December 06, 2007

Thursday's Trek - update #2

Put away the clothes I folded last night - done
Put P down for a nap - done
Finish the dishes
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses - 2 more roses, 8 total left to do now, then the green parts, then assembling the rest of the stuff with them after I get the pearl sprays with dad
Do more of T's clothes - moved what was in the washer to the dryer and put more in the washer
Change the Penny Savers on the floor - done
Write the rent check - done
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!) - done
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops) - done (smells nice, going to go add some rice to it soon)
Take the garbage down to the dumpster - done
Go to post office - done
Go to store - done