December 15, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Right now I'm in a really good mood. In part because now I know why I've been in such a black funk for the last week or so and why my head has been hurting, and my back...I don't know how delicately to put this, so I'll just come right out and say it---I've got my period. Now I know what you might say---EEWWW!!! I'm not trying to be graphic or give you TMI, and I'm sure you'd say "what's so special about that?" and "why in the world are you so happy about something I'm sick to death of?" Well, between my 2 kids, because of taking Depo Provera, I hardly ever had a period. Frankly, it got to the point where I called it a "when it wants to" and it didn't want to very often. I literally went years without it. It was just starting to come back AT ALL when we conceived P! And it had started to come back earlier this year with all the weight loss, but then it took another hiatus. It's just a really great Christmas present that my body is giving me! :-) But it explains the crazy headaches, which I've been having off and on but not mentioning.

We've been getting snow. :-) It looked great when I looked out while T was cleaning off the car to go to work. It was falling softly, and just looked pretty. Now it's falling either as sleet like I know it did the other day when we went out on Thursday (I think), or little ice balls...I know it can't be freezing rain because it sounds like little bits of ice hitting the snow. Rain would run, even some of it was freezing. And cars aren't going slow (we do live on a major road). As I understand it we're going to get wholloped pretty hard. Several places up in the Tonawanda, etc, areas are already cancelling things, like different churches and such. I'm wondering if it will end up being wise to go to church tomorrow. I was really hoping to, because tomorrow is the adult Christmas musical. :-| I went up to the lady whose singing during the beginning of the service always inspires me last week between services and told her that I always really enjoyed watching her, because you can tell just how much she loves God and enjoys what she's doing. She asked if I was going to go to the musical. We couldn't have tonight if we even wanted to anyhow, but I will definitely be making it to church if I can. There are only 2 services tomorrow, instead of the usual 3---I guess this musical is long enough that it will run into the time for the middle one. :-)

I'm going to be setting down my general template for the Christmas newsletter here in a few minutes. I've been thinking it over for the last day or so, and I know how I'm going to do it---basic updates for each person in the family, and specific messages for certain friends and family at the beginning, besides any big news about the whole family, like going to church on a regular basis and mom being back in state.

I'm done with the basic roses now. I will be starting on the green parts shortly, after I've looked through all the Christmas cards we've gotten and worked on the letter some. I was also able to get most of the stuff for assembling them yesterday while D was at Girl Scouts. I forgot the safety pins that mom requested I use instead of the usual quilting/corsage pin that I have included with them. I should have enough of the size that she wants anyhow. Here's the picture of the field of completed roses, don't they look awesome?:

The middle row looks dark blue, but they are actually purple. I think they are pretty good. :-) Yes, I'm very modest about my talent.