December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 4th edition!

Thirteen of my favorite Christmas Songs That I've heard on the radio this season

It's about time I did this list---I've seen many people who have done this list so far during my short stay in the Thursday Thirteen, but there are a few that I REALLY LOVE that I feel are missing. So I'm definitely going to list them here!!! :-D Enjoy!

1. Do You Hear What I Hear? - It doesn't matter who sings it---I've heard many different great versions---it's a beautiful song with a great message :-)

2. Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano - This is a great 70's (?) song that really marks Christmas time! It's not Christmas until I've heard this song! Great memories from when I was a kid :-)

3. Away in a Manger - Just like #1 - it doesn't matter the artist singing it (it's just as wonderful when sung by a few kids as when sung by some popular artist on the radio!). It's a great song with a great message!

4. Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls - the quintessential BEST BUFFALO SONG EVER! The Goos are a Buffalo band, but I didn't realize this was a Christmas song until I heard it on the station out of Buffalo playing Christmas songs until December 26th. My favorite memory was a montage done, I think by one of the local stations, to this song last year. A lot of people think this area is starting to run down, from the NYS border here in Chautauqua, to the Niagara Falls area. But things are popping up all over, and as soon as we can get our tax situation fixed, I think this is going to be a booming area again. I'm just sad that we planned our life somewhere else (of course, man plans and God laughs, and we haven't been able to move yet, so maybe this is where we are to make our lives. But I'm not going to give up hope yet!). But, these boys ROCK!!!

5. Winter Wonderland - again, doesn't matter the artist. Some can really massacre some songs though. Like Barabara....uck, some of the songs she's done, T and I have looked at each other and wondered what she was thinking! But, I had my own version of this when I was in high school, with naughty lyrics and everything. But I won't post them here----this is a family friendly site :-)

6. Frosty - again, doesn't matter. Frosty the snowman is Frosty the snowman. 'Nuff said.

7. Anything by The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I think I like Christmas Eve (Sarajevo) the best :-)

8. Anything sung by Josh Gorban. What an awesome voice, huh?

9. Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Folgelberg - Too sad that he died this weekend :-(

10. Mary's Boy Child by Little River Band - Sweet, great message :-)

11. Something in the Chimney - I'm not sure who sings this, but it's so cute, and just too funny. Follows the old urban myth almost.

12. Dominick the Donkey - I don't know who sings this one either, but it's just too funny.

13. Go Tell it On the Mountain - It doesn't matter who sings this either, but it's a song that also has a great message.

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MondaythroughSunday said...

Great list! Love Josh Groben and really I am a big fan of Christmas in general as long as it isn't too cheesy. My favorite is "The First Noel"...brings tears to my eyes. Have a Merry Christmas!!

damozel said...

This was a nice list---had some songs on it I have never heard of. Nice one!

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