December 31, 2007

What's this new year going to bring?

That, my friends, is my attempt at trying to put a positive spin on things.

What is this new year going to be like? I don't know. I can only hope and think it's going to be GOOD. But not because, like many people (both that I know personally and others that I don't), I think that 2007 was all that bad. It was DEFINITELY better for me than 2006 (like, I didn't have to deal with living in the apartment under the daughter of an escaped fugitive, and I didn't have to deal with T's lovely grandmother), and it had lots of good things about it. Let's take a look back:

Last January, I started losing weight. So far I've lost roughly 50 pounds. The holidays might have been something of a blow to that, but I'll recover.

Also in January, I signed up with the candle company. Sure, it hasn't moved much, but I still have high hopes! Things move with that when I least expect them to!!!

Because of the weight loss, in June my period started coming back. Wow what a roller coaster THAT'S going to be. But it's about dang time. And something we all must deal with.

In September, I accepted Jesus in my heart again (I did so when I was 12 as well). Things haven't changed much in one way or another yet, but dealing with them has actually gotten a bit easier.

In November we celebrated 12 years together. Every day more it's always a wonder. I know how very lucky I am, and I wouldn't replace him or the family he has given me for the world!

I have several things I need to get done this week. And by this week I mean between now and January 7th. They include (and in no particular order):

Revamp my Control Journal
Vac the floor (I can't stand how no one keep control of their popcorn. But then a certain small boy is the main culprit).
Sort everything on the futon
Wash my clothes
Write letters I'm backed up on
Clean/organize our room
Take down tree
Bring up Christmas boxes
Take out garbage

I will tackle one or two things a day, until everything on the list is complete. :-)Because this list is not insurmountable!