December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - my 2nd Edition: Thirteen things I love about the candle biz

Thirteen things I love about the candle biz

1. They're candles. Who doesn't love candles? I mean, really, need I say more??

2. They make GREAT Christmas presents. Reference #1. I'm using them for a few Christmas presents this year myself. And that's how Lizzie signed up :-)

3. Bella Buns. The look and smell just like real cinnamon buns. The scent permeates the whole house.

4. The 16 oz jar candles. OMG, there's not enough great things I can say about them. My favorite feature is something I learned from something bad...if you drop them and the jar cracks, because of the wrapper you can still burn it. The wrapper keeps the glass in place.

5. Bella Balm. It's great stuff. It's hand and foot cream, it's got a light lemon scent, not too lemony, and it's not GREASY! I don't know about you, but even though I'm not going to go drive NASCAR without any gloves after I put on hand cream, I don't think the greasy feel of some other hand creams is all that good.

6. We live just close enough that I can get anything I order within less than a week!

7. Free training. All you need is a good long distance calling plan, and you can get on training and opportunity calls most days of the week. One's even on the web!

8. The free training calls are often recorded and links are posted in the back office. So if I want to pull up ANY call, whether I got on it or not, then all I often have to do is find out if it was recorded and find that link!

9. There are over 100 scents! So just about anyone's tastes can be satisfied!

10. My sponsor, her sponsor, and everyone in the group, made up of my sponsor's sponsor's downline. They are a wealth of support and ideas!

11. The company. They are not (just) about making money, they are about helping you make a better life for yourself. The provide the free training I mentioned, and distributor sales aids! They provide help, support and a GREAT product. I was looking not just for a way to make money to help support my family, but also a product I LOVE. If I don't like it, there's no way I could sell it to someone else. And that's just what I found with this company!

12. The future. I know that there is a future in this, and that our lives will just explode at some point. I look forward to that.

13. The UPS guy. I love it when the UPS guy comes to the door, because I know that I am getting a GREAT product. And I'm always eager to see what the next scent smells like. And even if I don't like it, I learned something new---it goes into my knowledge of the product, and gives me another option that maybe someone else likes (like, my daughter likes December's scent more than I do, LOL!).

Next week: 13 Things about and I love about my husband

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Coco said...

Well, I won't be going in the candle biz just yet, but it's great that you love what you're doing. And I hate greasy hands after using hand creams too. Which is why I hardly use them. Hahaha.

Happy TT!

Yuriko said...

Sounds great :) I love candles.. though I'm not a big fan of fire. Very useful to have during a blackout, though. :)

Vixen said...

I love candles. I would probably be bad in the biz, just like that year I sold Christmas Around The World....I spent more on the stuff than I made, lol

Happy TT

Nicholas said...

I never really thought about candles much till reading this. We have many, but they are part of our hurricane kit.

Shesawriter said...

Scented candles are my favorite. I like vanilla and cinnamon the most.

Happy TT!

My Thursday Thirteen #3

Xakara said...

I love candles, we have all kinds all over the apartment. The scents, the soft glow and the ambience is all just wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Daniel, Reid, Chuck and The Doctor, great commonalities to have. :)

Happy TT

~Xakara <----TT here.

Holly said...

I love my online business too. (My Power Mall) Prosper!

Happy TT-13!



Open Grove Claudia said...

Gosh, I absolutely love candles. I've never heard of a candle business! Good for you for taking the risk to try something different. You rock!