December 06, 2007

Thursday's Trek - update

Put away the clothes I folded last night
Put P down for a nap - done
Finish the dishes - working on it
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses
Do more of T's clothes - moved what was in the washer to the dryer and refilled the washer
Change the Penny Savers on the floor - done
Write the rent check - done
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!)
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops) - done
Take the garbage down to the dumpster

Later today:

Go to post office
Go to store
Get jackets from mom?

Now I'm trying to figure out what's up with my head. My eyes went weird earlier, and now I have a mild headache. I'm wondering if it's a migraine. It's not really bad, but they do run in the family. What my eyes were doing could have been an aura.

The dripping from the ceiling seems to have slowed down, and I think I heard someone up there working earlier. I'm hoping they got everything fixed and this will be the end of that. For now. Ha ha. :-(