January 31, 2008

The end of Thursday

Looks like I'm not doing all of the memes this week. I'll do Friday's Feast tomorrow, for sure :-) But today just got away from me I guess. :-\ These things happen. It kinds sucks, though, because doing the 10 on Tuesday as a Thursday Thirteen would have made odd sense this week. We did our taxes yesterday, at H & R Block, and got the RAL 1-2 day loan, and got the money this morning. So, he's got his cut and I've got mine. Mine goes to a new apartment, his to plane tickets to go out to Colorado in August. His mom has a travel site now. He's looked for them through there. Not that I want to really go out to Colorado (and I did tell him as much), but his brother asked if we were, and told me to talk to him about it...I guess it came a challenge or a call from his older brother for us to come out there. :-? Men.

Tomorrow's my dad's birthday. I get to make him his birthday dinner and his cake, since mom of course can't at the moment. Which means he will come over here tomorrow evening, and I'm going to make her special frosting. For my first time. I hope it comes out right---but I was talking to her this afternoon, and sometimes it didn't even turn out that best when she made it either, so I can't feel bad if I do it wrong....dad calls it mom's Candy Bar Frosting because when done just right it will set up so hard that it will hold the shape of the cake if you were to remove just the cake. No, I won't post a recipe. So I told mom that if I have enough trouble with it, he might just get a great big glob of chocolate on top of the cake. :-| I hope it will go right, I really am looking forward to this! :-D

I will go relax some, and then go to bed myself! I was up late last night (until about 2), so I need to get to bed soon.

Just to update...uh...myself, here's an overview of my list...

Dishes (there's not many left) - did a sinkful, hope to finish the rest tomorrow
Clothes - in the washer, the load in the dryer will be removed tomorrow, folded, and the one in the washer will be put in the dryer then folded.
Dinner - done - yum!
Pick up clutter on floor - done so the floor could get vacced.
Vac - got D to do it

Looks good. So tomorrow:

Finish dishes
Finish clothes
Make cake
Make chili (dad's bd dinner)

Not a bad list. Now to relax. :-)

Thursday's Pace...


Why is it that any time I spend a good portion of the day outside of the house, that I don't have an easy time of getting things started when I get home? Well, at least on any day other than a MOPS meeting day? It may not help that I didn't get to bed until 2 last night (AGAIN, UGH!), or that I bumped my head on the bottom corner of a CD rack that we mounted to the wall after P was born---right on the forehead, and it hurts---always when I poke at it (it's like a tooth with a toothache), and often when I'm not poking at it. It's interesting to feel, because I have this little bump at the spot where the very corner connected, and a bit of a line where the rest of the portion that connected...uh...connected. It makes me wonder how much P's head must hurt each time he bumps it, and makes me even more afraid of all the damage that could be done, not to mention more afraid of him hurting himself again. :-( He's my baby!!!

I've been thinking about restructuring, reformatting and redecorating around the blog. It looks so plain and dull sometimes. I mean, sure I want the focus to be the content and not the context, but it's got to look nice too, right? I've done a lot of stuff around here---I write my own html for the content in the sidebar (one place I need to clean up), and I've put in the pictures for the header myself. I figured out how to put the picture the header was created from up as the header on my Blog365 profile page. Go me---I did that a while ago, but still. I'm going to go through my bookmark folders too. What I decide is going to stay there will end up in my links sections. I'd love a pull down menu so visitors can visit my favorites, instead of having to scroll down forever to find the site they want to look at. Okay, they'll have to anyhow, but that's not the point. I'm going to make my site look pretty, that's all.

Got any good, decently priced options/advice?

I've even got dinner planned. It's getting late in the evening now (6pm), so it's good it's a quick dinner---taco salad. D's been asking for it off and on.

I'm going to make up a list to make myself accountable:

Dishes (there's not many left)
Pick up clutter on floor

That's it for now. Back later.

January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - #6 - Here they are, Lotus! :-)

To learn more about Wordless Wednesday, go here.

Please comment! :-)

January 29, 2008

8 Years ago today....

It was a very sad day, indeed.

8 years ago today, roughly about the time I'm writing this (at about 2:30 in the afternoon), my friend Aimee died. She had been visiting my ex best friend, after I had gotten them back together (well, I gave each of them the other's phone number, so I guess that's helping them get back together some, right?), and was on her way to seeing her step sister. She went to turn off of one local road onto another, but didn't see an oncoming truck due to how bright the sun was, plus the fact that the snowpile at the corner probably wasn't too short, seeing as how it was the end of January and we had gotten a decent amount of snow. The hit was directly to her side of the car, the driver's side. Her younger brother was in the car with her, but he only got minor scrapes and bruises. He's 21 now, it's hard to believe. Her older brother and I graduated from high school together, I haven't seen him or his wife in forever. I haven't seen her husband (of just 6 months) since that year either. I haven't seen her mother or grandmother (who I had emailed back and forth with a bit several years back) for ages either.

I know she's looking down now and taking care of her family. It's sad that she died when she did, because so many things were coming into place for her---she had found a good steady guy, who was crazy about her, she had worked out most of her craziness by then (because boy was this girl crazy :-)), she was looking forward to moving on and making a life for herself.

She lives on. Several of her organs and tissues were donated, so people have pieces of her. Her spirit lives on---she was such a hard driving spirit, I can't imagine there being any justice in letting someone like that just be extinguished. There were several times just after she died that I still felt a connection to her, and those connections help assure me that she's in fact living on, on another plane.

There will always be 2 very special memories with her.

One day my ex best friend and I went down to her house when my ex best friend was over, because when we first moved to where my parents lived, she lived 2 houses down. We were sitting in the living room watching MTV when the video for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" came on, since it was when Wayne's World (the movie) was all the rage. She and I took one look at each other, because we were both into metal---and when the tempo picked up, we sat there and headbanged for the song. It was so awesome---there is a connected memory, at a dance, where she and I were the only girls in a circle with some guys headbanging to one song or another. But the look on my ex best friend's face at Aimee's house was just hilarious.

Then, after we had met back up just before she died, we spent New Years 2000 together. She called up and invited me, T and D over to watch the ball drop, etc, at their apartment. It was fun...she and I drove back to our apartment to pick up our vcr because they had Chasing Amy and I had always wanted to watch that movie, but they had no vcr. It was cool just sitting and talking in the car with her, then walking back a bit of a distance to their house because we couldn't for one reason or another park in front of theirs. On the way, we saw the boyfriend of one of Tom's co-workers that T and D and I had spent some time hanging out with, them and their family, and he was surprised that we knew each other. He drove cab, and I guess he had driven her around a few times.

They are just really cool memories, and I will always remember her, stopping to pause sometimes to either relive the memories we had, or to check and see what day it is and how close it is to this anniversary or her birthday.

January 28, 2008

Monday update

Wow, I'm tired. When I'm done here, it's bed time for me!

Well, one good thing that came about today---I found the camera. So we will be back in pictures soon. I've got a promise to fulfill to Sarcastic Mom! :-)

I still wish I could find that book. I mean, where in the world could it have gone? I hope it turns up soon *sigh*

I need to hit the sack...:-|

Mild Monday again...so far :-)

Today seems okay so far. The worst part is that I currently can not find a library book that I've had out since the end of December. It's The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Panley, and it's really good. I got as far as the end of techniques to teach your kid to fall asleep...there's 8, I believe...which is good because it reminded me of something I really should have remembered myself---teaching them relaxation techniques. I did one suggested in the book, but that I had also sorta met up with once when I first learned of Tai Chi. I used it last night and earlier for his nap time. He went out very quickly after I started---before I even got to his shoulders earlier! I start with his toes and work up. I've looked just about everywhere I could think of, but so far it hasn't turned up. I don't remember taking it out of the house anywhere, and I checked the bags of garbage I worked with last night (which are all now down to the dumpster, since T took care of them this morning. Finally).

The rest of today is going to be dedicated to some wash, and dishes. Otherwise, the house looks pretty good. :-)

I've still got a good cold going on here. My nose tickles, but it's just this side of sneezing. It's not draining right now, but it was earlier.

I took a break from here yesterday because I was just exhausted. I looked at my email at one point, but other than that, I spent a lot of time on the couch after returning from delivering the Penny Savers and getting D to youth group. I did start the list for tomorrow's 10 on Tuesday meme. And it's going to bleed over until Thursday! Because I had a hard time starting my list, but once I got going, I am finding a lot of things. And I find that many of them are "small" items. You'll see :-)

January 26, 2008

Bye now....If you need to get home, the drowsy designated driver is ready to leave now!

I'll try my best to keep my eyes open long enough to get us home.

I'm tired, I'm turning in now...

See you all to Hop next week! :-)

Hookin' Angelb

Blog Hoppin' - First Week, Day 2

Last night was fun (but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late).

I'm hoping to turn in earlier tonight, given that P is nestled soundly in bed (by 9:30, thank you!), and I love going to church now :-) I didn't much when I was a kid, and I wasn't born again until August or September (it's in my bible study diary thingie), but now I love it. The place might help too :-)

So, I'm equipped with my Penny Savers, my water, and about an hour before I'm serious about prepping for bed. With a lot of reading and a little writing here and there, I'm hoping to be in bed by midnight at the LATEST. Wish me luck!


My afternoon, an update

Not going to start the blog hoppin just yet, but I thought I'd sit down and regroup before I put P down to bed tonight. I'll do some blog hoppin' once he's asleep, and I'll hopefully get to bed at a decent hour :-) Tomorrow's church :-D

Vac - done
Stuff and bag Penny Savers - while Blog Hoppin'
Degarbage the futon - done
Sort and toss stuff in the fridge - I wish
More Dishes - not a chance
Sort cabinets - this coming week (along with all the dishes left to do)

I didn't just clear the futon and vac. I also picked up the floor a couple times (due to Hurricane P), and organized the area just to the right of the futon, which is a corner filled with all my crochet stuff---the boxes with all my yarn---plus some other crafting items. And I removed the bags from old undelivered Penny Savers. Also, I went through all the stuff here around the computer tower and monitor. So it looks a bit prettier. :-) I've got to talk to T about jimmying open the filing cabinet---it seems to have jammed itself. Definitely time to sort through all the folders---I've at least got everything sorted by subject/utility/bill. Maybe a new cabinet is just one more thing we'll have to get when we get our income tax refund. :-|

Off to help P calm down :-)

Updates and----Good Morning!!! :-)

Well, the watch seems to have a small hitch. 3 actually. Each time the bigger hands pass, or try to, another of the hands, they stop. Also, the watch is no longer winding. I think I'm going to have to seriously look into bringing this baby to a jeweler's. And the cover story would be easy with mom, since I've been wanting to do it for a while anyhow...it can get cleaned up and fixed if need be. It's an old watch, having it looked it wouldn't be a BAD thing. I just really hope running it through the wash hasn't completely ruined it!!!

So, I was thinking, I have no meme to do today. It's Saturday, and I only do them Tuesday thru Friday. But that's where the Weekend Blog Hoppers comes in. Cause now I have a public to cater to (ha ha), and I'll write something interesting just for them. It will all help me keep up with the commitment to Blog 365.

But, BuzzeeDad---you're evil.

SmartassticMom---you too. You don't know all of the debauchery you have put in my mind. Including inspiring me to be a lot more myself, in so many ways you will never know!

Love ya both!

Enough sentimentality.

I didn't get to bed until after 2, and I didn't fall asleep until 4 (P woke up just as I fell asleep, so I had to start myself all over again once I quickly got him settled). I'm feeling a bit off thanks to that, but now I know why. I've got a list to attack, and a sunroom to deal with as well (T looked thru his tools, so he made a bit of a mess, but at least put most of it back). As much as I can do before bed tonight I will. And I'll see about a nap during P's. But I've got to make a commitment to going to bed by 11. Just as I have to make a commitment to getting P to bed at 8. No later. If I can seriously help it, and nearly 100% of the time I can!

What else I've done with my day...

I've managed to wash 2 loads of laundry (special item coming up---praise GOD!!!), do 2 sink fulls of dishes (maybe 3 or 4 more---all pots and pans now :-S), pick up the living room after putting P to bed, put P to bed (I think if I miss the really easy 8 o'clock bedtime, then he's guaranteed to fall asleep by 10:30 if we go in after 9. Let's hope I didn't just jinx that!), finally put away the groceries, and go through several blogs while blog hopping---plus get supper excited each time I found more comments.

Remember, I'm a COMMENT WHORE and I admit it.

Let's be boring and review my list. This is more for my benefit than yours, so you can skip to my elation and praising God. It's a good thing, trust me, and you'll agree with me. :-)

more dishes - yup, 2 sink fulls
Vac - nope, tomorrow
Fold clothes in dryer - nope, but the path is clear
wash more clothes - yup
Review and pay bills - yup, 1 online (the car insurance), 2 in handwritten checks
Make dinner list - yup, but it will need some adjusting because I have the chili (dad's birthday dinner now) on the list, and that won't happen until next Friday
make up grocery list - yup
Go grocery shopping - yup. And only spend $80.06! Which for me is a good thing, since I've completed what I wanted, and got some extras (popcorn, more fruit than I anticipated, hot chocolate for the kids, etc). And I got garbage bags :-)

Tomorrow I plan to:

Stuff and bag Penny Savers (maybe when I had planned to arrange the innereds today---while Blog Hoppin')
Degarbage the futon
Sort and toss stuff in the fridge
More Dishes
Sort cabinets (this can run all weekend. Because I don't want to overwhelm myself)

I feel good that I got the washroom done. Now maybe when the landlord looks in that door, he won't see a mess...not that he has said anything before, but you know, I'm really worried about what he might say about the house when he just shows up like he's want to do (I prickle any time I see a truck like his. Dead Beat Slum Lord. Hey, that might just fit!), so I've got to start making this place look better. He doesn't violate the law, but I worry. I saw a truck that I thought was his. Might not have been, but it got my butt in gear in the washroom.

So...for the Praise.

Now, I've got to give you some backstory. When my mom thought she was on her deathbed, when she was REALLY sick, not totally with it, when she was down in Erie, she assigned certain items that she had from her parents to my sister and I. One of the things she gave me was a watch that I didn't really remember, but that she had gotten from her mom. Maybe when her dad died, since he died after, but the watch had been her mom's. My mom's mom died when mom was 18, and so I never met her, but I always wanted to. Any time I have gotten something my mom says was her mom's (there was also a wooden crochet hook, which is still around here someone, that mom said "here, this was my mom's" years and years back, when D was still little, way before mom had her knee surgery), I've always cherished it (hey, I might not know where the hook is, but I know it's safe-ish). Unfortunately, not long after I got the watch, somehow I misplaced it in one of my bags for college. A few months back---maybe August or September---it showed up in the bag I still have down here (the one with wheels went upstairs way back, and THAT'S the one I thought I had lost it in. But I had searched quite a bit through both.). Wind her up, and the watch still worked. I ended up wearing it quite a bit, and one day mom saw I was and commented that she was happy it was being used. There were a few times I had washed dishes with it on, and took it off when I realized it was still on my wrist. I'd put it on the sill right there in front of the sink. Take note: this is where I THOUGHT I had put it this last time. But, it would still work...I guess, now that I think about it, that makes sense because it's an old watch, and you wind it, not use a battery for it because it's electric.

A day or two ago, I realized I didn't have my watch on, and I forgot where I had put it. The last I remember was, like I said, I had taken it off and put it on the sill in front of the sink. Or at least taken it off while I was at the sink. But it wasn't on the sill. And it bothered me when I thought about it, because I couldn't figure out where else it would be. But I think because I was still in my funk, I didn't look hard for it.

Fast forward to about 45 minutes ago when I got up from here to put away the groceries, do that last bit of dishes, and take out my nightgown. Out falls the band, without the watch face.

Yes, I gasped just like that.

I fell to my knees, and started pawing through the rest of the clothes in the dryer, crazy to find where the rest of it was. The face thingie---the plastic bit that protects the face---it fell out next. The workings of the watch were no where that I could find in the dryer.

All the different permutations of the disarray the watch could be in ran through my mind.

The workings would all eventually fall out, a hand here, a spring there, a gear in the lining of my shorts (oh great, another tenth of a pound added to my weight when I go to weigh in on Tuesday).


"You're going to hate me, but...."

"You're going to be pissed..."

"You know how I've been wearing Grandma's watch...."

I got to the end of the load in the dryer. I sat the rest of the way down on my butt, and looked at what I had out in front of me, and the basket with the rest of the stuff. Still, the thoughts ran wildly through my mind. Mom's unimaginable reaction (really, I knew she might be mad, but then it's old and it's bound to eventually die, right? No, it's old and it's a good watch....she'd be upset.), the pieces I'd find.

I pawed through the basket, searching the few pairs of pants and shorts I have. Nothing.

Then, the heavens opened and the angels sung.

That only really happens when I pause for a moment when I walk into a library alone.

There it was.

Just the workings of the watch.

Will she still tick?

Is that a burn spot where the 2 should be?

How about at the bottom?

I wound her, and the hands started to move. But it stopped when the second hand hit the minute hand, which was pointing nearly perfectly at 12. It showed about 10:30.

I fiddled with those 2 hands, and it moved again. But stopped at the minute hand again. And I realized I had to push it back and not forwards.

And she works smoothly.

But she's in pieces...

Well, we'll figure out how to put her back together, at least I don't have to tell mom the truth awful news.

Then, I played with her a bit more....

Woo hoo!! Crisis averted. Now only I (and my blogging friends) know the truth.

But you know, I did want to bring it to a watch maker anyhow, to see if it needs any work. It's from an amazing company---look closely and you will see it's a Bulova!

I think if I play with all that a bit, I might have a great 55 Flash :-) Finally. :-D Oh, and at least around the 2, what was there is just lint from the dryer :-| Guess a lot of the old things are better than the new fangled electronics. I'll look more into this watch later, I've been meaning to anyhow.

Now, I NEED to get to bed. It's well after 1---I wonder if T will come home at his lunch break again tonight? I'll tell him about all this too. But I need to get sleep, because P insists upon pulling my butt out of bed at 8:30, sometimes 7:30. Really, he goes "mom, up." Too cute....

And remember.....I'm a COMMENT WHORE...

P says---please leave a comment for my mommy. She just won't feel like she's good enough if you don't!!! And she'll start looking just like me...

Just had to do it. He looks TOO CUTE!!! It's an old picture...he's a year older than this now...:-)

January 25, 2008

Friday's feast #6

How many times per day do you usually laugh?

Depends on a lot of things. I try to laugh often, but if I'm in a bad mood, it's out of the question. If I'm in a good mood, and sometimes even if I'm not, T can usually get me to laugh once or twice. And I love making my little boy laugh, which makes me laugh :-)

What do your sunglasses look like?

I always get photo-greys when I get new glasses---basically the element in a set of glasses that is often advertised by LensCrafters or whomever as being Transitions---so those are my sunglasses. Thus, they don't look any different from my regular eyeglasses. It's better if I just show you---See?

T on the other hand, he wears a very particular type of sunglasses. I've tried but I can't find a picture with him in them. Which is sorta odd, because I KNOW I've taken them before :-|

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?

Probably right back to where we've been before, and where we might go this summer---Colorado to visit family. And Michigan because I have family and pen pals there too. And on the way, I'd want to stop in Missouri. You guessed it, family. My side and T's. And if it's anything like the airline industry, we wouldn't have won it, we'd be able to go because T's dad works from a railroad company. :-)

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

The college, hands down. It's highly ranking, and a SUNY University. I went there. :-)

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

What a crazy question. I'd guess pink, because it looks best when the sun's setting and the sky starts turning pink and such. Remember, red at night, sailor's delight. It means we're going to have a calm night :-) Weatherwise at least!

To visit other Feasters, go here

Blog Hoppin' - My very FIRST WEEK!!! Woo hoo!!!

So I sit here as one of the (I'm sure few non-alcoholic drink totting) members of a cool new groups out, called the Weekend Blog Hoppers. I found it last night while voting for the Bloggies on behalf of Sarcastic Mom, who if you don't know is one of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers!!! :-D Of course, I didn't find it by way of her blog...it was someone else, that I know I must have voted for, really funny...anyhow, I hate to be such a meanie, but I'm not interested in searching through my bookmark folders at the moment (though I do intend to soon, and do some serious cleanup around the blog's sidebar....streamline it, what not), so I'll let you know when I find her in the kneedeep pile of bookmarks for EVERY CATEGORY I HAVE. For blogs alone I must have 10 different categories---Mom Blogs, Guys Blogs, Informational Blogs, Food Blogs, Blog Tools.

So you ask why it is that I decided I just HAAAAAAAAAAAD TO join this wandering group of drunken fools happy little band of merrimakers? When I have at least 2 memes I do on Fridays (I'm also signed up for 55 Flash Fiction, though I haven't posted yet :-( And I really badgered him too!), AND I've recently discovered that I HAVE to get to bed by 11, 11:30 at the latest? And now I'm sitting here with yet another Large Triple Triple from Tim Horton's?

Because I've come to realize---really known since I started blogging seriously---that, frankly, I'm just a.....


Now, yes, I've become a born again Christian. Yes, I should get to bed tonight before I have as hard of time as I did last night getting to sleep. Yes, a shower would feel GREAT right about now. But you know, God gives us a sky that often has many colors. And even a Christian needs to have fun. Which would you rather have, me neglecting my babies while cruising the bars, or me keeping an ear out for what's up with them while surfing the web?

And watching those comments add up


Besides, this goes on on Saturday nights too!!! So everyone I don't visit tonight (most of them), I'll visit tomorrow!!! Feel good, you'll see me soon!!!


After several trials and tribulations, both that did and didn't include the little guy, I'm finally on the computer! I came in here to get on the computer when T (FINALLY) went to bed, and it wasn't connected to the internet. Not even the cord. I found it, thought I had it plugged in right---nope, still nothing. Then I figured maybe it just needed to be restarted....tried that, it wouldn't even start. I figured I'd just wait until T got up---since he and P were sleeping, and I wanted to clean the wash room some, so I did. P got up, I did some dishes, we had lunch, he needed his little butt changed, and in the process got his pants dirty by sitting in his lunch (totally by accident, he had been sitting on the floor in front of me eating it, and got up on the couch next to me, fell off---gently, with me catching him as best I could. At least he didn't go head first. And landed in the bowl. So, everything came off. Nakkid baby running around. Jumping on the bed where his daddy slept, waking him up. I sorta mentioned something about the computer, but told him he didn't have to wake up and help me, I was fine with him sleeping until the time he had asked to get woke up so he could work on P's godfather's laptop. But I told him the problem and he told me how to fix it, and here I am. Lucky you.

Other things I want to do today:

more dishes
Fold clothes in dryer
wash more clothes
Review and pay bills
Make dinner list
make up grocery list
Go grocery shopping

Oh, that's good and doable. I'll report more later. We haven't had any more snow, so there's no reason to go out and shovel today. Dang, and I wanted to, too! Crazy, huh? BTW, let's have some fun and go over my list for yesterday:

Come up with a Thursday 13 post - done
Finish voting for the Weblog Awards - done @ nearly midnight, which kept me up until then (didn't help that with T sleeping until 8, and dinner not ready until then, I didn't get P into the bedroom for bed until after 9, and he didn't fall asleep until nearly 10:30), and I'm now anxiously waiting to see if I've been accepted into The Weekend Bloghoppers. I wouldn't barhop if I were single (well, not much anyhow), but it still looks like fun!
Dishes - some, not all
Clothes - T's are NOW all done, I've got mine and P's going thru the process now
Pick up garbage - some, I have to put garbage bags on my list
Make a grocery list (including garbage bags) - going to do soon
Figure out dinner tonight and dinner list - at least dinner, and I did Spanish Chicken and Rice from Weight Watchers. That was lunch today too.
Pay bills that need it - will do in minutes!
Spend time with kids - while D may not believe it, I did this even with her
Crochet or knit something :-) - wow, one thing I didn't do yesterday that I wanted to. But I did some today, so I'm good :-)

January 24, 2008

Late night

Okay, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed just as soon as I'm done here. But today ended up going really well. I even shoveled the driveway. 3 times. I've got to keep this up, I feel like myself again!!!

So later gator, I'll talk to you then! :-)

Thursday Thirteen - 7th edition - It's about time!

Thirteen Things I need to improve this year

I'm not one to do resolutions, but I've figured since back when it was the fad cause everyone was doing it, that I'd note things I need to improve this year. Some I've already started---last year---some are new things. Oh, who am I kidding? It's all old!

1. Flylady - I need to clue myself back into this. It covers a lot of things---I have to start doing the WHB again, I have to update and start doing my Control Journal again---I could do a whole list JUST on this!!! :-| But I won't, because there's so much more. But if you really think about it, I do...it's all the same I suppose!

2. Be a better mommy. I've fallen behind on a few things. That's the whole point of the list. I have to say, I already think I am a good mommy, as I don't let my kids starve, etc, but there are a few things I could do better on, like give the kids more individual attention, and make sure some things I haven't taken care of are taken care of. :-| I've got to work up a chain, and pin it to the back of a little guy's jacket, with some mittens attached to that. I'd really like to knit some, maybe I'll look up the patterns I've saved up here and there and do that sometime today (too).

3. Be a better wife - again, I already think I'm pretty good at this, but there are some places I can improve on. And doing #1 will help a lot, because stuff won't be on my mind anymore. I've got all this time while he's asleep to do all of it, and I can include the kids in a lot of it. So that's what I'm going to work on today. And more. Oh goodness I hope I can keep up this good mood and high energy!!!

4. Eat better - I'm already going to Weight Watchers (though, truth be told, I didn't go this week :-| I'm picking it back up starting today. It'll work itself out in the wash). I've got to get back on program. And keep the site up in my browser again, so I can keep up my food. Maybe plan what I'm going to have ahead too. Why can some people do that? Maybe because they get enough sleep every night? Or they are just BOs (Born Organizers for those not Flylady savvy!)!

5. Read my bible - I started, and I've got it bookmarked, but I've stopped. So starting tonight, I'll do this. I'm hoping to do about what I did last night, in getting both the kids to bed asap at night---him about his regular bedtime, and she went to bed just after T left. Let's see if I can do that. And work on the next one...

6. Watch LESS tv - Oh, this is a big one. It's called the Boob Tube for a reason! I wonder what they're going to start calling the computer? It's almost as bad! But, if I can get it turned off about when T gets ready for work, then we'll be all set up to get D to bed quickly, and I'll have time after he leaves for me to read my bible and have some me time. I was doing pretty good before the holidays, I can do it again!!!

7. Spend less - This is a no brainer. We spend so much frivilously. Gotta get a good coffee pot, because Tim Horton's is a big one :-(

8. Write more - not just my pen pals, who I have to be better about writing to, but my writing. I haven't written in ages!

9. Get to bed earlier - I've now definitively proven to myself, and I've known for a while, that the best time for my bed time is roughly 11pm. It allows me roughly 8 hours of sleep, as long as I get to sleep by 11:30. Which I can do, with a bedtime of 11, without playing games on anyone's cell phone :-S

10. Deplete my yarn stash - oh hush! I need to move some of this stuff out so it makes me feel better to move more in! So I can make things like dishcloths. And socks with my new sock pattern book and needles (which I really didn't need because I have enough patterns and needles, but who cares, right?).

11. Spend less time on the computer and more with my family - Oh, but you all thought you were my family? Sure, my internet family. But the one here at home is more important. That's why I put more time with them twice (and soon it might be thrice!).

12. Keep up with all other writing and fb related stuff - I've been doing better with writing people, but every time I hit a crazy slump, you can forget it. Like now, which means I have to pull myself out of it again, and finish the letter I started, and write others. :-| And send the ones I've finished.

13. Keep down the clutter - part of #1, for sure, but it needs to be said. Don'tcha just love garbage bags?

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Big duh, dippy dippy!

Well I've figured out part of what will make me feel better....

Getting a good night's sleep. I feel TOTALLY on my game. And I didn't need any sleeping pills or anything (we know those can be deadly---oh, see, here I'm making a cultural reference [see my "Say it isn't so" post on Tuesday], see how with it I am?), I just needed to hit the pillow before 11pm, and fall asleep before 11:30. I really need to do this more often, I feel great. And the cup of coffee has little to do with it---I was rather awake before that, the coffee's just a recreational treat. Hmm...I'm doing stuff recreationally. Not good. But now I'm thinking about all the things I need to get done....

clothes---hey, I've already got 2 loads in---one's in the dryer now, and needs to be taken out, the other's in the washer and needs to be put in, and there's also the load that I folded, so I guess that's actually 3 I've dealt with.

I'm going to be putting the little guy down for a nap shortly, and then we'll see where we go. I have to soon, because it's almost 1 and he sleeps really well the earlier I get him down. Yesterday it didn't help, because we got real comfortable after he fell asleep, so I sorta dislodged him when I got up---almost had the same when he went down for bed, but somehow he managed to stay, after some shushing and D telling me to leave him alone. Sometimes mommy just needs to remember that. Anyhow, he's going down a lot easier because he is staying rather busy and even though the tv's on even now, he's not WATCHING it. Neither am I, I'm barely listening to it. But I should change the channel, not sure what to because DIY isn't doing their usual line up (at least yesterday they didn't---I like Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads), so I might change it to the Christian Music station.

Anyhow, I've got other things I'd like to do, and it looks like I might actually get them done. Here's my complete list:

Come up with a Thursday 13 post
Finish voting for the Weblog Awards
Pick up garbage
Make a grocery list (including garbage bags)
Figure out dinner tonight and dinner list (will probably do Spanish Chicken and Rice)
Pay bills that need it (might move the electric bill to next month [it's really small], and pay just the car insurance, phone bill with the local phone company who is no longer our provider but I have to pay it so it doesn't hit our credit report, and the kid's dentist so they can have their dentist appointment next month. Or when the office calls with a cancellation again. Gotta get the kids to brush their teeth more often again.)
Spend time with kids
Crochet or knit something :-)

I've got to alternate my computer time with my housework time. Right now I have to answer the call of the coffee going through me! :-S

P.S. Go vote for my friend, Lotus on Sarcastic Mom---she's sweet and so awesome, and I'm voting for her!!! She's up for Best New Blog, you'll have to scroll down to the bottom!

January 22, 2008

10 on Tuesday #6

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things That Were Better “Way Back When”

Tell me what things WEREN'T better "Way Back When"---back before we had responsiblites, before we had kids, before we had ages in the double digits...it was all better back then, because we were still kids.... (P.S. Way Back When=the 80's and 90's)

1. And being kids way back when was better. We had no idea there were molesters (even though there were and many people knew it very well. I wasn't one, but it breaks my heart to know there ever were), or that people were killed because of the sick twisted appetites of others, or that the world was going to start collapsing on us.

2. Because tv was better then. Do you remember "The Brady Bunch"? Okay, bad example, I was never a fan---but how about Saved By The Bell? You know, I happened to watch a movie this weekend with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, where he played a really bad guy---sort of a subtle one. Like those molesters we didn't know anything about back in #1. Back before Screech thought it was funny and cool to make a porn video. I mean, did you SEE him on Celebrity Weight Loss? What an A$$!!! I could not believe it was him---either of them, Screech on that Celebrity Weight Loss show, and Zach in that movie. Part of me was like "that's sweet and innocent Screech!" And "Wow, it's hottie sweet and innocent Zach. What Happened?!?!?!?"

3. Movies were better. And many of the ideas were still original. They're starting to do remakes of many movies in the 80's and 90's. Like they're classics!?!?!?!?! I'm NOT that old yet!!! And the "original" idea of Romeo And Juliet, with Claire Daines and Leonardo! :-S

4. Music....oh baby. Back when the members of Warrant were still young? I saw Janie Lane on that Celebrity Weight Loss show a few seasons ago (you understand, I don't watch that religiously like Biggest Loser, but still...I've noticed these things!). When the Crue was still together---and they hadn't all washed out or near death from all the drugs they were shooting themselves up with. And when Garth Brooks was just starting out....Man, the memories!!! :-P Oh, and P.S.---I'm not 40 yet, how is my music then CLASSIC?????

5. Movie stars. When all the good ones---Vincent D'Onofrio, Leonardo, Tom Cruise (back when he didn't turn my stomach), Tom Hanks---when they were young and fresh, and some were just at the start of their game, if not in the best of it! And the Coreys...back when I could still lust after them! :-S

6. Money. It went further. My mom might have complained, but her dollar went further, for the house, car, utilities and groceries. Now we all have to choose. And back then THEY worried about it, not ME.

7. Weather. Back then, when it was supposed to snow, it snowed. When it was the season for rain, it rained. When it was time to be warm and comfortable, it was warm and comfortable. None of this getting warm at the beginning of January. What's WITH that??? I'm so happy it's snowing again. Even though I get stressed when we slip and slide, but at least it's the weather the calendar says we're supposed to have!

8. Food. Food's great now, and I like trying and making new and different things, but it just doesn't taste like it should anymore. And I didn't have to make it.

9. Household chores. It seems it was always so much easier to do them back then. I guess it's because I have less cooperation than my mom ever had. Lucky her.

10. Weight monitoring. I got my butt out of the house---every day. What happened? I don't know, but I don't feel great about my weight this week. I'm not even going to tonight's meeting! I'll find one tomorrow...I think I already have one :-S

To see other's 10 on Tuesday entries, go here

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to next week's list---10 thing you'd do with a million $'s! What an awesome song---If I Had A Million Dollars...by Barenaked Ladies! :-D

Say it isn't so!

The biggest shock of the evening---Heath Ledger is WHAT???

He's freakin' DEAD???

Hot dang!

I feel most sorry for his little girl!

Tuesday's Challenge

I've decided I'm going to do my best to just bust through whatever it is that's making me feel so bad. I've considered carbon monoxide poisoning or something, considering I DO feel a bit better when I leave, and I feel worse at one end of the couch than the other, but we've got a CO detector, and if there was something wrong, it would be screaming, right? It's not. It did last year (and from the gas company came in to check around), but it's not now. So, I think I'm just suffering from an extra long cold or a touch of the flu. It's not like I can go to the doc and get checked for it anyhow. It would cost me $300 just to think about it.

Speaking of which, T mentioned that the government/Bush is thinking of another tax refund thing this year, and we'd get roughly $1600 from it. Well, I think it's stupid---give us the break with the taxes we give them every day, not some large chunk that's probably really not in the budget. I mean, if you think our money situation is bad---look at the government. And who's calling them asking for their money? No one can touch them, and they do way worse than any citizen.

Anyhow, I'm going to suggest to T that we use that for the bills we owe on. We should have something left over---maybe enough for a lunch or something. He's thinking about going out to Colorado to visit again this year (prompted by his brother asking me if we were coming out, and telling me to talk to him about it. I told him up front I don't want to go, due in part to the fact that I don't want to have to deal with his grandma :( Not my idea of FUN and that's what a vacation's supposed to be!!!). We could work around that too, but I really want to start thinking about our long term, and start paying things off so maybe one day we CAN get a house! :-| We'll see :-|

So, I've done some dishes already, picked up the floor a bit, and rearranged the stuff on the futon a bit. I've also removed the clothes that were there, and I plan on folding them. Then picking up all the clothes around the house (namely in our bedroom and the bathroom), and poking and prodding the washer to see if the pipes have thawed yet :-|

January 21, 2008


That's pretty much how I've been feeling all weekend. And before that some too, which is why I haven't been fulfilling the Blog365 requirement :-| I don't know what it is, my head hurts some still (as in I often feel like there's cotton up there), parts of me still hurt like the time for my period, I have no motivation to get this place done, all I seem to want to do is sit and crochet or knit. Okay, there's nothing really wrong with that, as this means all I've got left on Rosa's afghan and pillow are to weave in ends. I guess this is going to be shorter than I thought.

I just pray every night that things will be better in the morning, that I will feel up to cleaning this house and doing wash and everything in the morning. :-(

And I'm solid on the fact that I'm going to bed SOON tonight!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!!

January 18, 2008

Friday's Feast #5

What is your favorite beverage?

Raspberry Tea, but lately I've been drinking a LOT of coffee....I guess once I went back to it, I really hit that one hard!

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.

The computer tower, printer and monitor. Oh, you mean other than that? Papers, a can we put loose change in, and all my office supplies. It's a very full desk :-|

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?

An 8. The 2 points I deduct are because with certain people I leave stuff out. And sometimes there's a lot of things I leave out. But I try very hard not to lie. It's a commandment after all, right?

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?

This is a hard one. I think it would be the town one over from ours. It's got another name they've been thinking of calling it, and it's actually on a lot of their signs. I'm not sure why it's not called that, or why it's called what it is, but I think the name they've been throwing around changing it to is much prettier, and might give people a better image of this area. :-)

What stresses you out? What calms you down?

Oh my, the list of what stresses me out is too long to really go through. But I'll give you the highlights---money, the house being a mess so often, my weight, money, my weight, the house....yeah, that about covers it. I mean, if you're a regular reader, you really should already know all this....throw in how I am as a mom...I'm not going to be perfect, but sometimes I'm really scared that I might get even a bit close to the really bad ones. I don't really think so, on one level or another, but I'm still scared. I guess it's a good thing to worry about that, huh?

As for what calms me---3 things are big for me. (1)My hobbies, especially crocheting or knitting (I just LOVE to see things "grow" from my fingers). (2)Cuddling up to T. From the day we fell in love, I've always felt that when I'm in his arms, the whole world disappears, and it's just us. If I'm thinking about something or worried about it, being wrapped up in his arms clears it out of my head for a while. Like a whole bunch of white noise in the background. (3)This is kind of a new thing, but I've noticed I feel very refreshed after---going to church. I need to put in more times when I'm at home of just me and God, but you can't deny the fact that concentrating on Him just makes things better. And if you REALLY think about it, all 3 things are the same thing---crocheting and knitting (or creating, period) are all God-given gifts to express myself and honor Him. And T is the one God gave me to be my one flesh partner---my one and only. So, it's all the same, isn't it? :-) Good thing....good thing! :-D It's amazing to stop and think how He's been at work inside me and in my life even when I wasn't focusing on Him! And I guess it's not really new....

Finally Friday.

And I feel pretty good! :-) I didn't get to sleep as quickly as I wanted to, since after I got done with yesterday's post we still had to wait a bit for pizza and wings (it's been a LONG time since we had that, T was wanting some, so we just had some :-|), and I couldn't get P down until after that....so he was still up at 10. I'm working so hard on getting him down at a decent hour (8 or so), but this is just a little bump in the road :-) It's okay, tonight WILL be better!!!

Hmm...since I sat down and my daughter has come home, I've started feeling low again. I should get up soon and start cleaning soon, or else I'll lose the hope I had when I left the room after putting P down for his nap.

Well, after I finish the letter I'm writing to one of my new pen pals (long hand---love to do it that way :-)), and I fill out a Friday's Feast, then I will get to cleaning around here, because I've gotten myself back to the state where I want to do it. Just by thinking. Wow, I must be feeling better if I can do all that---multitask, and not feel bad for long because I force myself not to. Sometimes it doesn't always work!

January 17, 2008

Thursday already?

Dang, looks like I'm not going to be posting a TT. :-|

I haven't been feeling well the last few days, and I've even missed a couple days on here I've felt so bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and I'll be able to get a Friday's Feast out. I'm getting really sick of these months of one or (if I'm lucky) two good weeks! :-(

I'm going to bed just as soon as I get P down! :-(

January 14, 2008

Mild Monday....

Though if you were to look outside you might not think so, LOL! We've finally got snow again, woo hoo! I'm happy, because I like snow during winter. :-) It's really good snowman snow, but unfortunately the kids didn't go out to make one because we weren't home long enough during daylight hours. I went and cashed that check from mom, and spent some of it.

I was right on target on one of the things that didn't help my mood yesterday.

At least I'm getting something up now, because I really don't feel like writing much more beyond this. But I want to keep up the blogging every day, so here you go!


January 13, 2008

Sunday starts a new week

Unfortunately, I'm still recovering from the last one. As is not unexpected, I'm feeling low after this weekend's adventures. I'm still working on the praying thing---but with all my eating (insert eye roll here) and possibly the onset of my period causing problems with my chemistry and making my head hurt more than it should after having caffeine, I'm on a major let down. The thoughts (not unhelped by my mom's whispers in my ear) of what kind of a parent I am (or what kind I guilt myself into thinking I am) start up. I realize I'm actually a really good mom---I've got great, reasonably obedient kids, smart kids, sweet kids. They know how much they are loved. :-) But that doesn't mean I feel all that much better about my parenting all the time. :-( I need to go to bed soon, I think a good night's sleep will do me good. I wanted to go to bed even earlier than this (I'm going to be able to get to bed before midnight---not that I couldn't before, but this time I'm going to make it, I swear!), but at least I'm going to get to bed at a decent hour, right?

My ankles and half of my lower body hurts from delivering the papers. We got them done slightly different than usual, but we got them done. And that's all that matters.

My plan for this week, notably tomorrow, is to get that check cashed, vacuum the floor, do some dishes and do some clothes. I hope I can get it done, and declutter some around here too.

Good news, I finished the main body of Rosa's afghan. I just have to weave in all the end. Now I'm starting to work on the pillow :-)

Okay, done. :-)

January 12, 2008

Yet another set of reasons to praise God

Today was a crazy day. It started out fairly normal, getting up later than usual because D and T watched P for about 2 hours after he woke up. Then I got up and worked on Rosa's afghan some, then got ready to go see my mom, because she had told me she had something for me waiting in her room. I had no idea what it would be, but I decided I'd go find out today.

While I was sitting here for pretty much the only time I would be at the computer all day, my dad called. They have one of those turbine thingies you see spinning on top of people's roof, and the top part that spins had come off with our wind storm last night. He asked if T would go up and do something about it---my dad was figuring he would go into the upper attic, that my parents have never used, because that was the best access to it without going on the roof, and my dad figured T could put up some wood or something. T ended up going up on the roof, twice, and putting a tarp up there, covering the thing. During part of that I was outside and the kids were in.

Well, while I was, P got ahold of 3 bottles of my dad's meds. Only Ibuprofen, Naproxen and a diuretic. We have no idea if he took any, but I called my mom because I figured we'd be going, then I called the hospital who put me through to poison control, who said there was nothing I could do to help counter effect the stuff before we got there, so off we went.

They really did nothing, other than count the pills in the bottle, and put leads on him to keep track of his little heart, etc. They figured in part from us and in part from the number of pills, he probably didn't take any. I certainly hope so!

And last night, while it's not a real big thing, it was big to me then---D's Girl Scout troop was an hour late getting home. It's not so bad because they did get home, but before they get home you don't know what's up. Ya know?

So, you might ask why it is that I call the triple threat to my family here a reason to praise God. I hope you don't think I'm a glutton for punishment. Or that I'm a sadomasachist. Heck, I don't even think I'm all that paranoid (though that can creep in from time to time.).

No, I'm not going to take it when others decide how my life is going to go. And I don't ENJOY the pain, or the fact that, yes, sometimes it's a result of my own mistakes. I can't imagine who would be out to get me---I look at my God as a loving God, who allows some things to happen so that we LEARN from them (and because we all got together and wrote it into our charts).

So, what do I think I can learn from this? That God is always there. Even when it was just me and P in the room---or the car, because I felt it when alone with him then too---I didn't really feel as if we were alone. I prayed, somewhere deep down inside or just in my head, at one point in time or another during all of the events. I know he got us through each of these things, and he would have gotten us through all of them no matter what the outcome of any of them was!

And if you read this far and still remembered there was a reason for me to stop and see my mom today---she had a check for me. For labor for making the roses. I told her all the money I was looking to get from it was to replenish my supplies that I didn't have on hand when I started making the stuff. Heck, I didn't even worry about the money I spent getting the green thread (because I like to make sure I have all of one color on one ball before I make threaded items, and I was able to find a good sided green one for cheap at one point). It doesn't come out to much per flower, but she wanted to do something. :-| Part of that money is going to go towards the biz, part is going to be some yarn money for me :-) Maybe some stationery too.

And of course things never end. I left the Penny Saver garage with 3 bundles of circulars to insert into the Penny Savers---I can only find 2. And this one was distinctive, because it had the slip about the house that I have to stop delivering to!

Oh well, bed time. Hope your day was better! :-)

January 11, 2008

Friday's Feast #4

What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

Anne. I used to play around with other names to be called when I was in high school, the most notable being Cheri. I'm no longer interested in that, I like my name. Especially since now my first and last name rhyme!

If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

Considering I'm a fiber artist, I'd use a lot of hand crocheted or knitted objects, first off. But I also like to sew, so flannel or fleece might be what I use a lot of, and some cotton as well. If I want to be fancy or sexy, I might go with silky, draping fabrics. I know no matter how fat I am, I'd have my styles leave a LOT more to the imagination---lots of the clothes I see are no bigger than postage stamps and/or a transparent as a sandwich bag!!! :-(

What is your least favorite chore, and why?

Dishes. It gets redundant, and they collect up way too quick. Besides, I don't really like standing there, trying to keep P out of trouble, and getting my belly all wet. But I like vacuuming!

Hey, if you'll come over and do my dishes, I'll come over and vacuum your floor!

Main Course
What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

I'd have to say losing my family. There's no one thing in my life I can trace it back to---I've never had problems in my life that would result intervention by governmental authorities. T's been in foster care, but my parents have been married for 33 years, and have always been good law abiding citizens. T's foster care visit had something to do with a custody battle or some such. Though you could probably say that my mom hasn't helped in this area, because she has put the fear of God in me about my house being "too dirty" (it's never been REALLY bad) or all the shows and such focusing on horrible parents getting their kids taken from them. My mom isn't so much a guilt monger as she's a paranoia spreader (don't tell her I said that!)

Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

Well, duh, in front of my computer in the computer room. I can see (1) my son playing in the area at the bottom of our stairs, which I've recently organized well enough that he can play in there, and he can hide because we put up a curtain just before Christmas to hide the mess that was there (why is it that as soon as you do someting like that, you manage to be able to clean it up??). (2)T is sleeping in the living room, his head on the end of the couch that is right in line between the door from the computer room into the living room and D's room into the living room. (3)If the curtain is not spread out (like now, because P's been playing with it, has it sorta wound around itself, and he just put it so it will stay), and with the bit of space in the window on that area, I can actually see outside. I see the roof of the back room of the house next door (what they use that room for I have no idea), and the trees in their yard, between their fence and the driveway.

A mile past stupidity - or Another reason to praise God

Today was pretty much our usual Friday routine, except for one small bit. And I really believe (and believed as I sat there) that it was actually one of the BEST parts of my day personally (my husband wouldn't TOTALLY agree, but I know within it, I got one of my prayers answered.

As with many other Fridays, T asked me if I wanted to go for a drive with him, which basically means that with the money he's got from his portion of his paycheck, he's got a few things he wants to go get or take care of, this on the days he didn't cash the check at one of our local grocery stores. Even though I had things I needed and wanted to do (like the last 4 rows of Rosa's afghan), I said sure. I can't pass up a chance to have time just me and him (and P), and to spend his money (hee hee). Besides, due to how he set the withholding from his check and how much he worked last week, he didn't have a small paycheck---it wasn't as big as with the time he worked on Christmas, but it was still good sized, and I happen to know he's got money left over even now.

So, off we went to cash his check, pay the cable (and phone and internet) bill, stop at WalMart for a few things, then off to drop off some money so the EZ-Pass is taken care of (one more trip up the thruway would cause them to take $25 more out of our bank account, and this was that trip), then we headed up to the reservation to get some gas.

Only problem with that was that unlike most of the other times, when the gas tank started dinging to let us know it was nearly completely empty, we (read: T) drove around town on it without even putting a little bit in it. I'm sure I'm in part to blame too...T said he did blame me because just before we got on the thruway, he asked me if I thought we'd be able to make it up the 30 miles on the thruway. Most of the time we are....

But not this time. The GREAT thing about it is that we weren't even 1 mile from the off ramp, and we have a small gas can in the trunk. We've had that thing for YEARS. It was obvious that T was going to be the one to walk that mile, then another mile, but I can't tell you exactly why. He can walk much faster than me a lot of the time, and I'm sure P would have loved to stay with his dad (who would have let him out to play instead of insisting he stay in the car seat). But, T set out in the slight cold and dampness/rain, and I sat in the car.

I was amazingly patient, if you ask me. I would often, in past times, be flipping out a bit...I've always known I'm one who is big on keeping control of the situation. In fact, I'm a bit surprised that before we got on the thruway I said "no I think we'll be fine" even with knowing how much we had driven around, instead of "you know, just to be sure stop and get a gallon or so."

But I thought for a few minutes while I was first sitting there, and I realized that I had a great opportunity to take some time just me and God (and P), and do some talking. It would have been nice to think about other things, but I think I got some practice in praying either way.

I was rather specific in my prayers. First, I thought about it, took account of how far we were and how much time it might take to walk that distance and back. I figured that if he returned before noon, I'd be surprised. We got on the onramp at just about 11am. Then I told God I knew he was with us, and that I can depend on Him, and that He will get us through this.

Then I started on a small repetitive prayer---take care of T, me and P, and get T a ride! I remained rather calm---in fact, if you had looked in the car while I was sitting there, you would have thought I thought I didn't have a care in the world. I just sat there, knitting and praying to myself, trying to keep P calm by pointing out all the semis that drove by while we were waiting. He got a large board book for Christmas from my parents with 3 books in 1, and big trucks of all kinds are in there, plus trains and emergency vehicles.

I was extremely surprised---T showed up at just before 11:40---and he had gotten a ride from some one in a red car. T said the guy was up from Pennsylvania, had seen someone who he thought was walking with a gas can already, but when he got back around to that person, he found they were just walking. Then eventually he saw T, and he was the 3rd or 4th car after T said "boy, it would be nice if someone stopped and gave me a ride about now." :-|

January 10, 2008

Ending Thursday on a GOOD note

There are some lower points, but I'd have to say that my day has ended decently. I did some grocery shopping, and spend nearly all I had left (it's amazing I didn't pass out at the register, but that's in part because there IS some money held aside still, enough that I can do what I want for the offering at church, and also there seems to be a nearly $80 difference between when my checkbook says is out and what the computer [when I try to balance my checkbook and keep it in line with the bank, using my online access to my account] says is in the bank---in my FAVOR mind you. If it wasn't, then the money would NOT have been spent. I mean, can my math be THAT bad??? I don't know what it is...:-S I know what you're going to say---but it's a GOOD thing, right? I'm not going to use it though! Or I'm going to try not to---oh well, Feb's a 5 paycheck month---in that there are 5 Thursdays this month, and that's the day the money hits the bank account each week, so that's when I consider payday. Most of the time there's also 5 Wednesdays and sometimes 5 Fridays :-) But Thursdays are my money days, and that's all that matters!!!---anyhow, so I won't have to worry too much about the other bill I was going to pay this week, because I can do it next week or the week after. :-) Yes, I have a rough outline of when things will be paid! My math must really be bad, when I do the subtraction in my head!).

I finished clearing off the futon, now the only things on it are the bag of garbage, the basket of towels, etc, that I need to fold (dishes and clothes are my big thing tomorrow, which will be good because I'm working on being on my feet as much as I possibly can while P's up and getting into everything), the quilt (made by my husband's step mom) and the blankets and pillows I normally keep there. I'm nearly done putting away everything that's just sitting on top of my craft boxes in the corner, I've gone through the drawer sitting here that was the paper stuff in the box that had been on the futon, I've put my 2 (yes 2) empty boxes at the bottom of the stairs---on top of everything, and I'm just a bit worried about everything falling, but another trip upstairs to put things away is in order. Just gotta find a way to do it that I don't have to worry about the possible heart attack I'll get worrying about P following me up. Yesterday was NOT happy for me because of that, and T disagreeing with me on not wanting him up. I'm sorry, but that sort of thing just scares the DICKENS out of me---my worst fear is my babies falling and hurting themselves from a high spot. And I wanted a boy this time :-|

I figured out while making my dinner and grocery lists that I'm SICK OF TOMATO BASED MEALS. I'm going to have to scour my foodie blogs to see what I can come up with for different ideas. Got any suggestions? Hmm....to bring more attention to my blog, I think I might come up with a contest for that. I think I know a few people who might go and help me promote it! :-) Second runner up for sick of meals is pasta, but that's actually good. Sometimes you can have pasta without red sauce! I love making this meal I had on our date for our 11th anniversary---it had penne, tomatoes (but not a red sauce), onions, olive oil and parmesan cheese. I omit the tomatoes most of the time I make it (as I don't often have fresh ones, and I tend to prefer grape or cherry tomatoes, when I do), but I like it a lot, especially the onions. I LOVE onions!!! I don't much like some kinds cooked, but I'd have sauted onions sauted in onions, with a side of sauted onions, but hold the onion juice, LOL!

P went down fairly easily tonight---little fuss, little disagreement. Wow, I am just LOVING watching this little guy grow. Even the times when I'm wanting to pull my hair out (maybe something a little less self-mutilation related, but I'd never) and/or cry because he's just being himself into EVERYTHING. Such a typical little boy. I think he's feeling better, getting over his cold, because he's so much back into himself again---you know, Hurricane P. :-) My baby boy....

Thursday Thirteen - 6th edition - A Personal Look Back

Thirteen Things I'd Write in a Letter To Me

Prompted in part by Brad Paisley's "Letter To Me" Definitive Age Ranges Included!

1. 11 - 18 - Forget about boys and study hard! "The one" will come, and SOON - none of the rest are really worth it!

2. 11 - 18 - Until Further Notice - Mom and Dad are ALWAYS RIGHT!

3. 11 - 18 (-Forever) - Always Brush your teeth!

4. 12 - Take Spanish, not French. You never use it like you think you will, and Spanish makes more sense---in all of the United States!!

5. 13 & 18 - Never lose your faith in God and Jesus. No Matter What ANYONE says! NO ONE! YOUR faith and true faith have NOTHING to do with other people's failures or fallacies. That's just between YOU and GOD!

6. 16 - Short and Sweet - January. Look DOWN when you walk. It will always be there otherwise!

7. 17 - Forget about Ju (our fave Taurus friend if you need more of a hint). You can talk to AJ again, but Ju has already proved herself untrustworthy (remember 8th grade and Sean?), but being friends again doesn't end well, trust me! I'll remind you again later.

8. 17 - Adam's NOT WORTH IT. Reference #1.

9. 20 - 23 - Only YOU define your LABEL. Maybe you can give others something to think about!

10. 20 - Forever - Again, BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

11. 20 - NEVER and I do mean


take Depo Provera. This doesn't end well either. You can LEARN to remember to take a pill every day. Anyhow, baby #2 isn't *supposed* to come for 9 years!

12. 22/23 - Again, forget about Ju. It WON'T END WELL. Just say "hi, how ya doin'" and "Bye!"

13. 26 - For once mom's REALLY wrong. Think FRIDGE!

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January 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - #6 - This shouldn't happen (like this) mid - January

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The rest of my Wednesday....

For anyone that cares---the Wordless Wednesday picture is that of water splashing up over the railings along the walkway at a local park on the shores of Lake Erie. We live within 5 miles of Lake Erie :-) My husband loves to take pictures of such things. I say it shouldn't happen in mid-January like that because it was unseasonably warm for about 3 days, and the water that splashes up like that (as it's wont to do on such a windy day---we had wind advisories for all over the Western New York area) SHOULD BE FREEZING NOT JUST FLYING UP IN THE AIR AND LANDING BACK ON THE GROUND! T also had a few pictures of the water on the car, through the windows and windshield. I think it looks pretty when it freezes on the railings, and also there where it was flying up, period :-) But then I'm crazy and I just LOVE our area :-) T's taken pictures of it freezing before, I'm just not too sure which memory card they are on or where said memory cards are! :-|

The rest of the day has prompted me into some introspection. I won't be on here much longer, and I really hope to hold to not taking much longer getting to bed. P was quite a handful today. But I don't think it was all him, some of my problem (a lot of it) was how I reacted to it and how fit I am right now. I'm dragging tail a lot. And not just because I've been sick. I guess it really started when I began eating all that garbage, and went terribly off program. I've just got to give the kid some running room. And he hasn't been out of the house for "play groups" much these last couple weeks, just right before Christmas, and church just before New Years Eve. But that's not much, and he wasn't feeling well then. I think he's missing MOPS and all that. And he'll probably be staying 2 services worth real soon here so mommy can go to the classes the church is having for the Foundations of Harvest. I need to get going. But I'm going to ask some friends to do some praying for me! :-| I need it!!!

I hope to have the Thursday 13 up tomorrow, not sure when though. Hopefully not too late :-|

Too many :-|'s around here :-P

Wednesday afternoon....

No one commented on my beautiful little boy's face. :-| Oh well, that's what you get for being late.

So, I'm going to do some selfless promoting. Not for myself, but for my wonderful friend, Lotus, over on Sarcastic Mom. She's nominated for like 3 or 4 different categories on the blogger's choice awards. Go to her page so you can see the content, then vote for her through her brag badges.

Okay, now do it.


Tell me, though, how does someone get "worst blog of all time"? It's on there. I'm afraid that I might be in the running....I'll look, but I hope you don't think my blog is that bad. I'm just trying to be real here. So's she, it looks, but I could do without the posting of Flylady's first 31 Baby Steps. I mean, is that legal? Right? Moral? Did she get permission from FlyLady to DO that?

P. S. Lotus ROCKS!!!!


(If I find someone who's not in competition with people I have already voted for, I'll let you know!)

January 08, 2008

10 on Tuesday #5

10 best photos of 2007
I had the 10 best moments, but the 10 best photos is better and way more fun! I won't often post pictures of my family (that's saved for such "securable" places as myspace or Facebook, where I can let only certain people see stuff), but these are some real treats! Most are taken by my husband!


I took this one---it's the afghan I made for Sam, a resident at the Home my mom's at who has befriended P. :-)

2.This actually features another one of my projects, because those are the costumes I made for both my kids. He's a Fruity Tootsie Roll that just DIDN'T like his wrapper, and I made a "cloak" and tie for D for being Hermionie. :-)


Little guy playing with his ball out in the parking area in the back. The best place for the kids to play is actually a paved area where cars are often going by, some really fast (so much so I have yelled at the drivers before!). Now you know why I want a big yard (again, the place before here had one, and because they turned it into student housing, they paved it for parking :-P).

Daddy's half asleep, but you gotta love the little guy hamming it up for the camera!!!

He might be a little devil (or Hurricane, as that's his nickname), but you gotta LOVE that smile!!! I think his shirt is very appropriate for him!!!


There's nothing like a Lake Erie sunset! T took this while his brother was here :-)

7.T's always loved taking pictures of fires at night. This was the fire pit while we were camping with his brother, probably the same day as the sunset.

8.A DOUBLE tigerlily. Found on one of the trails in the same park as we camped at

My 2 babies. You gotta love how much they love each other (when refrains of the ever popular "leave me alone" or "mom, he's getting into my stuff" aren't playing). They're going to be great friends when they're older. This is one of his FAVORITE toys :-D


Too cute. He fell asleep on the couch, and managed to get himself in this position. I suppose, he was comfortable! I'm not sure what spilled on the pillow though. Some things around here :-|

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Things are....

Somewhat better now, thanks for asking. I am working very hard to pull myself up and out of not feeling well, so I can work on the mess that seems to have invaded my home. :-( I've done yet another sink of dishes, I've put away the rest of the clothes that I folded yesterday, gathered up a bag of garbage from the futon, gathered up more clothes that will soon be heading into the washroom to get washed, got D's blankets OUT of my living room (they had been in our bedroom, and yesterday afternoon I threw them out of our room and told her to take care of them), and worked on one more letter.

All while working on keeping a little boy from burning the house down. Okay, he didn't put anything into outlets that don't belong there (I've got to keep him from playing with cords half the time too :-(...ugh!) (he didn't play with any cords this time though), but he was acting up like one would not believe. His nickname isn't Hurricane P for nothing! He did a few PURPOSEFUL headers off the end of the couch, climbed up on the pile of clothes that I've gathered, wouldn't sit and play with his blocks even though I asked him several times...I've got to get him to understand to KEEP the PullUps on until we've gotten to the changing table, no matter if he's wet or dirty. I've got to find a way to transfer his understanding of waste producing movements from taking care of them after to going to the bathroom to do them in the right place. I KNOW he knows what the bathroom is for, not just for baths, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it! When I've figured it out...I'll let you know.

On the online front, besides having fun with all of this blogging and finding friends on Blog365 (see badge to your right), my WNY_C co-owner and I got a rather unsavory invite to an "adult content" group yesterday. Now, I'm the least prudish person I know (really, if you knew some of the things T's co-workers know I've done for him---things that only belong between 2 consenting adults...I'm surprised they don't think I'm a W or something---but then it IS within the confines of a marriage, so...), but I'm not going to join a group like that without looking for it myself. Heck, if the person had just approached it in a different manner, I wouldn't have been so insulted. I'm concerned that they have used our group to troll for members to their group, and have done just as they have with us, and sent this invite to EVERYONE.

Okay, I've got to do 10 on Tuesday now...

January 07, 2008

Something of a day...

You should be happy for me, or think I'm crazy. I still don't feel up to par, but I did make an attempt at improving on my heck-hole of a house! I folded some clothes. And even washed some dishes. What's more, I WALKED DOWNTOWN. Hey, I HAD to go to the post office, I had to get the rent out, and send off some letters to my pen pals!!! And it's crazy, but the weather in WNY is in the 60's. What the heck? Hello, Mother Nature, it's January!!! You're nearly the furthest from the sun that you'll be in a while!!! :-( I want my snow back. And you can think I'm crazy for that fact alone. But I'm a WNY girl, and I love my snow!

So anyhow. I had a few random thoughts today.

For one, I'm pondering coming up with an award of my own. It'll be fun, and maybe something others can do for their friends. I already know the first recipients. I HAD to write it down while we were walking back home (when I thought about it) so T gave me an odd look for holding back. Ah well, the mom of the girl we had with us had her chance to keep her from coming with. Not that I wanted her over at the house to begin with!!!

The other, I think I'm learning something about putting the little guy to bed. Other than one thing, I should just lay there with him until he falls asleep. Good heavens, half the time he was pushing me away some. I guess mommy just doesn't get the hint! So we will do our best to leave him be for the majority of his bedtime ritual in bed. Lots of hugs and kisses beforehand, then hands off!!! The eye stroking thing just doesn't always work!

Okay, I'm a sick person, so it's time to go to bed.

I'm sure you'd like to send me to the insane asylum first though.

I wonder what my Wordless Wednesday's going to be this week. And the next thing you see should be a 10 on Tuesday.

Okay, bye!

Monday's the beginning of a new week...

I still don't feel totally up to par, but there are several things I MUST get done today. Among them a trip to the post office, and maybe one to the bank to pick up a new check register. The old one's more than full.

Also, I'm working to take a stab at cleaning up this house. I've already gathered up some garbage (which joined the growing pile on the futon, ugh), and some clothes from the bathroom. I've filled the kitchen sink to do some dishes, but chances are pretty good that's already all drained out. I folded the clothes that were in that really big box, though I didn't put them all away yet (the towels are back in the box waiting, as well as T's clothes that had been in the mix.). I want to attack the floor more, and the stuff on the futon. And start sorting stuff on out of the house. But I will try hard not to over tax myself, and just get what I can done. I'm already looking forward to the next dose of ibuprophen, and it's going to be time to put P down for his nap SOON. I haven't heard him cough in a while. I'm going to see how his new meds work for him, and keep consistent with it so I know it's REALLY working. He needs another dose too.

But I'm happy because I'm making an attempt!

Later gator!

January 06, 2008

Just can't win

I felt GREAT yesterday, but then I stayed up until nearly 2, and had a bunch of candy (hey, the big Christmas colored gum drops at the grocery store were just 27¢ last night, in the markdown bin, and I just HAD to get them. Unfortunately, they weren't as delish as I had hoped, so it was all for nothing.), and played more Cradle of Persia. Right now all I want to do is have the chamomile tea D was good enough to start up for me (at my request), and take a shower. Then I plan on working more on Rosa's afghan, and then go to bed! Hopefully this will get done BEFORE midnight!!! How nice would that be.

So, this morning I woke up with a HUGE headache, and decided going to church just WASN'T worth it. Today is the beginning of Foundations of Harvest, the classes which in part can be taken to join the church. I was totally planning on going to these classes, but with being sick, I'll have to wait until the next round :-|

Then I did the Penny Savers---no choice on that, it's an obligation outside of this house. I felt quite a bit better after that, but it's gone a bit downhill since. Hence my need to get off here and go have that tea and shower!!!


Random thoughts and comments...

Because it's nearly 2 in the morning, and yet again I'm up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO LATE. I'm stuffing the Penny Savers, as I didn't get to them earlier, being in Buffalo all afternoon, and I didn't want to stay up with them last night. I'm feeling MUCH better---as evidenced by the fact that I VACCED THE FLOOR, and did a sink full of dishes. I didn't do another yet, but that's for tomorrow or during the week. Hopefully this isn't just residual from going to the crochet meeting, but hopefully it means that I'm getting better now! Like I said, I'm definitely feeling much better!!!

These are some random thoughts and comments based on posts from Sarcastic Mom. I think she's pretty great, she's been real sweet in her response to my comments, and she's one of my few friends so far on Blog 365. I joined, I just haven't put a badge up yet. And I'm doing pretty well....I should have joined that NaBloMo...whatever, the blog all the month of November thing. I definitely fulfilled that requirement. And I hope I'm able to do it this year too. Despite the things I'm afraid of---do you know the reason why I only put everyone's first initial when I talk about them? Because I'm concerned about the coo-c's out there---the scary wierdos that would come and do something to me or my family. Though I guess the places I should worry about that more are on Facebook or Myspace, though (a) I use their safeguards to keep people from seeing much info about me, no more than I want them to (only my friends have access to my address and pictures on Facebook, for instance) and (b) I only accept invitations from or send them to people I already know. Crazy, huh? I'm just trying to do what I can to protect my family but still have fun on the internet because, frankly, right now it's just about the most day to day adult contact and intellectual stimulation I get right now. I have no job and I don't get out as much as I'd like to, and not much more than my mom used to :-|

In response to her post "I'm Getting Addicted":

In so many ways it sounds like me today at my crochet group’s meet up—me wanting to tear my hair out and melt into a crevice in my wonderful co-owner’s floor while she explained that my son will BE ALRIGHT, kid’s bounce (well, she didn’t put it that way, but boys do) and if she had a problem with what he took out (thank goodness, not so much this time) or where he was getting into, SHE’D say something…..

And every time I hear the word “island” in relation to a kitchen, I’m going to remember that awesome kitchen in the only apartment we’ve looked at so far in our new apartment hunt, because even though the rest of the apartment had it’s flaws, and I knew before we went we weren’t going to take it because it was way out of our budget, I would have loved to have taken that kitchen and put it in my pocket to take with me….I should just take all my comments from here and put them on my blog. It’s getting way to late at night…

In response to her post "Where I shut up":

I’ve got one of those of my own—little baby boy butts :-) 2 if you count daddy’s….ha ha….

I have yet to tell you in all our crossings that I’m going to have to put your blog in my daily visits folder in my bookmarks folder, because I need you to become my best friend.

Or at least constant comic relief.

You live up to your name! (Sarcastic Mom, I mean…)

Another thought I had...she actually shuts up? Ha ha...she's gotta know I love her...:-)

I'm too silly. Have you ever had something like a crush from high school sorta bleed over into your present life? (Shut up those who are still in high school...or have that mentality.) My reigniting of my thing for Corey Haim some months back aside (I've put that fire out), the other day I was going through Facebook to see all the CVCS people who were on there. I came across the name (and picture) of this guy I had a MASSIVE crush on my sophomore year in high school. I clicked on his "Send T a message" and sent him a crazy one, saying how I just wanted to say hi, he probably never would remember me, and I have no idea if he knew it, but I had this thing for him when we were in high school, and that I had said after marrying my guy that I had married my own TR, as my mother in law's maiden name is the same as this guy's last name, and he was named after his grandpa so in actuality he's my own TR. The explanation in the message wasn't quite as long, but still I thought for sure he'd think I was a complete weirdo. When we were at the crochet meeting today, I opened my email to double check an email address, and there was a message saying the guy had sent me a message. At first I thought he had sent a friend request because someone else had (I can't find that friend request now), but it just said he had sent a message. It basically just said hi, but I think I must have looked like a dork because I got a little giddy when I saw it and pointed it out to my co-owner.

Still, don't you just love how anonymous you can be on the web, and how you can make such a big fool of yourself without anyone really knowing who you are? Silly silly silly....

January 05, 2008

A good sleep always helps

I'm feeling much better today. I didn't wake up nearly as many times last night as I must have the night before. And it's a good thing, too, because my crochet group for this area is having a meeting this afternoon :-)

Okay, more later, I'm going to go looking for our digital camera because I have an idea where it might be. :-)