December 07, 2007

More relief...

My sink may not be COMPLETELY empty, but at least the MAJORITY of the dishes are done. All that's in there now are 2 cookie sheets, and my bowl and fork from dinner. But everything else is washed and in the drainer. I know I won't let what's there multiply too bad :-) It feels good knowing that done, and my living room floor is picked up, and everything not directly involved with catching the water from the ceiling is off the floor and/or put away. The box of stuff that will involve Phase 3 of sorting from that big box is still on the futon, but I know it HAS to be dealt with before T's dad comes. I know it will be.

I've yet to fold the Penny Savers, but those will be dealt with tomorrow morning. I'm contemplating whether or not I'll be able to get them all done with before the time for assembling gift bags at church. What I might do is go to drop off the cookies about the time that the assembling is supposed to start, that way if they need more hands I can be there, and if not I can go knowing I tried and the cookies are there. Either way I'm hoping to get the Penny Savers out tomorrow afternoon. Even if I have to do it in a couple parts, with one of them being after dropping D at the dress rehearsal. We've got to do something about a white turtle neck for her for the "costume" but I can deal with that tomorrow sometime shortly before dropping her off. I think everything will be solved one way or another, I just really don't want to have to deliver the Penny Savers on Sunday.

I'll decide for sure after I get up in the morning. And the best part is, even if I go in and work on some roses some more (which I will definitely do here in a few) and take a shower, I can still be in bed before midnight! :-) Go me! I hope I can keep this up and improve on it!!!!!