December 03, 2007

Finally the PODA - update #2

So here's another update. I'll clear the commentary from before :-)

Sort through the baskets of D's clothes in the living room - Done!
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I'm going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I'll keep it clear!) - Done!
Dishes (of course!) - About half way there :-)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties - I think this is a continuous process, involves the other things I've done right now, but I may do one or two at some point. Things have gone in the box and bag though!
Wash P's and my clothes - done (they're in the washer at least, just waiting for the dryer to clear)
Move what's in the washer to the dryer - Done
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away - will probably also be done when P goes to bed. Some while I'm waiting for the iron to heat up, so while I'm waiting for this or that....there will definitely be time :-)
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it's the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It's going to say "Makes Great Gifts") - I'm thinking I'll do this after P goes to bed tonight
Sort things on futon - This may just be taken care of tomorrow, between MOPS and Weight Watchers
Pick up the floor - mostly done. Isn't amazing how it grows though?
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc - Boxed up the computer stuff that had been here though!
Start Advent project with kids - I think I will do this after dinner is done! :-)
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home) - Done

And I also got dinner made, just gotta go serve it! Woo hoo, go me!