December 07, 2007

Relief is...

A clean countertop. It felt so good to wake up this morning with almost all the dishes done (I had another bowl to wash, then T used something this morning), and the counter and table cleared. So, there's not too much to do today.

We went out to the bank (actually got there this time, LOL), and to grab a few things for stuff like the cookies for the church's Christmas in the Park tomorrow. I'd really like to help with the gift bags too, but with having to juggle kids, it's better that we just do the cookies, especially since I'm going to have to deliver the Penny Saver's tomorrow instead of Sunday.

There's still the inside of the fridge and the bottom shelves and drawers to do in there. Maybe that's what I'll go do now. Sometimes it's kinda hard to get things done after going out first thing after I get up, so it's a good thing I don't have a huge pile of dishes to wash anymore!

Things to do:

Inside of fridge
T's clothes
Make Christmas cards list, maybe start addressing them
Bring D to Girl Scouts by 6
Dishes (what few there are :-D)

That's good. And in there I will also work on roses :-)