December 31, 2007

What's this new year going to bring?

That, my friends, is my attempt at trying to put a positive spin on things.

What is this new year going to be like? I don't know. I can only hope and think it's going to be GOOD. But not because, like many people (both that I know personally and others that I don't), I think that 2007 was all that bad. It was DEFINITELY better for me than 2006 (like, I didn't have to deal with living in the apartment under the daughter of an escaped fugitive, and I didn't have to deal with T's lovely grandmother), and it had lots of good things about it. Let's take a look back:

Last January, I started losing weight. So far I've lost roughly 50 pounds. The holidays might have been something of a blow to that, but I'll recover.

Also in January, I signed up with the candle company. Sure, it hasn't moved much, but I still have high hopes! Things move with that when I least expect them to!!!

Because of the weight loss, in June my period started coming back. Wow what a roller coaster THAT'S going to be. But it's about dang time. And something we all must deal with.

In September, I accepted Jesus in my heart again (I did so when I was 12 as well). Things haven't changed much in one way or another yet, but dealing with them has actually gotten a bit easier.

In November we celebrated 12 years together. Every day more it's always a wonder. I know how very lucky I am, and I wouldn't replace him or the family he has given me for the world!

I have several things I need to get done this week. And by this week I mean between now and January 7th. They include (and in no particular order):

Revamp my Control Journal
Vac the floor (I can't stand how no one keep control of their popcorn. But then a certain small boy is the main culprit).
Sort everything on the futon
Wash my clothes
Write letters I'm backed up on
Clean/organize our room
Take down tree
Bring up Christmas boxes
Take out garbage

I will tackle one or two things a day, until everything on the list is complete. :-)Because this list is not insurmountable!

December 29, 2007

Where HAVE I been?

I've been around, working to keep this house up somewhat, and working on Rosa's afghan. I'll post pictures of that eventually. It's not done, I laid it down on her bed on Christmas, and we decided that it needs about 2 more feet before it's done. She might not necessarily want me to do anymore work on it if I've got other things to do, but right now it's my main project. Then I'll finish D's wrap and then Cindy's blanket and wrap (using pretty much the same pattern and type of yarn as D's, only with blue and black yarn instead of pink and black. You'll understand when you see the wraps.).

I was in a rather dark mood earlier when I opened up this post. But now I'm feel a bit better. I started dinner, some. I put the chicken in to defrost. That's better than nothing, LOL! I'm going to make my taco chicken, with cheese on top this time. I don't know if it's this house or our money situation or what, but I was in a really bad mood. I had picked up most of the floor, and earlier had the kids do some so that I could vacuum, and that made me feel a bit better, and I had some coffee. I'm waiting for the little guy to wake up. He's been down for his nap for about an hour. And D's over with my mom, spending the afternoon.

The day after Christmas was fun. I got myself a nice crucifix---not as big as I wanted, but WalMart didn't have the greatest selection either. It's small and simple, and I'm working on making it my anchor. I also got a cd player radio, but I don't like it much. I want a decent multi cd player, but I have no where to really put it that's up and out of the little guy's reach. Some day maybe we'll have a entertainment center to keep everything in. D's used my new radio more than I have :-| Heck, I haven't used it at all. Maybe I should have waited a day or two more at least on that. And with my mom's suggestion, we decided to get a new microwave with the money they gave us for Christmas. It's a nice one, but it's going to take some getting used to.

I'm just in another one of those funks, and I'm going to work hard to get myself out of it!!! :-|

Have a good day. I'll get back to working memes come Tuesday. :-)

December 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - #5 - The Reason for the Season

This is the window in the sanctuary at church, taken the day of the children's musical (which of course D was in).

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Christmas Day recap, and the aftermath

Christmas went well. It of course started with the Candlelight Service at church. That was was nice and snowy out when we were driving over, and there was a nice little collection of people attending. The sanctuary wasn't full, I think in part because we went to the later service (even though I wanted to go to the earlier one). T and I had a cup of coffee, and D had a cup of hot chocolate. P went into the nursery just as easily as he did on Sunday. I don't know if I mentioned it, but he walked in, sat down and started playing. I hung his diaper bag up, and got his name tag (which I still have to fill out, I wonder when we're going to get one of our own). He pointed to his back for me to put it on, then waved 'bye'. I was a bit flabbergasted, but left. I guess he's used to it! That's a nice thing, I think, that he's comfortable. But he's always VERY happy to see us return. I wonder what I'm going to have to do to get him to stay while I go to the Foundations classes, since going to the first set will allow me to become a member. I'd like to be able to go to both the classes and the services. And I can't go to the class, then work the room, then go to service or something like that because the class is during the middle service. Still, for this, he went in and started playing. I think either his dad or the lady working the nursery (who is the leader for my Weight Watchers meetings) put it on him. She'd know his name...

The service was nice---the 2 lady pastors (the wife of the male pastor and the other lady pastor) and 3 other members of the congregation provided instrumental accompaniment to the musical director and the rest of the congregation's singing of several traditional Christmas hymns. The male pastor also gave an interesting sermon about "What if the sky opened up and talked to you?" That uses the point of view of the shepherds and their experience of the Christmas story, and how it relates to our time. Then we lit candles and sung Silent Night, and then it was done. There were readings of parts of the Christmas story as well. But, we ended up talking to the male pastor after church about various things, relating to stuff he said during the sermon.

Then we came home, and I got the little guy to bed after a bit, then D and T and I set to doing some baking. First came the fudge, which turned out horribly---I think because I used CONDENSED milk instead of EVAPORATED milk. Then T and I made chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. I made a good 5 dozen cookies, mixing 2 batches together (D helped mix, then she headed for bed). I don't thinking I'm going to double a batch when I mix it ever again, except for banana bread. It was rather irritating, and difficult, but I managed even still. I had all the dishes washed from all that when everything was done baking---we finished up the cookies, then I put the banana breads in the oven. About then T fell asleep on the couch. I took out the little loaves, which I gave to the nurses where mom is, along with 2 dozen cookies, then the big loaf for the family (which had a lot of walnuts in it), then hit the sack. At 3 am.

About 7 or so, P woke up, said something to me, then put his head on my shoulder and went right back to sleep. So little time passed---when he laid his head on my shoulder, I told him "Merry Christmas" and gave him a little squeeze when I put my arm around him, then realize he was asleep when I kissed his forehead! I guess he was NOT ready to get up and open presents, he was just sleep talking or something. The kids both got up around 9/9:30. They loved all their presents. Right now P's in playing with the Giggle and Go Garage, which he's been giggling along with (specifically, with Cookie's laugh) all evening, since we got back home. D did some shopping with both her dad and grandpa, but there were some things I had gotten for her at ToysRUs when T and I went up to Buffalo. I soon learned, however, that our arrival time at mom's was to be 11 or very soon after---which I learned just after 10. I didn't get to take my shower, but we got ready and out by 11:15, and it's just a short drive to mom's. There was lots of gifts---our gifts for dad and B & J were here at home. I only had one thing for each of them, while they had several for us (me and T), but when I said I spent pretty much EVERYTHING on the kids, I meant it! B and J got us a coffee pot (since I mentioned ours had broke the last time I talked to them about Christmas stuff), some flavored coffee (not a big fan), and a stocking for each of us. There is something VERY specific that I would have liked---and I know she remembers about it because she mentioned something to dad about it when he and D were down visiting her while they were doing the shopping for D's Christmas presents. Since D is now 11, and grandpa has no idea how to buy "girlie" things, D went shopping with him for her birthday and now Christmas. I'm sure this will go on for a bit, because I doubt dad will be able to absorb such lessons, LOL

*I took quite a break here, as things pulled me away from the computer. I started this on the it's the 27th. Let me see if I can pick up where I left off*

Anyhow, so we had our brunch before opening the presents, stayed a little bit after opening the presents, I gave B and J their stuff when they got here. I put the bread pudding in the oven soon after we got home, and then put the lasagna in after that was done. We had some snacks, the cookies and banana bread I made went over well both here and at the Home, and Buzz Word was played, and tv was watched.

Sorry, as today was so tiring (for varying reasons), I'm going to get going so I can go to bed.

I will explain what fun we had getting stuff with our Christmas money. :-)

December 22, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

Seems I've had my first tag. And I didn't know it until I checked my Yahoo account. I don't know when I accidentally posted that one in her comments, but it's there, and I've got to do this.....

Amanda tagged me to list 8 Random Facts about Me

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

1. I was born and raised in Chautauqua County and have lived here all my life (save the 8 months when I was in the Army).
2. I have lived in the town I live in now for the majority of that.
3. I was a line judge for about 2 years for volleyball in high school---both of the years I tried out for it. Because volleyball's my favorite sport to play.
4. I'm a redhead (and you'd only know that if you knew me face to face or I posted a picture).
5. I can still touch my nose with my toes
6. I love blogging (had to keep it---because I do!!!
7. I don't want anymore kids---I'm happy with my 2.
8. I have been to see a Bills game---they played the Raiders, we won tickets to the game from a local radio station, and it was back when Drew Bledsoe was quarterback---which I think is one of the biggest mistakes the Bills head office has ever made, to sign Bledsoe! (hmm...seems I might have insulted Amanda with that one---he's a great quarterback, but he was past his prime when he played here!)

The 8 people I'm going to tag are.....

1. My mother in law
2. Vixen
3. Michelle
4. My friend Cindy
5. Her husband David
6. Marleen
7. Heather
8. Helly

Today is better than a week ago

For one, I don't hurt nearly as much as I did last week. Because I don't have my period, and I'm not on the run up to it. It feels so good to have that behind me. I didn't drag tail as much as I could have while delivering the Penny Savers. But I really didn't want to go out and do them this week. I may have been a bit justified...I came home to a house that looked like a bomb went off in it. It's name was Hurricane P. That's been his nickname for a while :-|

I've still got a lot of cleaning to do. I've got to do dishes, and finish Rosa's afghan. I've got to sit down and figure out my grocery list for food for Christmas. This year I'm not going out of my way to do a bunch of candy or cookies, though I might whip up a batch or two of fudge. It's not hard, and it comes out great. Um. I've got to go to bed soon. I'm going to go in and work on the afghan a bit, then go to bed. Sounds good to me. I can do a bunch of work after church tomorrow. We have T from tomorrow morning to Monday morning, then he'll be going to work Christmas night. It's like triple pay, so that's not quite so bad :-| But I'd like him home least we'll have him for church in the morning and then for Christmas eve service on Monday :-)

I'd like some coffee. I haven't had any since yesterday.

December 21, 2007

Friday Afternoon

I've been busy. I'm somewhat happy to say that I do in fact believe completely now that the times I'm in down mode have to be the times that my body is at the start of my cycle. I don't always get a period, but the pattern seems to be cyclical. So I have to really hit the Flylady idea hard during the times I'm not in down mode, so that it trains me for when I am. Did you understand that? Oh well, it's more important for me anyhow.

Still, today has shown me this to be true. I woke up about my "usual" time, but I really didn't want to stay in bed as much as I have the last few weeks. I got right up, and went into the living room. I think I surprised P by being so energetic. It doesn't help that he's sick now. But, so far today I've folded the clothes that have been sitting next to the tv for most of the week---I got sick of having to paw through them to find what I needed, and I needed to find socks for the little guy---plus I'm nearly all the way through the dishes that have backed up. Also, I just finished mixing up and panning the banana bread for the Girl Scout bake sale this evening. It might also help that my husband is back to work after his little vacation. OMGoodnes, what would it have been like if his dad HAD been here??? I'm actually rather relieved that he didn't come out (even though I DID want to see him!!!!). I've invited my sister and her husband, plus dad, here for Christmas. I'm back in good enough shape that I should be able to handle that well. I've got to do a few more things before then to kick this house back into shape, but even with having T home Christmas Eve and of course most of this weekend, it's not going to be as hard as it has been. D will be home the whole time too, of course, but I think I can do this! :-) I'm going to put D to work some. D and T are also up in Buffalo today, to do some shopping. Hopefully they will be home soon, as we have to get over to the bake sale earlier than I knew before. I've got to come up with the list for Christmas food shopping soon, but that should go relatively easy considering I've had lasagna noodles waiting for a while, I've got the spaghetti sauce from T from work, and I've got a can of crushed tomatoes if I can't use the spaghetti sauce we have. I'll go to Aldi's and pick up mozzerella cheese and at least cottage cheese, plus I'll have to get some bread for at least the bread pudding (plus we just need bread around here anyhow). I KNOW I can do this! It's not insurmountable!!! :-D

That being said (and now that the bread pudding recipe I found is printing), I have clothes to work on :-)

P's asleep. I'm not as worried so much about his sleeping anymore, but I will continue to read No Cry Sleep Solution. I intend for him to be able to sleep on his own, not have me go in with him. I can't wait until we get our next place, hopefully we will find one soon!

Oh, and one more thing....we finished the roses for mom's dialysis unit nurses. I didn't find out until I delivered them to her that she wanted 2 per thing, like I did for hers, but that's okay. I'm not going to even touch the pattern (after I put it away) for months!!! Here's a picture or two of them! :-)

December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - THANKS!

I wanted to thank everyone for their GREAT comments last week! It made me feel good to see how people looked at my relationship with my hubby, I love my life with him, and thank God every day I have him. I know how truly lucky I am to have such a great guy (most of the time!). It's not picture perfect, but it's not hell on earth either :-) I thought my parents had THE GREATEST love story when I was growing up, now I've got one almost as nice! (if you're not a steady reader, they've been together 33 years!) I hope my sister (who has now been married 2 years) and both our kids are able to be just as lucky in their love lives! And also, thank you for reading. Your comments are what make doing this REALLY FUN!!!!! Do you get the same thrill I do???

I want to impart a bit of an explanation that one of the responses prompted.

My ex-best friends (I have 2 friends who are now my ex-friends, both for different reasons) used to complain about their guys ALL THE TIME. So I know how downright horrible some women can be, even if their relationships are actually pretty dang good. It was with both of them---and, frankly, kinks we had to work out in our own relationship....if I had a nickel for every time T told me "I'm not so and so's husband" in the first 5 years we were married, I wouldn't need the candle biz to pay off certain bills!---and how hard they complained and crabbed about their guys but still stayed with them, plus a little bit of my mom pointing out how hard he works for us and how he's stayed here even
though he probably wants to be back out in Colorado by HIS family, that cemented in me the resolve to look for mostly the great things about my guy. There are things I don't like about him (I won't go into it now, but I'm sure I've complained a time or two before), or that aggravate me to no end, but overall I know how wonderful he is, and how much I love him, and how very very lucky I am to be Mrs. L and his *Dear*. :-) His arms have ALWAYS been that one place where nothing else exists, just me and him (and maybe the kids from time to time :-D). It's one place that, seriously, my mind is calm, and peaceful, and I can relax. I can't describe it any better than that. And I mean JUST when hugging the guy :-D (if anyone else had another idea---get your MIND out of the GUTTER!).

Thursday Thirteen - 4th edition!

Thirteen of my favorite Christmas Songs That I've heard on the radio this season

It's about time I did this list---I've seen many people who have done this list so far during my short stay in the Thursday Thirteen, but there are a few that I REALLY LOVE that I feel are missing. So I'm definitely going to list them here!!! :-D Enjoy!

1. Do You Hear What I Hear? - It doesn't matter who sings it---I've heard many different great versions---it's a beautiful song with a great message :-)

2. Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano - This is a great 70's (?) song that really marks Christmas time! It's not Christmas until I've heard this song! Great memories from when I was a kid :-)

3. Away in a Manger - Just like #1 - it doesn't matter the artist singing it (it's just as wonderful when sung by a few kids as when sung by some popular artist on the radio!). It's a great song with a great message!

4. Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls - the quintessential BEST BUFFALO SONG EVER! The Goos are a Buffalo band, but I didn't realize this was a Christmas song until I heard it on the station out of Buffalo playing Christmas songs until December 26th. My favorite memory was a montage done, I think by one of the local stations, to this song last year. A lot of people think this area is starting to run down, from the NYS border here in Chautauqua, to the Niagara Falls area. But things are popping up all over, and as soon as we can get our tax situation fixed, I think this is going to be a booming area again. I'm just sad that we planned our life somewhere else (of course, man plans and God laughs, and we haven't been able to move yet, so maybe this is where we are to make our lives. But I'm not going to give up hope yet!). But, these boys ROCK!!!

5. Winter Wonderland - again, doesn't matter the artist. Some can really massacre some songs though. Like Barabara....uck, some of the songs she's done, T and I have looked at each other and wondered what she was thinking! But, I had my own version of this when I was in high school, with naughty lyrics and everything. But I won't post them here----this is a family friendly site :-)

6. Frosty - again, doesn't matter. Frosty the snowman is Frosty the snowman. 'Nuff said.

7. Anything by The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I think I like Christmas Eve (Sarajevo) the best :-)

8. Anything sung by Josh Gorban. What an awesome voice, huh?

9. Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Folgelberg - Too sad that he died this weekend :-(

10. Mary's Boy Child by Little River Band - Sweet, great message :-)

11. Something in the Chimney - I'm not sure who sings this, but it's so cute, and just too funny. Follows the old urban myth almost.

12. Dominick the Donkey - I don't know who sings this one either, but it's just too funny.

13. Go Tell it On the Mountain - It doesn't matter who sings this either, but it's a song that also has a great message.

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December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #4 - First of the year

Scroll down for snowman's adventures!

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Wordless Wednesday - #4 - special - Snowman on vacation!

The actual snowman has been smooshed by one of the neighbor kids (accidently). This is where I like to think he's gone! :-) (special thanks to Also, I think he decided to visit my cousin (though I think it's a bit snowier where she is now).

Paint Shop Pro is so much fun!

Took a break

I guess that's the only way to explain my absence yesterday. I didn't do a Ten on Tuesday, and I haven't yet figured out what I'm going to post for Wordless Wednesday. Though now I think I have an idea. But, I just basically took a break. It doesn't help that T was on the computer for most of the time I was going to get on it. I've been working hard on finishing the roses and working on D's shawl, and the blanket I'm making for our friends.

I've got to work on this house, since I finally feel a whole lot better today. I've already gone around and set a few things up, like the wash. I was a bit surprised to find that D hadn't put in a load when I asked her to the other day. I just found stuff in the dryer and not the washer. So the washer's full now, and I'm going to work to stay on top of things. I've got a few other loads besides her stuff. So here's my list today:

Wash clothes
Fold clothes

This week I've also got to go through the box of stuff on my futon. I'm happy that I got the stuff I wanted to donate off to Salvation Army. I think I might have mentioned that in my last post, because I think I did that on Monday. I gained about 2 pounds yesterday, but considering what week it is, that's not so bad. I'm determined to lose during these next 2 weeks, and not gain. We'll see how that goes :-|

December 16, 2007

Sunday, Snowy Sunday.

That's reminiscent of a song, but I don't remember which, and I know it's not snow. We are getting whollopped, just not nearly as bad I think as they made it out to sound. Some areas around here probably got worse than we did. I'm certainly glad that I did the Penny Savers yesterday though!!!

Yesterday was my 200th post! I didn't do up a banner for it this time, as you can see. I barely let it pass with a mention other than this one.

Yes, my period is hitting. I'm not in such great shape. My head hurts, my back hurts, I'd rather lay down and curl up with my hubby then be up and do much of anything.

But that's not to say my day was a complete loss. The kids and I went to church, we watched the adult musical, my Weight Watchers meeting leader was doing the nursery, and I remembered to tell her I had a poem Lizzie had wrote that I wanted her to see, so I asked her for her email address. She likes it :-) I don't know if she'll read it at the meeting, but I knew it would be something she'd like. We went to see mom for a while, we came home and just sat and watched some tv, then up went the tree. It's going to be fun keeping little hands off of it. Then we sat some more, and then we all went into the kitchen and did the mountain of dishes that had accumulated. Then I took a shower because I feel just plain awful. Then we had dinner---I asked T if he could throw some spaghetti together, maybe brown up some of the ground beef I had bought. I totally forgot about the meatballs we had gotten from Schwan's (but not the charge to the account, ha ha, that's cleared already!), but he didn't so he did those up with the spaghetti sauce, and that was dinner. Soon he'll be going to work but he'll be home tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. It's actually a good thing that he's taking this vacation, because he doesn't have much of one for Christmas. They are going to be doing Kosher, so he has to work that night! I mean, it's not a Jewish holiday after all!

I'm so happy the kids' Christmas is mostly taken care of. There's even something T ordered on ebay that's something I was going to get for D here at home, but he's going to be getting money back for something we bought for a coworker, so it should cover that. I think the only other thing is what dinner's going to be that night, and I'm also wondering if my sister remembers that I invited them for dinner. Oh, right now I feel so horrible that I guess it really doesn't matter. I hope this clears soon!!!!!

Later, I wanted this to be quick and short so I could get P to bed!

December 15, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Right now I'm in a really good mood. In part because now I know why I've been in such a black funk for the last week or so and why my head has been hurting, and my back...I don't know how delicately to put this, so I'll just come right out and say it---I've got my period. Now I know what you might say---EEWWW!!! I'm not trying to be graphic or give you TMI, and I'm sure you'd say "what's so special about that?" and "why in the world are you so happy about something I'm sick to death of?" Well, between my 2 kids, because of taking Depo Provera, I hardly ever had a period. Frankly, it got to the point where I called it a "when it wants to" and it didn't want to very often. I literally went years without it. It was just starting to come back AT ALL when we conceived P! And it had started to come back earlier this year with all the weight loss, but then it took another hiatus. It's just a really great Christmas present that my body is giving me! :-) But it explains the crazy headaches, which I've been having off and on but not mentioning.

We've been getting snow. :-) It looked great when I looked out while T was cleaning off the car to go to work. It was falling softly, and just looked pretty. Now it's falling either as sleet like I know it did the other day when we went out on Thursday (I think), or little ice balls...I know it can't be freezing rain because it sounds like little bits of ice hitting the snow. Rain would run, even some of it was freezing. And cars aren't going slow (we do live on a major road). As I understand it we're going to get wholloped pretty hard. Several places up in the Tonawanda, etc, areas are already cancelling things, like different churches and such. I'm wondering if it will end up being wise to go to church tomorrow. I was really hoping to, because tomorrow is the adult Christmas musical. :-| I went up to the lady whose singing during the beginning of the service always inspires me last week between services and told her that I always really enjoyed watching her, because you can tell just how much she loves God and enjoys what she's doing. She asked if I was going to go to the musical. We couldn't have tonight if we even wanted to anyhow, but I will definitely be making it to church if I can. There are only 2 services tomorrow, instead of the usual 3---I guess this musical is long enough that it will run into the time for the middle one. :-)

I'm going to be setting down my general template for the Christmas newsletter here in a few minutes. I've been thinking it over for the last day or so, and I know how I'm going to do it---basic updates for each person in the family, and specific messages for certain friends and family at the beginning, besides any big news about the whole family, like going to church on a regular basis and mom being back in state.

I'm done with the basic roses now. I will be starting on the green parts shortly, after I've looked through all the Christmas cards we've gotten and worked on the letter some. I was also able to get most of the stuff for assembling them yesterday while D was at Girl Scouts. I forgot the safety pins that mom requested I use instead of the usual quilting/corsage pin that I have included with them. I should have enough of the size that she wants anyhow. Here's the picture of the field of completed roses, don't they look awesome?:

The middle row looks dark blue, but they are actually purple. I think they are pretty good. :-) Yes, I'm very modest about my talent.

December 14, 2007

Friday's Feast #2

Make up a word and give us its definition.

Gobbersnots: Those clumps of mucus that collect in little kid's noses, and you just want to grab a tissue and help them blow it out of their nose, especially when the kids are sick and the stuff is running down the front of their faces! Oh, that bugs me!!!! Especially when it's GREEN or YELLOW, because those kids are really sick---and mommy and daddy just don't want to keep them home!

What is currently your favorite song?

Do You Hear What I Hear? Because it's my favorite Christmas song. No one ever puts it on their lists.....not a single person whose had that as their Thursday Thirteen (and that I've read) has had THAT ONE on their list!!!! :-(

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

1. That people would buy candles
2. Finding a place for the tree
3. Keeping the relative peace I've had for the last few months, even through the hardest parts.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

Cinnamon in Applesauce---it reminds me of my mom, who said it always reminds her of hers. There's few scents that really remind me of something or another, and if there are I can't remember them off the top of my head.

Something else too. Coffee---it reminds me of my husband (of course), and coffee the way I love it (it's still how I LOVE it) reminds me of going to church....they'd have the pots of coffee going in the kitchen, and I just couldn't wait until I was old enough to get some!!!!

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?

Britney Spears. Do I REALLY have to explain this one???

Friday Fun

I can't help it, I like alliteration a lot. Sometimes, I also can't think of many other ways to title a post. :-) With the memes, it's easy, do writers do it when they look for a title? Hey, I should know that one!

I've really enjoyed doing memes lately. I've gotten a lot of great responses from this week's Thursday Thirteen (all about T :-D), and my Friday Feast (if you haven't already noticed :-)).

When I first sat down to write this post, I was getting antsy about D and T returning from D's Girl Scout meeting. It's a good thing T is on vacation!

Today's his older brother's birthday, and one of my penpal's as well :-).

Going to McKinley Mall was actually pretty good. We spent nearly $200 on the kids at ToysRUs, and I nearly had a breakdown. Nothing yelling and screaming like, but it was definitely a shock to my system. But we found some great stuff for the kids, and even some stuff I am going to donate...a Totally Me set that was a deal, and an Elmo stuffie that Padraic picked up. He got a big lounging one---and then when I was getting ready to put him in the tub this evening, he put that one and the one I got at a local garage sale that runs all the time in the tub. It was cute, but I was a bit exhausted. Still am, but I'm doing the Penny Savers at the moment. Then we walked around McKinley Mall some, thought about going to lunch (I did not know there's an Olive Garden right there. Now I don't have to go all the way up to the Galleria!!! Woo hoo!), didn't, thought about donating to Channel 2's food drive, didn't, went to Wegman's before deciding not to do the Ch. 2 thing, got some things including 2 pounds of couscous (of course), then came home after getting something at the McD's drive thru. Then came home and wrapped gifts, opened mail, thought about doing a newsletter for our cards (maybe I'll write that on Sunday) because his aunt did one, and then made 6 mini banana breads and one big one. T also made the Peanut Butter Chocolate No Bakes that are becoming our trademark, but they didn't come out right so we didn't bring them to the GS meeting. We will need to do them for the cookie exchange on Tuesday at MOPS.

Now it's my bed time, good night!

Christmas Shopping Festivities will begin.....

As soon as T is ready. I've got to put on socks and boots, and dress P to his boots, but T is going to take a shower because I made a comment (not a bad one). But just as soon as he's ready, we're going to be heading out the door. We're gonna shop up near Buffalo. Can't wait---it's been years since I went to a ToysRUs, and I just love to look around other stores. There's not really much that we'll be getting that we can't get here...I just don't want to spend all my money at WalMart all the time! :-| And I want to get out of here! LOL!

We've got to get P a haircut. We haven't yet because I just don't think he'll be thrilled about having to sit in a chair and have scissors coming at his little head! I think he will be really scared! But everyone keeps thinking he's a girl! You'd think the BLUE or BOYISH CLOTHES we always have him in would be a bit of a tip off, but NOOOOOOOO. It's gotta be the hair. :-S

Well, gotta go get P out of D's room!!! And get him ready for shopping :-D

Thursday in retrospect

Well, the house ended up being a bit of a mess. There was a great collection of boxes and garbage by our main door, and even though I didn't feel too bad about T's friend coming over to do something with the computer, once I realized how bad the entrance area looked, I felt bad. We got rid of some of the garbage (right after he left), but there's still more stuff there, and I want to get the stuff that needs donated off to Sally Ann's. T suggested P's godfather could help if I wanted to get some of the bigger stuff off to Sally Ann's (Salvation Army if you haven't figured it out yet), so maybe we'll do that soon too. I'll have to talk to P's godfather, of course.

I'm tired and need to get to bed.

Take care! Just gotta write the Friday's Feast post :-D

Written Wednesday Night....

So, I was getting ready to blog about my good day, and working my way through about 100 other blogs with Thursday Thirteen posts, when my cable went out. Which means, since we're with the almighty Time Warner Cable, and now we've got all tv means no computer and NO PHONE. Oh well, I don't mind the quiet. I should have known that it definitely wasn't the cable cord *somehow* becoming disconnected---D & P were both asleep, and I heard my neighbor reacting (running or moving or something) upstairs right after. To that end, I'm saving the post I wanted to write to a text doc and I'll post it when I know we've got the 'net back!

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the weather. We've got a big storm coming to the area---supposedly it's part of everything that hit back west...Missouri, et al. I keep wondering how T's little bro T2 is doing. They live in Missouri. Must be they didn't get hit too hard, because my mother in law called last night, and she had just been talking to T2's wife, M. But, we had been planning to go up to Buffalo to do some shopping, and now I don't think it's such a great idea, since the worst is supposed to hit here and it's supposed to be between 7 am and 7pm. T's got vacation (since he scheduled it because he thought his dad was coming out), and will be here tomorrow and Friday. Maybe most of it will get through here before Friday, so we can go up there. I really don't want to shop at WalMart....nor do I want to wait until next week (T's also got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off).

What I did the rest of today (yesterday), after writing the post about the coffee...

Sorted through the 4 boxes of things that D is keeping, but that she will have to earn back. It's now down to 2 boxes that she ABSOLUTELY earns back, 1 of miscellanious toys, 1 of stuff for the dolly she's had forever, and 1 of just Barbie stuff (in a Girl Scout cookie box). Before that I checked my big Christmas box to see if there were any more Christmas cards. Nope, they had all been put in the small box. I wonder if I'll be able to get the "extra" things in the big box this year? I still haven't figured out where we're going to put the tree. I'd like to put it in the area the other desk was, now that it's been cleared out, but I think, since it was cleared out because of the "rain" from the ceiling, T will object to that. Wanna place bets on how long it will be before the resident manager replaces the ceiling tiles? :-| I want out of here so bad. I also rearranged the stuff at the bottom of the stairs, where all the boxes, etc, were waiting, so that I could put the big Christmas box piled with other Christmas things there. The boxes of D's stuff are on the stairs, so that can go up at any time. I'll keep it all right at the top, that's where it would mostly be anyhow because that's where I've been putting the kid's toys as they get phased out. I did some dishes, though not all of them. My water kept draining out again :-( I've got to get dish soap tomorrow.

I'm not sure if the "experiment" of having that cup'a today (yesterday) worked, but I will be going to bed soon. I felt in a much better mood most of the day. I've got to make up a grocery list, if nothing else while D's at school (when I planned on doing the shopping up in Buffalo), then I can do the groceries as she has a concert tomorrow night (tonight).

December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 3rd Edition - Things about my husband!

Thirteen Things about or I love about my husband, T

Thirteen things about or that I love about my husband

1. He makes no excuses about who he is. WYSIWYG

2. He's my one and only. I knew not long after we met that he was THE ONE. I know now that he's the one God made for me. I'm not interested in looking anywhere else, and even being attracted to a movie or rock star who I know I'll never get makes me uncomfortable. I've really had to go out of the comfort zone I was in while being single (which only lasted until I was 19), and I'm only now getting used to it.
3. He takes me as I am. I don't HAVE to change for him, he loves me for me.
This is another comfort zone I need to work myself out of, as at my size certain intimacies are very uncomfortable for me---not physically necessarily, but mentally
4. He loves us like crazy. He'll do anything for us. He's said a million times that he's happiest when he sees us happy. .
5. He's only 5 days older than me. How is it that I had to go 1000+ miles (total---because I had to go down to Basic at Fort Jackson first, then up to Maryland) to meet the perfect guy for me, who came into the world at almost the same time? "Our movie" (okay, it's something I picked) is What Dreams May Come (it's why it's my favorite)---after watching it for the first time, I turned to him and told him I'm not waiting 19 years the next time around. He picked our song---"Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd....definitely fits :-) (3 facts in 1)
6. He does origami
and he's taught our daughter too. :-)
7. He's worked at the same place since the day after our daughter was born. He's been in the union since 1999. I'm proud to wear the t-shirt we got from the union a while back.

8. He loves to take pictures. These will be a feature of a later TT. He has a pretty good eye, too, and we had wanted to enter a few into local contests, but haven't yet. We're going to hopefully try the fair next year---both of us, as I want to enter a crocheted item in as well.
9. He's a great cook. It would be nice if he would go to school for it. There are a lot of things he could go to school for, he's just not confident enough in his intelligence to go to school. Yet. Because he will one day... But come on, wouldn't you love a guy who could make this for you any time you wanted?:

10. He's our tech guy in this house. Every time we have a problem with the computer, he's the one who takes care of it. I do the html (though, ya know, he does too), but he does all the hard stuff with the computer stuffings and software, and how they interact.
11. He wrote me a poem once. Here's the link (it's the first one, the rest are mine):
12. He's 6'4". A full head taller than me, but I like it, I like taller guys :-D
13. He's good looking. He might not be exactly what other ladies like, but each day and time I look at him (and our babies), he (and they) take my heart away :-D

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December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #3 - First in 5 Years!

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A bit of explaination

If you haven't already figured it out, the picture is of a cup of coffee.

Yes, I'm drinking it again. I NEED the energy. I was thinking last night about how low my energy is, and ways to fix it. Sure, going to bed long before 2 is a good idea---but if I'm going to reset my system and get it good and tired before a decent bedtime and fit in what I need to, I'm thinking that this will do the trick. I hope.

I also bit the bullet and decided to sign up with Technorati. So if you like my blog, please add me to favorites.

December 11, 2007

10 on Tuesday #3

I can't believe I didn't think of this until last night, which is why this is getting posted "late" (well, later than I wanted it to)

10 things I'd like for Christmas
1. People to buy candles (I'm just being honest---and they really ARE a great product!)
2. A new apartment. I want out of here so bad, really. I feel like the walls are closing in on me sometimes---and I almost never feel that crazy---and it's really too small for even the 4 of us. Though I'm sure in old times more people lived in smaller houses (maybe even this one)---but they had less stuff (and they would have been using both levels :-P). A woman's house then wouldn't necessarily get really bad, because she had little to keep track of!
3. I'll go with what my daughter told Santa this weekend---everyone to understand the meaning of the season and discover Jesus for themselves!

4. What I told my husband---a cross necklace. There are some nice ones in WalMart right now. I pointed out the really cheap ones, but if he was nice (and smart) he'd get me one of the fancier/gold ones at the jewelry counter. I've always wanted a "Mother's ring" with the birthstones for the kids and their names on it. :-) But he doesn't have to get that and I don't think he knows.
5. Continued peace of mind---since I accepted Jesus in my life again, even through the hardest most confusing times I've felt better. I've felt low, but not as low as before, and I've been able to get through. The first thing I've nearly always done is pray some kind of prayer.
(I think it's a good thing that I really don't have many things I really want. I'm lost beyond this point.)

Monday's Wrapup

Well, I got D's clothes done. I was going to do it anyhow, but then I wanted her to have something to do after her homework, but that was a stupid decision. I got through what was left after she did stuff (which was most of it), and I think I decreased it by almost half. I divided it up into piles, and now I even know stuff she can use for school and play. She's got just a few dresses, so I think if I buy her any clothes for Christmas it would be dresses. She's got several tshirts and even a few stretchy pants---that would be for home, and the jeans, skirts and pants (which she also has little of, so it would be something else for Christmas) would be for school. Some of the tees as well. To go with the jeans.

But it's late at night and I have to get some sleep!

December 10, 2007

Monday's Motivational Accountability....Account - update #1

Change Penny Savers on floor - done
Organize entryway (maybe put stuff in car to bring to Sally Ann's) - done
Vac - done
Go through D's clothes
Wash my clothes
Wash P's clothes
Wash D's clothes

Go to HHH & MT


Pick up clothes on floor - done

Monday's Motivational Accountability....Account

This weekend wasn't too bad, even considering that I went through D's room. Now it seems my living room has been overrun by her clothes (she has so many!), and the rest of the house has fallen to a bit of a shambles. Not totally sure how that happened, but it's not going to be too hard to put back. The dripping from my ceiling seems to be slowing down, but I think that's only because it's been a couple days since they use their portable washing machine! According to the resident manager, the guy who was supposed to come and deal with the leak upstairs hasn't returned his calls. He seems to have that happen to him a lot---the same thing happened with the oven! I want to head over to at least one of the real estate offices in town to look into apartments. I was going to email one, but I think we'll just go downtown and do it. Other than that, I've got a lot to do, so it's PODA time!

Change Penny Savers on floor
Organize entryway (maybe put stuff in car to bring to Sally Ann's)
Go through D's clothes
Wash my clothes
Wash P's clothes
Wash D's clothes
Go to HHH & MT

That's more than enough for today!

December 09, 2007

Ending Sunday in Solitude

Today was a long day. I got up at roughly 7, an hour after D did to get ready for the musical at church. Then we set out to the church to watch the second and third performance. She did pretty good. She was a cameraperson---it was a play called Christmas Crosstalk. Basically a talk show where they discuss Christmas and the debate about whether it means something or if it's all just commercial. Of course you know what side must be the winning one in the play, since it's in a church :-) We had to get her current best friend from school because she had invited her, and as usual ended up getting there just almost a bit late. We stayed on through the last performance because---well, because we had to since she was there, and because my dad came to watch. Then we went to see my mom after all the requisite picture taking, then we dropped off her friend, went to WalMart, then I got the fun of doing the Penny Savers. By the time I got done with what I consider the first part, I realized there was no real good reason to keep it up on my own. Half the time I was pulling the sled full of Penny Savers on the ground, the other half I was having to be careful over what ice was left on the ground. The good thing is that even though it was a constant drizzle, it wasn't so bad that it was icy the whole time. I didn't even see any black ice until I was almost done, and then we were just about home.

There's a lady with a couple kids who lives on one of the close streets of the route. Her daughter wanted to follow mine, and at one point after the daughter had run out of the house, the mom was looking for her in their van. She saw my daughter, and asked her where her daughter was. Then a bit later her daughter showed up, and started walking with my daughter. My daughter told her straight away that she should go back home, but the girl said she didn't care, that she wouldn't be punished very severely. I was about ready to find a way to hurry up and get over to her, when the mom drove up again. She called someone a liar, I think my daughter, and then took off with her kid. I'd like to give her a piece of my mind. She had no right to call my daughter that. I heard my daughter's reaction when her daughter showed up, and I could tell it was genuine and that she really did think the girl was back home. If I had seen her outside her house when we passed the end of the street again, I would have gone over and given her a piece of my mind. But you know what, my daughter knows that she told the truth through the whole thing, and that she wasn't lying to her at any time. The lady's rather stupid and is much more of a pushover than I am. Her daughter walks all over her. :-( I'll pray for her.

When we got home, my butt got frozen to the chair for a while. I was sore and stiff when I got up. I called my mom and a nice discussion about T's decision for D's punishment over her room ensued. Sometimes I'm just totally confused. Should I take mom's criticism of my parenting as a way God let's me know I'm not doing as I should, or should I take it with a grain of salt? It makes me feel so bad, because I try so hard with these kids, but it's not easy for me either. And my mom has a lot to talk about....I mean, she was a good mom, but there are a lot of ways that I'm nothing like her. Plus she only gets to see and hear a little bit. Also, as for D's yelling, she's 11 and hormones are starting to rage. She's having a much harder time controlling her temper than I am. :-| Then I talked with T before he left for work, and ended up discussing the punishment situation plus all the other things that, frankly, I blame myself for. There's certainly a nice list :-(

The good thing is that I got P down by 10. I haven't started reading No Cry Sleep Solution yet. I will soon. The resident manager just showed up and looked at the ceiling in here. Last night the bulb in the fixture blew, and instead of just blowing like normal, the whole circuit went. He came over to make sure it wasn't bigger...seems 2 downstairs went too. So it must have been that the circuit overloaded because of that, not because of water. I hope. :-( I can't stand this place. I think I'm so depressed because of this place, so that's why I've had a hard time with pretty much everything. I want to move. We should have moved a long time ago. I drafted an email to a local realtor that advertises that they do rentals, so we can look into that. I'm also going to see about the realtor who lists that house on the route that I like so much, that's on the market. I'm also thinking about finding a way to look into another house on the route that I really like and have wanted to move into ever since I found out it was officially empty. I'd like to move into that one a lot---it's 2 stories, I don't know the number of bedrooms (I'd like 3), it's got a nice big bay window on the front and what looks like a big picture window in the back (you can see through it). It's got a little garage, that looks old but hey I don't need much to store outside things in. It's on a smallish lot, but at least has a backyard. I wonder about the kitchen. I'd like to see inside it. I just want out, and to get rid of stuff. That's a good thing---I'll be able to convince T (who just now decided he wanted a tool storage unit for his tools, which I've been wanting to get him for 3+ years now) to go through a lot of things. I hope. I'll have to go through a lot. Old kid's stuff, that kind of thing.

Well, it's nearly time for me to go to bed. I have my work cut out for me. :-|

December 08, 2007

Saturday - I'm Sore!

Last night I didn't get to bed until 1. About an hour later than I had anticipated, but at least it wasn't 2 or later. I don't like when that happens. I ended up doing a bit more cleaning, and working on a rose.

Not that you can really tell now. I did fold the Penny Savers when I wanted, and I got to the church at about 11:30...not in time to do the gift bags, but I ended up helping pack up cars, etc, and set up over at the park. P was really good (as I had to bring the kids with me so T could sleep), and D was her usual sulky self (11 year olds!), and I enjoyed the work. Had to finally extricate myself from the tent so we could go get D's turtle neck shirt for the musical, and a few other things. Then we came home so she could change, and she came out and told me that she couldn't find the shirt they had given her. I came in and looked, and decided that when she went to the rehearsal, I'd take care of cleaning and packing up her room. So that's what I did from roughly 3 to about 8:30, 9. It's pretty much done. So now my living room looks like a bomb went off in it, and the rest of the house isn't much better. The dishes are slowly multiplying, and because of all the work I did in her room, I'm dealing with a minor headache (ha ha).

Tomorrow is the musical, then when we get home I plan on getting the Penny Savers out. That's going to be fun because We're supposed to have nasty weather. Then home to go through her clothes and clean up this house. Then the rest of the week is going to be sorting through more of her stuff and the other boxes that ended up coming out, and cleaning up this place in case T's dad does come out here this week. T called this morning while I was doing the Penny Savers to double check and make sure. Long story short, depending on a certain money situation he may and or may not come out. I'd prefer not only because I will have a good amount of money for Christmas. Of course, with all this bs with her room, I'm wondering what we will be getting her. I wasn't really sure to begin with. Most things would end up just being clutter. P isn't that hard to buy for, I just will have to do something with what he's already got to make room. And of course there's the question of where the heck I'm going to be putting a tree this year. I'd likd to put it here in the computer room now that we have the space where the old computer desk was cleared out, but there's always the problem of the water dripping from my ceiling.

And the reason why I'm ankles hurt, and of course my head, but I'm not terribly sure why my ankles hurt other than having to pick up my boots.

That's it. Wish me luck tomorrow. I wish T was home right now so I could curl up to him :-(

December 07, 2007

Friday's Feast #1

What was the last game you purchased?

The last game we purchased was the one that accompanies Pirates of the Caribbean 3. My plan for this year's Christmas game for the family---BUZZ WORD!!! Poor everyone else in the family, they will probably be sadly and repeatedly defeated by ME. I think I mentioned why in a previous post....:-)

Name something in which you don’t believe.

I don't believe I'm going to live forever in this form. After I die, I will go on, just not as I am now. That would be a mite bit depressing.

If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick?


Main Course
What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?

There have been many---dealing with money, to release control, that this is no longer the apartment for us. And I figure there will be a lot more.

Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.

A nice warm bed with lots of blankets and my husband to cuddle with under them, and a nice big bathtub so I can take long soaks!

More relief...

My sink may not be COMPLETELY empty, but at least the MAJORITY of the dishes are done. All that's in there now are 2 cookie sheets, and my bowl and fork from dinner. But everything else is washed and in the drainer. I know I won't let what's there multiply too bad :-) It feels good knowing that done, and my living room floor is picked up, and everything not directly involved with catching the water from the ceiling is off the floor and/or put away. The box of stuff that will involve Phase 3 of sorting from that big box is still on the futon, but I know it HAS to be dealt with before T's dad comes. I know it will be.

I've yet to fold the Penny Savers, but those will be dealt with tomorrow morning. I'm contemplating whether or not I'll be able to get them all done with before the time for assembling gift bags at church. What I might do is go to drop off the cookies about the time that the assembling is supposed to start, that way if they need more hands I can be there, and if not I can go knowing I tried and the cookies are there. Either way I'm hoping to get the Penny Savers out tomorrow afternoon. Even if I have to do it in a couple parts, with one of them being after dropping D at the dress rehearsal. We've got to do something about a white turtle neck for her for the "costume" but I can deal with that tomorrow sometime shortly before dropping her off. I think everything will be solved one way or another, I just really don't want to have to deliver the Penny Savers on Sunday.

I'll decide for sure after I get up in the morning. And the best part is, even if I go in and work on some roses some more (which I will definitely do here in a few) and take a shower, I can still be in bed before midnight! :-) Go me! I hope I can keep this up and improve on it!!!!!

Relief is...

A clean countertop. It felt so good to wake up this morning with almost all the dishes done (I had another bowl to wash, then T used something this morning), and the counter and table cleared. So, there's not too much to do today.

We went out to the bank (actually got there this time, LOL), and to grab a few things for stuff like the cookies for the church's Christmas in the Park tomorrow. I'd really like to help with the gift bags too, but with having to juggle kids, it's better that we just do the cookies, especially since I'm going to have to deliver the Penny Saver's tomorrow instead of Sunday.

There's still the inside of the fridge and the bottom shelves and drawers to do in there. Maybe that's what I'll go do now. Sometimes it's kinda hard to get things done after going out first thing after I get up, so it's a good thing I don't have a huge pile of dishes to wash anymore!

Things to do:

Inside of fridge
T's clothes
Make Christmas cards list, maybe start addressing them
Bring D to Girl Scouts by 6
Dishes (what few there are :-D)

That's good. And in there I will also work on roses :-)

December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - my 2nd Edition: Thirteen things I love about the candle biz

Thirteen things I love about the candle biz

1. They're candles. Who doesn't love candles? I mean, really, need I say more??

2. They make GREAT Christmas presents. Reference #1. I'm using them for a few Christmas presents this year myself. And that's how Lizzie signed up :-)

3. Bella Buns. The look and smell just like real cinnamon buns. The scent permeates the whole house.

4. The 16 oz jar candles. OMG, there's not enough great things I can say about them. My favorite feature is something I learned from something bad...if you drop them and the jar cracks, because of the wrapper you can still burn it. The wrapper keeps the glass in place.

5. Bella Balm. It's great stuff. It's hand and foot cream, it's got a light lemon scent, not too lemony, and it's not GREASY! I don't know about you, but even though I'm not going to go drive NASCAR without any gloves after I put on hand cream, I don't think the greasy feel of some other hand creams is all that good.

6. We live just close enough that I can get anything I order within less than a week!

7. Free training. All you need is a good long distance calling plan, and you can get on training and opportunity calls most days of the week. One's even on the web!

8. The free training calls are often recorded and links are posted in the back office. So if I want to pull up ANY call, whether I got on it or not, then all I often have to do is find out if it was recorded and find that link!

9. There are over 100 scents! So just about anyone's tastes can be satisfied!

10. My sponsor, her sponsor, and everyone in the group, made up of my sponsor's sponsor's downline. They are a wealth of support and ideas!

11. The company. They are not (just) about making money, they are about helping you make a better life for yourself. The provide the free training I mentioned, and distributor sales aids! They provide help, support and a GREAT product. I was looking not just for a way to make money to help support my family, but also a product I LOVE. If I don't like it, there's no way I could sell it to someone else. And that's just what I found with this company!

12. The future. I know that there is a future in this, and that our lives will just explode at some point. I look forward to that.

13. The UPS guy. I love it when the UPS guy comes to the door, because I know that I am getting a GREAT product. And I'm always eager to see what the next scent smells like. And even if I don't like it, I learned something new---it goes into my knowledge of the product, and gives me another option that maybe someone else likes (like, my daughter likes December's scent more than I do, LOL!).

Next week: 13 Things about and I love about my husband

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Thursday's Trek - update #2

Put away the clothes I folded last night - done
Put P down for a nap - done
Finish the dishes
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses - 2 more roses, 8 total left to do now, then the green parts, then assembling the rest of the stuff with them after I get the pearl sprays with dad
Do more of T's clothes - moved what was in the washer to the dryer and put more in the washer
Change the Penny Savers on the floor - done
Write the rent check - done
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!) - done
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops) - done (smells nice, going to go add some rice to it soon)
Take the garbage down to the dumpster - done
Go to post office - done
Go to store - done

Thursday's Trek - update

Put away the clothes I folded last night
Put P down for a nap - done
Finish the dishes - working on it
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses
Do more of T's clothes - moved what was in the washer to the dryer and refilled the washer
Change the Penny Savers on the floor - done
Write the rent check - done
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!)
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops) - done
Take the garbage down to the dumpster

Later today:

Go to post office
Go to store
Get jackets from mom?

Now I'm trying to figure out what's up with my head. My eyes went weird earlier, and now I have a mild headache. I'm wondering if it's a migraine. It's not really bad, but they do run in the family. What my eyes were doing could have been an aura.

The dripping from the ceiling seems to have slowed down, and I think I heard someone up there working earlier. I'm hoping they got everything fixed and this will be the end of that. For now. Ha ha. :-(

Fwd: Thursdays's Trek

What can I say? I just have a thing for alliteration! :-S

Today I plan to:

Put away the clothes I folded last night
Put P down for a nap
Finish the dishes
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses
Do more of T's clothes
Change the Penny Savers on the floor
Write the rent check
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!)
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops)
Take the garbage down to the dumpster

Well, I think that's it. I've got to wrangle a little boy down for his nap!

December 05, 2007

Wednesday's Plan - final update

I feel REALLY good about today :-) I've gotten the MAJORITY of my list DONE! WOOO HOOOO, GO ME! :-D I'm currently taking a few out to check comments on my blog (I've been deep into the memes lately :-D), check out other blogs (it's only proper and nice to check out other people doing the meme you're doing, especially if they visited YOUR blog, and leave a comment :-)), and just generally veg a few minutes before I go off and do a few more things from my list then collapse into bed! :-)

Oh yes, and the latest report on the slow drizzle from our ceiling...about 6 this evening, the water started coming down a bit more (not a constant stream, but it picked up the pace enough to notice), so I decided it was time to call the resident manager. Well, not 2 rings into it, I hear a knock at the door. It was the resident manager, because he wanted to let me know what was up and see how the situation changed. He had replaced the pipe he said he was going to replace, but found a NEW leak...this one in the pipe going from the kitchen sink upstairs to the main line (or vice versa, depending on how you want to look at it). Someone is supposed to be coming tomorrow to fix that, good thing there doesn't have to be much if anything done down here with that. And good thing there are no appliances in that half of the room anymore. :-| This house deserves to be leveled. :-|

Dishes (of course!) - 2/3 of the way through :-) - one of the next things I'm going to do.
27 flings around the house, of both varieties - since this is sorta redundant (ie, I'm flinging things, either to the garbage or to my donation box, while I'm sorting stuff, and when I clean things up, so I'm already doing this), I think it's going to be eliminated from now on.
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - also next on my list
Sort things on futon - phase 1 complete. Phase 2 complete (there will be a Phase 3) - computer cables and a few other items - Phase 3 will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyone having small flashbacks to the game Phase 10? I'm also getting them to the Army when discussing phases. Weird.
Pick up the floor - always
Start Advent project with kids - I'll finish cutting some of this and setting it up, then the kids and I will catch up to where we are on the Advent calendar. I know, bad me..:-\ Clear mantle - done!
Decorate - mantle only, but that's all I intended to decorate!
Figure out dinner - I'm thinking spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce. It's amazingly quick for me :-) Maybe some chicken in it too :-) - done, no chicken. That's okay :-)

Vac - done
Replace Penny Savers on floor - done
Pick up our room after T wakes up - done
Put P to bed - done
Wash T's clothes - also next on the list....

Getting P to bed didn't go too bad tonight. He insisted on sitting up a few times to have some water, and we forgot to bring his big stuffed Elmo in, but other than that there was no yelling and screaming, and he eventually rolled over and let me pat his back so he'd fall asleep. I think it helps to have the light off and the door closed. I hope he's this good when my fil comes out. If he does. T said "as far as I know, that's what's supposed to happen when he comes out." Okay, the guy already has his vacation scheduled for the time his dad's supposed to be coming out. When are we going to hear from his dad or call him? :-| Men. That's part of why I'm doing the house. That and it needed it. But still. And he has to work Christmas night :-( At least he'll be getting paid a BUNCH for it!!!! :-( But he still has to WORK CHRISTMAS NIGHT.

I've got to get going. I'd like to get my little list done and then I want to do some of the reading for Advent. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with that once I get to the point where I've caught up :-|

Wordless Wednesday

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Wednesday's Plan

Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner

I didn't get very much done yesterday---I folded one bit of clothes that needed to be folded, and I made dinner, and went to Weight Watchers (where I learned that I gained nearly 2 pounds, oh well). But I was another one of you who were tired. I didn't go to bed as early as I intended to (I had all intentions to go to bed when I put P down, but then I got back up and worked on a few things), but I did go to bed at a much more decent hour than usual and got up, officially, at about 10. Since then I've been working on my dad's scarf, and I will start doing the list again at about noon. :-)

December 04, 2007

10 on Tuesday #2

This week's post is supposed to be 10 Favorite things to Complain about. As soon as I saw that last week, I knew I just couldn't do that. I have to do 10 Favorite things to Praise God For. Because I don't like to complain. Sometimes around here it might seem like that, and I could certainly come up with 10 things, but I just don't feel right doing it. (Besides, if you really want to go the Complaint route, MOST of these things apply that way too!!! Just not 1 or 8.)

  1. Jesus. And bringing me back to the fold. Even though things might seem hard right now, they are so much easier to deal with because I know God loves me and wants me to confide and abide in Him, He will carry me through, and my family and I will be just fine when it's all done :-)
  2. T. He's the love of my life, the bread to my butter (and vice versa), the wonderful daddy to my kids, my soul mate, my sounding board, my everything.
  3. D and P. They may be pains from time to time, but they are great kids. I can't say enough good things about them. She really is a smart girl, and it's just amazing watching him growing up!
  4. Life itself. Where would I be if I couldn't experience this wonderful, awful, tremendous thing we call life. A roller coaster it is, but God is my seatbelt! :-D
  5. Sleeping babies. They are little angels when they are asleep, perhaps the only time they are really good.
  6. This apartment. It may not be perfect, and we may need to get out, but at least it's an roof over our heads.
  7. My family. I'm not talking about T, D and P here. I'm talking about my mom and dad, my sister, her husband and his sister and mom, and all of my husband's relatives, even the ones I'd rather do without. Because they all had a part in shaping my wonderful husband.
  8. The Candle Biz and everyone included in it. I put my mentor/sponsor down as one of the things I was thankful for when I wrote my Thanksgiving list (sorta a practice for the Thursday Thirteen, hee hee), and I really mean it. She and her sponsor are two really great ladies. When my second recruit had a million questions, they helped me answer them for her! In fact, that made sure to give the right answers, which I wasn't totally sure about! And I've not just used Mary as help, but she's been a sounding board too lately! Lots of people get to listen to me...:-P I love that she does in fact have Yahoo messenger, because now I can pull her up almost any time, and she's right there nearly any time I need her. It used to be through email or the phone, but now that I know she's on the net too---poor lady, she's gotten a lot of questions even from me! And she's so ready to help with EVERYTHING!
  9. Newspaper. It's soaking up what got on the floor from the ceiling that didn't go into the buckets!
  10. Snow. I live in WNY. I love snow for the first month or two. Christmas is not Christmas without snow!

Tuesday's Territory Transformation - update #2

Dishes (of course!) - I can't get the drain plug/basket/thingie to stick and keep the water in :-(
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - half way through---I've folded the things that are on the futon that need folded
Sort things on futon - since folding involves sorting---I'd say about 1/3-1/2 done! :-)
Pick up the floor - did some
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - done, did some other stuff here too
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner -split pea soup or salsa and pork chops in the crockpot, or even chicken and salsa in the crockpot. - split pea soup - smells nice! :-D

Now I'm going to go put on my shorts (done) for WW (I put shorts on underneath my pants during the winter), then SIT and do something I LOVE---crochet!!! I've got a rose or two to work on! Then about 5 I will go to WW--with or without the kids & hubby, preferably without!!!

Fwd: Tuesday's Territory Transformation - update #1

Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor - did some
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - done, did some other stuff here too
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner -split pea soup or salsa and pork chops in the crockpot, or even chicken and salsa in the crockpot. - split pea soup

Tuesday's Territory Transformation

Here's today's PODA:

Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner -split pea soup or salsa and pork chops in the crockpot, or even chicken and salsa in the crockpot.

I've still not figured out where we're going to put the tree. :-| There are few places it can go that it's not right in someone or something's way :-\ I'm not feeling very motivated either. I went to MOPS the morning then to see my mom, and I'm just not wanting to do much of anything. But, they only way it will all get done is if I put one foot in front of the other, so that's what I'm going to do!

December 03, 2007

PODA updated, and the rest of my day

First the update on my PODA:

Sort through the baskets of D's clothes in the living room - Done!
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I'm going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I'll keep it clear!) - Done!
Dishes (of course!) - About half way there :-)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties - ongoing
Wash P's and my clothes - done (they're in the washer at least, just waiting for the dryer to clear)
Move what's in the washer to the dryer - Done
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - moved to tomorrow
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it's the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It's going to say "Makes Great Gifts") - doy! Right on the package it says "no synthetic fabrics" and that's ALL my bag is...good thing I got the tube of fabric paint, huh? I put "Makes A Great Gift". My intention---for SOMEONE SOMETIME to ask me "What makes a great gift?" Do you think it might work?
Sort things on futon - This may just be taken care of tomorrow, between MOPS and Weight Watchers
Pick up the floor - mostly done. Isn't amazing how it grows though?
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - Boxed up the computer stuff that had been here though!
Start Advent project with kids - I think I will do this after dinner is done! :-) Forgot :-(
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) - Done

Next, what I was doing after (and sometimes instead of) doing what I should have been (like, stuff on the list):

Through the plugboards I found a forum for PSPers, or People who use Paint Shop Pro. It's not just people like me who are just getting into it---they're a lot more advanced than that sometimes! But I like playing with it (another facet of my creativity coming through), and anything to help me further taking care of my family (within reason, of course....there are some lengths I WON'T go to!). It's also fun (and I am plugs so far look rather amateurish!). And the lady who has put up all the tutorials (and seems to be the head of the forum) seems pretty cool already :-) I definitely look forward to learning more about PSP!

P went down fairly roughly, but eventually he got there. I've got to get it through his mother's head (yes I'm talking about me) that she's got to get him IN THERE and WORKING ON IT before 8:30---probably before 8! And I thought I was doing good even getting dinner going. Nope, still ended up too late :-( Tomorrow I plan on using the crockpot---for split pea soup! Which I will start after we get home from MOPS and probably going to visit my mom. Which means I need to get going to bed here!!

This morning I didn't start right on stuff. When I got up, T told me he wanted to go to the bank. So shortly there after I got dressed and we left. We never made it to the bank. And most of his pay check from last week is gone :-S But I got some yarn for mom's hat and maybe even a scarf, and he got his digital scale! Then he came home and went to bed!

Well, I need to get going to bed myself, so I will see you all tomorrow! I hope you enjoy this week's edition of 10 on Tuesday!

Finally the PODA - update #2

So here's another update. I'll clear the commentary from before :-)

Sort through the baskets of D's clothes in the living room - Done!
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I'm going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I'll keep it clear!) - Done!
Dishes (of course!) - About half way there :-)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties - I think this is a continuous process, involves the other things I've done right now, but I may do one or two at some point. Things have gone in the box and bag though!
Wash P's and my clothes - done (they're in the washer at least, just waiting for the dryer to clear)
Move what's in the washer to the dryer - Done
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - will probably also be done when P goes to bed. Some while I'm waiting for the iron to heat up, so while I'm waiting for this or that....there will definitely be time :-)
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it's the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It's going to say "Makes Great Gifts") - I'm thinking I'll do this after P goes to bed tonight
Sort things on futon - This may just be taken care of tomorrow, between MOPS and Weight Watchers
Pick up the floor - mostly done. Isn't amazing how it grows though?
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - Boxed up the computer stuff that had been here though!
Start Advent project with kids - I think I will do this after dinner is done! :-)
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) - Done

And I also got dinner made, just gotta go serve it! Woo hoo, go me!

Finally, the PODA - update #1

Sort through the baskets of D's clothes in the living room - one basket done (it's actually a box), 2 to go. I've already put a nice little pile into my donation bag (one of those large Ziplock Storage bags, which I got when I got the clothes from my first recruit a while back. It's pretty full, I'm going to have to find another container, possibly just my donation box, to put the clothes in).
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I'm going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I'll keep it clear!) - 1/2 done - the desk is clear, I'm going to be moving it as soon as I get up from here. I'm going to leave one of the computer towers on it, as it's the one we borrowed from dad when the other computer bit the dust.
Dishes (of course!) - haven't even looked at the kitchen yet, but as soon as I have the desk moved, that should be next!
27 flings around the house, of both varieties - well, unless you can count all the garbage I took off just that desk....not yet
Wash P's and my clothes - the washroom is the next room after the kitchen, and if I haven't gone for the kitchen yet, LOL....this will be brought in when I go to the kitchen so I can do both this and the next one while the sink is filling with water!
Move what's in the washer to the dryer
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - not yet, but soon! :-)
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it's the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It's going to say "Makes Great Gifts") - I'm thinking I'll do this after P goes to bed tonight
Sort things on futon - gotta move the desk, which is blocking the futon. There's really just a box of things on there, which is where I toss things to take care of later, etc
Pick up the floor - wow, finally something else I did. Not a whole lot of it, but the floor doesn't look like it's littered with stuff anymore
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - I just piled more stuff on it, this time computer items from the other desk, which will be put in a box of their own, which I will also be looking through, and trying to consolidate or something to find room to put everything
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) - This has been done, as it was something I planned on doing as soon as the desk was clear, since then I could put the one tower upstairs and the other on the stairs. Yes, there were 2 on the desk, don't get me into T and his computer stuff :-S I'm going to have to find a way to convince him to go through the box down here and the large box that's more than overflowing upstairs. :-|
Decorate with said stuff - partly done---I have my door wreaths up on our main entrance door and my front door :-)

Finally, the PODA

So, I promised someone a PODA. I'm sure you just want to see the dones, so after I get done writing this out, I'm going to take 2 ibuprophen (my head hurts and the lower half of my body isn't far behind thanks to walking on those sidewalks yesterday---because of my bad ankle I'm hyper conscious of walking on slippery pavement, and those boots are heavy! I've had the same pair for the last 3-5 years, and they are so good and sturdy that I'm not going to go get myself a new pair any time soon! I LOVE these, and at least if I was going to get a new pair this year, the same place I got them still sells that style! They're guy's boots, not womens, but I LOVE them because I'm not one for the fancy boots they sell in the women's section), then start to work on this list. I've already called the leads that Mary sent my way. No one is ever home, etc. :-\ I think I'll start with D's clothes...

Sort through the baskets of D's clothes in the living room
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I'm going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I'll keep it clear!)
Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Wash P's and my clothes
Move what's in the washer to the dryer
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it's the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It's going to say "Makes Great Gifts")
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home)
Decorate with said stuff

This is a bit ambitious and I'd really like to take a nap, maybe when I put P down, but I don't think I'm going to get to. I need to do too much around here, it's my own dang fault, and I've lazied around enough lately. Some of this may bleed into other days, but I'm going to start now. 15 at a time.