August 29, 2007

And another day goes by...

You know, it's kinda difficult coming up with blog entry titles all the time. :-S LOL

I was a bit tired there a couple minutes ago, but not anymore :-| Oh, well, I'm still going to bed soon!

I got good news in my email today---my best bro's on Myspace now. What a nice surprise!!! :-D

I'm working on a felted hook case. It's my first felted project. We'll see how it turns out. I don't have much faith at the moment, but oh well. We'll see.

I'm also working on afghans for 2 people at the place my mom's at :-) I collected up the yarn for them out of my "stock" today.

I'm going to turn the second attempt at the tablecloth I liked so much into a yoyo tablecloth. We'll see if it works out.

My goal for this week is to get the other 1.4 pounds to a 50 pound weight loss.

I've had fun on the listing site this week as well.

Tomorrow's T's root canal. That's going to be somewhat *fun*. :-|

August 28, 2007

Later tonight....

I will be asleep. But hopefully not as late as last night! My little guy, thank goodness, was his usual self. No need to worry about his little bump on his head. It still hurts, poor thing, but he's his normal self. Like I said yesterday, I've had to thank goodness for him being so because it could be worse. But it's not! So that's a good thing :-D Also, after talking to someone at dialysis yesterday, mom asked me to ask the doctor's office about his lead levels, which I know where checked with his last bit of blood work. That was a bit of good news as well...he was a 4, and the range is a 0-9. So he's right in the middle, no real worries. Well, my mom and I are both concerned because this IS an old house---but it's not over the range, and he's pretty much a normal little 2 year old boy. Sure, he might not be talking quite as well as some people might want him to, but I'm not worried, each kid grows at his own pace! :-)

Funny thing happened to my mom and dad today. Nothing bad---but they had to spend the day with the mother of the trailer park terror. Good thing---we haven't had to deal with him much since I started complaining about him on here, LOL! My dad said that once she said who her son was, it negated any and all thing she had said up until that point :-S Well, she is full of bull :-( She sees the wrong in other people's parenting, and doesn't see the wrong in hers. And she wonders why....My kids are good kids, but I'm not too proud to acknowledge that they might have their faults too! :-\

Well, I have a few more things to do, and then I'm going to bed. I've got to take my shower, read a bit, crochet a bit and then I'm turning in :-)

August 27, 2007

Long day...

I've spent most of my day cleaning today. It was broken at about 3, however, by a quick trip to the emergency room. My little guy fell and hit his head on the wall. I'm hoping that he did not hit the brick fireplace which was within the 2 foot area where I know he had to have hit his head. He's been his usual self (so much so there were a few times when I had to repeat to myself "be thankful, be thankful, be thankful" because I know that it's possible the visit to the er could have been different!!!).

This weekend was actually a pretty good one. The local Festival was this weekend. My family and I were only able to make it on Saturday (though I would have loved to have gone to the parade on Sunday---now that I think about it, it would have been a great networking opp!! But we went to the other reason why this weekend was so good!), but I gave my card to 7 people during the short time we were there, BEFORE it rained, LOL. I got to see people I like to stop and see...there are 2 ladies, a lady I met at the gym before I went in the Army and a lady who I have bought jewelry from since before that! I also gave a biz card to my sister's maid of honor's mother---and instead of simply talking about the biz, in the few breaths I had I talked about her granddaughter, who is her other daughter's daughter. I could have talked about her oldest as well (the baby's mother and the girl I graduated with, where as my sister graduated and is best friends with her younger daughter), but we didn't have the time as they were on their way across the street and we were just arriving!

The get-together was fun. We had ladies from all over the state, not just local! One traveled 3 hours to see us---that felt good. She's a NICE lady! :-D We got together and made and afghan for one of the members who got married this month---she was so busy that she didn't even notice the one or two times someone slipped---because she deleted so many emails!!! LOL!!! I assembled :-) I'm hoping to keep that going, and I already have an idea for who the next recipient will be!!!!

My head is getting to the point where it hurts, but I have a few more other things I'd like to do.

Another thing that I've been pondering, pretty much since I sat down here. I find myself drawn to recommitting myself to the Lord. Two or five years ago you might not have seen me say that....but the pull is strong now. I found a great site when I first started thinking/working on this. And it's based on my favorite Bible chapter (yes, a whole chapter!), Proverbs 31
It's helped me with at least one thing that's been weighing on my heart. One I won't mention because it's a bit personal. I'll write that in my journal. The other is money. Now, I have a struggle each week when I see how much money we have coming in, and how much more needs to go out. It's part of why I started the candle biz. We've looked at the income potential for the fundraiser we might be getting from the lady whose house we were at this weekend, for the get-together. It's great. Now, when I look at it, what I consider first is all the problems it would take care of for us....bills I'd love to get paid so creditors quite calling, keeping up with the bills we have every month (for once in long time there's a bill I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pay all of this month. It went sky high this last reeval :-( It did not make me happy. How is it that in the summer things are tighter than they should be?? I don't get it!), investing in things for our future. I don't often think of the "fun" things we could can check out my list on a cool new list site I found too! This is what I think of first, not "fun" things all the time (there is one "fun" thing I can think of on it---but consider this, it's still not for fun fun, it's for my walk with God!). Taking care of my family!!! That's ALL I think about!!! NOTHING else!!! So, what I'm worried about though is, being that money is something seen as the Devil's playground (right along with idle hands, which I DON'T have!), will we get corrupted? I hope not...I hope I'll always be the kind of person who thinks of her family and others first. And I can't say it enough, I LOVE the company and the product!!!!! :-)

August 17, 2007

Thursday's update

Dishes - today's are caught up
Clothes - towels got folded
Have breakfast - did it...lunch and dinner too...all added to WW online Point Tracker
Sort magazines - all the crocheted/knitting ones are done, looked at one other
Read Html book
Make squares/go through bag
Wash bathroom
Go to SA - hoping for tomorrow
Wash T's clothes - done, last load of uniforms are in the dryer, I'll do the tees and socks & undies next week! Not a big enough load for me!
Pay electric and phone bills - done, and upgraded the phone service so I have long distance for the candle biz

I'm pretty caught up, though not all of my list is taken care of. Some are, if you would remember, from the week long list. 2 more days without DD :-|

August 16, 2007

Thursday's PODA

Never did add that note later in that last post. I just wanted to say---there had been nothing in the washer or dryer, but I ended up putting something in it, which needed rewashed because I let it sit. Not as long as usual, but I added to it, so it needed a bit more.

Dishes - last night's got washed
Clothes - next on list
Have breakfast
Sort magazines - working on it
Read Html book
Make squares/go through bag
Wash bathroom
Go to SA
Wash T's clothes
Pay electric and phone bills

Seems good for now :-)

August 15, 2007

Wednesday's/This week's PODA

Dishes - washed and last night's put away*(see later note)
Clothes - the washer and dryer were EMPTY. I put a load in...I've also got to add T's to the list!
Swipe toilet - done
Organize kitchen - done (the person who does it now doesn't know how to keep it organized :-S)
Sort magazines - working on it
Read Html book
Make squares/go through bag
Wash bathroom
Bring stuff upstairs - done (and brought stuff down---to sell/get rid of/sort - already sorted!)
Go to SA
Wash T's clothes

Wednesday's/This week's PODA

Taken from one of my flying lists (yes, I'm on 2, I've been more active on the one than the other but I'm getting more active on the other now!):

I didn't set out with a PODA (and right now I'm feeling a little scattered without it, so I think I'll be making it up here shortly!), but I have gotten SEVERAL things done so far:

Mopped the kitchen floor (BOY did it need it!!)
Vacced the carpet
Folded towels (just have to put them away!)
Swept the front porch (just in front of our door, I'm certainly NOT touching any of the stuff they have collected in front of my daughter's bedroom window, on "their" side of the porch!)
Sorted the box of stuff left on my desk (this was a BIG job even though it was a SMALL box. There were a lot of things, some I didn't know before I sat down what I was going to do with them. I had been adding since the last sort of stuff last week, but I managed to find SOME KIND of home for everything! :-D)

I think that's all of it. I'm taking a break now, and then I've got to go around and see what else there is to do around here! :-) Here's what I KNOW needs to be done:

Dishes (including putting last night's away because the person whose job it is, is in Canada right now, LOL!)
Clothes? (I'm trying to remember if there is anything in the washer or dryer)
Swipe toilet

Wow, I can't believe that, despite letting this place go a bit last month, I've caught up enough that I've got nothing more in the ideas department.

More now...I've got several days when I'm the only female around. I find it interesting---it's easy to do stuff when it's just me and the little guy up than when she's here because (a) he wants to be with her and (b) when he is and she's "watching" him I have to pay attention and spread my attention a lot further.

There was nothing in the washer!!!

Anyhow, this list is going to be for the next few days. I've got several things I want to do, including going through a bunch of magazines, some before tomorrow evening (the ones with knitting patterns in them).

Organize kitchen
Sort magazines
Read Html book
Make squares/go through bag
Wash bathroom
Bring stuff upstairs
Go to SA

I think that might be it for now but if not, I'll post again or edit this...:-)

What I've been doing over a week...

Let's see....

Today was about the same as last week, only we didn't go to the National Night Out because that's once a year. I also have left the candles in the truck all week long, so I didn't need to pick both the candles and T up when we went to Weight Watchers. And this week instead of Pizza Salad fixin's, we grabbed ink and barbeque fixin's at WalMart instead of Quality. Otherwise, this week I:

Kept most of my dishes washed
Kept the floor picked up
Washed and FOLDED clothes in the same 24 hour period
Cleared off my desk
Sorted through my pile/box of crochet and knit patterns in order to collect knit ones up for someone and decide once and for all which crochet ones I will be giving to others at a local crochet get together
Started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Got hooked on The Offical Corey Haim Website message board
Lost 1.6 pounds (the 1 I gained last week plus another .6 more!)
Decided I'm switching back to Points

Not bad. I plan on keeping up with my site a lot better and continuing to fix it up and upgrade the html to something that looks cool!!! :-D

Now let's see if I can RSS feed the blog to my website!!! :-)

August 07, 2007

Just a quick, as I'm going to take a shower and go to bed after this.

Today I:

Picked up mom and dad's mail
Got gas
Visited my mom
Came home to pick up T and candles
Put a load of T's clothes in after sorting them out
Went to Weight Watchers (gained a pound :-\)
Went to the village's contribution to National Night Out (only had 1 1/2 pieced of pizza)
Passed out 4-5 biz cards there
Grabbed fixin's for Pizza Salad (yeah, and finished everything but the bag of salad. I'm not the only one who had servings out of it though)

Remind me not to watch The Two Coreys before going to bed. My favorite Corey is still the same, after all these years. Haim. He's a sad sad case. All those drugs have done quite a job on him. Hot guy, sad outcome. I was looking at stuff on the net about him a few times today---and I've come to see that he's such a sad case.

I ended up going to sleep at about 3:30 last night. Ugh. Oh well, that's why I'm going to bed in a minute here. *sigh* Let's hope I don't fall asleep so late!!! Ugh...

Nightie night!

August 06, 2007

Finish sorting bills - done
Sort tubs - done
Go for a walk
Go to bed at 11
Take a shower with T (so that I can go to bed at 11---trust me, it makes sense!)
Wash T's clothes - tomorrow
Fold his clothes
Vac - next, after watching a couple things on the tv :-)
Evaluate all yarn related areas
Transfer computer stuff into a bigger box :-| - done
Read more on web design

Phew. I'm happy at least that I got the bills and the tubs sorted. Those were my big goals for the day! :-) Especially since they are something of a cross over :-) I'll have to go through the box of my stuff left over from the tub sort. Next I'm going to watch the stuff on tv, grate up some candles to make samples, vac and make dinner :-) Then get ready for bed after putting P to bed before taking that shower with T :-) But I swear I had got to the point of thinking that I'd never see the bottom of those boxes of bills!! Now I have 4-5 bags of garbage, mainly the envelopes, etc from the bills :-)
Finish sorting bills - more to do tomorrow, but I made a good dent today!!!
Dishes - finished tonight's :-)
Pick up what hasn't yet been picked up on the floor - pretty much, yeah :-)
Take shower - next on my list
Consider what I can take care of in the tubs - just sorta looked at them
Have some tea - yup, DD too :-)

Well, I did pretty well with my list. I also cleaned up my desk area, including the crate that's on the drawer thing behind it that Padraic took over because I didn't want to have to deal with him getting into the stuff that was in it. It's way too late again though. I spent about 2-3 hours playing Sally's Salon---stuck for most of that on one level, the last one :-\ Oh well....tomorrow I want to...

Finish sorting bills
Sort tubs
Go for a walk
Go to bed at 11
Take a shower with T (so that I can go to bed at 11---trust me, it makes sense!)
Wash T's clothes
Fold his clothes
Evaluate all yarn related areas
Transfer computer stuff into a bigger box :-|
Read more on web design

August 05, 2007

Update on my lists:

Get PSs - done
Fold/Stuff PSs - done
Deliver PSs - done
Bring mom her wash - done
Put away 1 basket/box/tub of things on desk - done on Sunday
Fold and put away my clothes - done on Sunday
Fold and put away basket of stuff sitting here - done on Sunday
Wash basket in wash room - done
Dishes - finished Sunday
Make Italian Chicken - had Sunday

Sunday I can:

Wash Tom's clothes
Do more dishes - need to do more, and will :-)
Fold and put away Tom's clothes
Post about stuff I want to sell - done Saturday evening
Shred candle(s) and make up another bunch of samples, attaching them to cards and catalogs

I did not realize how much time doing the PSs would take. But they all got done in a day. And while I haven't done the tubs that were on my desk yet, I have been working on the boxes of old bills that have been. I got to thinking, what's the point in sorting them out and having them all over the floor when I could just sort them directly into the filing cabinet? I know, duh. But we all have to come the realization on our own! :-) I'm almost done with that---something that's almost amazing considering how long I've been putting it off. I also managed to do some work (though not much) on my new website this weekend. I'll be doing more---I just have the basic framework figured out so far :-)

It's 8:30, roughly, right now, and my little guy is already in bed. I'll accomplish the rest of my new list between now and 11:30. Here's that list!

Finish sorting bills
Pick up what hasn't yet been picked up on the floor
Take shower
Consider what I can take care of in the tubs
Have some tea

This week I will do other things that I haven't done in a while, like mopping my kitchen and bathroom floors, and other things.

August 03, 2007

You know, sometimes I'm just all talk....

In the emails for the group for the candle biz, I got a really great article today. It basically says that positive affirmations are all well and good, the only way things get done is by DOING them. I guess that means have faith and follow through with the action. Hmm. Makes some sense, doesn't it? I'll see if I can find a link to the article or something, so I can post it here :-) I wish we had some ink in the printer so I could print it off and carry it with me.

So I got to thinking, well, I'll start tomorrow, since there's little I can do that I have to do that I can start doing today. But then I thought---wait, that's not true. I can start one thing tonight---I can go to bed at a decent hour. So, in that vein....I'm going to bed at 11. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'm going to have my little guy in bed by then (he took a small nap this evening when we got home from getting the car inspected, so he's still a bit energized), and I will force my big girl to go to bed and go myself. I'm also going to wash my clothes, which need doing. They'll be in the washer overnight, but oh well.

Then tomorrow I'll---

Get PSs
Fold/Stuff PSs
Deliver PSs
Bring mom her wash
Put away 1 basket/box/tub of things on desk
Fold and put away my clothes
Fold and put away basket of stuff sitting here
Wash basket in wash room
Make Italian Chicken

Sunday I can:

Wash Tom's clothes
Do more dishes
Fold and put away Tom's clothes
Post about stuff I want to sell
Shred candle(s) and make up another bunch of samples, attaching them to cards and catalogs

I can also put aside $5 a week, putting it into my biz account so that it has money in it when I need it for biz stuff, and in hopes to get more money coming in. Also, I can bring prepared biz cards everywhere I go. I'm also going to get my website up and running, I've already started going over my text book from my website building class, so I know more code than just the stuff I know now---there's more to it.

As for the candle biz, I dropped off the basket for the chinese auction at a local art gallery, which I learned about from freecycle. I also told the guy who did our inspection about the biz, and he just about jumped out of his skin, LOL!!! I hope THAT one turns into a sale. I need a sale so bad, the rush from one is too intoxicating!!! :-D

Let's see, what else? I don't know, but I am getting tired anyhow, so I'll head off towards the bedroom, and getting my clothes washed :-) Let's hope it cools down soon!!! It's so hot out!!!