in there :-)

November 14, 2007

Wednesday Night's Ponderings

So here I sit, a decent hour on the clock (for once), though not all I wanted to get done has. That's okay, I'll deal with it, some good things have come from it. I was able to deliever some phonebooks this afternoon (as a supplement to the Penny Savers, they offer you the ability to deliver phonebooks, starting with delivering them to your route). P got a small nap in, which is what I'm hoping for. The trip to T's teeth scaling appointment wasn't that exciting at first. It's just that I had figured it would be better if we stayed and he went by himself, but he insisted we all go.

Now I sit here in the quiet. I like this spot a lot. The computer is in a better place, and when you sit here you can see a lot more of the house. Where it was, your back was always to the rest of the house and I at least always felt as if I was totally cut off. I'd have to turn around to see what the kids were up to, and all anyone saw was the back of my head :-( i guess it will be easier for me to get up the resolve to take care of some of the stuff around here (like right now, as I notice things on the floor someone else was supposed to pick up and didn't!!!

Well, now I have taken care of such things, as well as done some more dishes, transferred over some wash, and put more in. Not bad for a tired evening. I'm hoping to be to bed in an hour, which would make it about 12:30. I need to work myself down to getting to bed between 10 and 11, for optimum performance during the day, and time in the morning between God and myself! That way it's not like He's only the last thing I ponder in at night, but also the first thing in the morning. It came from a devotion from about mid summer on Proverbs 31. I've got a tremendous backlog of them, and one day I'll do the same as I did with my Garfield comic strips last night, and go through them all. I'm doing a little here and a little there anyhow. :-) Very inspirational, and as with all things like that, I seem to be keeping and starring more of those then I trash. I guess in my path to finding who I am in my faith, that's a good thing, huh?

I hear the water for my tea trying to whistle, so I think I will go and pour that out. The take that shower I always look forward to! :-)

Night all!

November 12, 2007

Interesting day.

Today actually went rather smoothly. We helped my dad some with leaves, I made him chili for dinner, and then we came home.

It was while we were away that things got a little crazy, at the house. We walked in and the computer monitor looked cool, and a little wierd. Upon further inspection, we found that it and part of the floor was all wet. Before we left the man who unclogged the pipes upstairs stopped again. In the process of doing it again today, we must have had this surprise. But we weren't home to save that part of the computer. That's okay, though. The tower is just peachy! Not even wet! No part of it---it was down one level on the desk.

Of course, now T has decided that we'll have the computer sitting here at my desk. He'd move it across the room at the bottom of the stairs if there was an outlet against the only outer wall in the room, which is at the bottom of the stairs. How would we put the router there for the computer and phone? Oh well, good thing I don't need to know that! :-)

November 11, 2007

I'm back!!!

T was able to buy a computer tower on ebay, and worked most of his waking hours (he went with us to church this morning, which I always love. Just us time, ya know?) to get the thing up, working, and connected to the net! Hopefully it will work smoothly and allow me to stay connected for a while, so I can get the candle biz moving, and other things. It's sad how much of your life ends up being connected to or contained in the's a good way to keep track of what I need to do, and what I eat (here and WW). I've got projects I need to add to the crochet blog, and I'm pondering putting up commentary/responses to The Purpose Driven Life. I'd go through and read it all again.

But now I have to go make some dinner. Barbeque chicken and couscous (barbeque sauce and couscous is surprisingly good! I found it out the other day. Not by mistake...I meant to put the BBQ sauce in there!!! :-D)

November 03, 2007

Life goes on....

And soon some things will start looking up. I will start sleeping here within the next half an hour. I could be asleep now, but I had to pick up the floor, then I cleaned all the dishes really quick, and now I'm finishing up my short bit of computer time. Then I will take a shower and go to bed.

I haven't been on the computer much in the last few days. I actually had 2 or 3 periods where I didn't even get on the computer at all for a day, and neither one of us turned it on!!! I had emails backed up from a couple days :-D Yesterday was one of them! :-) I don't know if that trend will continue after next week---we will be getting a new computer tower, and we will be able to use our hard drive with Windows XP. I'm so looking forward to it!!!!! :-D

A bit of happy news---the latest library book to go missing has been found!!! I had left it at the dentist office when T went in to get the last tooth he get root canaled, capped! They called and said "hey, you left your book here, can you come and get it?" Then we went downtown today to send off letters and books, and I went over to return the other 2 I got out, plus look around for a few others. They include some child development books and a couple knitting books. :-)

Bed time for me soon!