June 21, 2005

It's over, he's here

It's been a while since I posted last, but boy have I been busy.

Of course, you should know by now that I was pregnant. Well, I had the baby. We had a beautiful baby boy. :-) We gave him the name we had been holding for years, since we had our daughter. He's 2 weeks old almost now. He's beautiful. We're still getting to know each other though. Breastfeeding isn't going as smoothly as I'd like, but it's been 9 years since I did it, so it's going to take a while to get just right. But he's beautiful. Sometimes, I find it hard to be his mommy. The crying and the nearly constant suckling can take a toll on someone. But I wouldn't replace him for the world. And I'm starting to be able to do some stuff. I got some dishes done over the last few days, and I just folded my daughter's clothes---big accomplishment for me. I haven't crocheted in days, but right now I can wait on that. I have to wait another week for his 2 week appointment---we went in a week ago, the Monday after he came home, for a jaundice appointment. He doesn't seem to have jaundice anymore---his underchin doesn't look as yellow as it once did, and he doesn't look "orange" either. His dad is sure he's got his dad's skin coloring, sort of a permanent tan, which I don't disagree with, so it's kinda hard I think to tell the difference between "yellow" or "orange" and just his skin coloring. But I want to wait until that appointment before we go down and see his grandma, who is still in her rehab center. She wants to see him bad, all she's got right now are pictures that my dad has been taking.

It's getting close to his next feeding time. He's taking a nap at the moment, something he either does on me or in his stroller. He likes his stroller/car seat a lot.