December 11, 2007

Monday's Wrapup

Well, I got D's clothes done. I was going to do it anyhow, but then I wanted her to have something to do after her homework, but that was a stupid decision. I got through what was left after she did stuff (which was most of it), and I think I decreased it by almost half. I divided it up into piles, and now I even know stuff she can use for school and play. She's got just a few dresses, so I think if I buy her any clothes for Christmas it would be dresses. She's got several tshirts and even a few stretchy pants---that would be for home, and the jeans, skirts and pants (which she also has little of, so it would be something else for Christmas) would be for school. Some of the tees as well. To go with the jeans.

But it's late at night and I have to get some sleep!