November 29, 2005


I'll report on my flying, and put up other things I need to post here, but I have to say...

The sweetest sound in the world is my little boy giggling because his daddy's playing with him :-D

November 21, 2005

Flat on my back, looking up at the stars...

Today I'm not in a good mood. As usual, it's mainly to do with money. I hate money. I hate that it's what gets you anywhere in this world, that it's the only way to get not just what you want, but what you need. I hate that, as soon as I get some, there's one thing or another that wants it instead. I just want one week where the money I get in the bank stays there longer than 24 hours!!! I just wish I could scream.

November 16, 2005

Day 15 - Pre celebration and today's PODA

It's FINISHED. My bouquet is ALL DONE!!! It looks GORGEOUS. I swear, when I got it all assembled and put the finishing touch on it---2 lengths of ribbon in the "original" colors---or 2 of them at least---it just about made me CRY!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo happy, and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of myself. All my hard's done!!! DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE!!!

Of course, now I have 2 (ammendment---14!!!) bootineers and another bouquet to do, but that's beside the point :-D Those will go by in a flash! They better----the vow renewal is tomorrow!!!

I will post pictures here later.

Another nice dad called last night while we were in our shower, and said my mom wanted to know if we wanted a cake. I had thought about it, but not talked to my husband, and figured we might not have the money for it, so....wasn't planning on it. But if my parents want to do that, that's fine. All I ask is that it's the Light and Creamy Icing at Martin's (Tops). :-D They can decide what's on it. :-)


Today is another slow day. At least I don't have a pile of dishes waiting to be washed anymore :-D I've got 3 bootineer's to make---I've decided my mom's flower (she just wants a rose, but I'll make it a whole bootineer, with a couple roses :-)) will be bigger than just the one rose, so I've got the one for my dad, my husband, and my mom. I've also got to make 6 for my daughter's bouquet. Well, instead of explaining I'll just make my list..... *bolded done since original posting to group.

Get up and dressed - done
Eat (the first bowl of oatmeal went cold. I'll make an egg sandwich instead here in a minute)- done (he woke up on his own)
Take steak out of freezer for dinner - done
Make list for WM visit - done
Get P up - done (he woke up on his own)
Go to college---only stay an hour. Don't want another ticket (doesn't matter that I no longer need to pay for it, LOL!!!)
Go to WM for xmas shopping and to price a present for P for mom and dad
Work on last roses 14 when I got home ( I just keep adding to my list!!! sheesh!!! there's no one on my list who I DON'T want to give a rose to!!! UGH---why am I complaining??? I love this!!!)
Make dinner (steak fingers [thanks Glen---my fil], tater tots/curly fries/left over frozen fry stuff, a canned veggie, ketchup and ranch dressing mixed)

November 15, 2005

Day 14 - update

Get up, dressed (I never get it to the shoes...just enough to be presentable!) - done (now totally...except socks and shoes, but those are next!)
Eat breakfast - done (lunch too!)
figure out vcr -done---now to see if I can use the VCR+ feature!
put away last of stuff from box
vaccum -done
put away sewing machine, clear desk -done
write check for Chorale fundraiser - done (did gas bill too---plan to put in mail when we go to Chorale)
iron her shirt -done
work on roses - done
work Chorale pictures - done (grumble grumble)
dishes - done by 8!!!
get dinner started -done but burned (it actually improved it---it was Jambalia (sp?) Chicken Helper)
Even managed to get a letter to a family friend written to tell them about what my mom has been going through---all enveloped and addressed.
Also got done: garbage! Now I just need to write one more check. For GS. Now to do that then play with my son for a bit...then off to Chorale! - done

Tomorrow is fun with roses. I have to assemble one more---maybe I'll go back out to the living room after I get Padraic down and finish that. Then I have to make 2 bootineers - dad and DH's - and 6 roses for DD's bouquet. It should definitely go quick. These are going to be beautiful!!! Don't worry, I'll have pictures---I know where the camera is!!!

Day 14-2 weeks of some kind of committment!!!

So....there are some things I want to get instituted soon. Like a real morning routine. It, as always, has to have flexibility built in. You never know when my husband is going to decide at 9 am to go to the credit union (on a trip I CAN go on), so I have to have that ability. Heck, I'm spontanious myself...who knows what I might want to do!!! At least I have the folder started---last night I hand wrote the front, and an encouraging statement on the back. Let's hope...I also want to start an evening routine. I figure it should start about 6 or 7pm at the latest, depending on the weekday---since my daughter has 2 activities, and sometimes (wow, like today) I have to work them myself. Or I just have to deal with them. And I can't watch my shows. But I have to make sure my daughter gets the living room cleaned up---I just hate getting up in the morning or after she and her brother have gone to sleep, and finding the floor a MESS. So I have to come up with how her stuff has to fit into the evening routine. As well as my son's....*sigh* I just have to get it written down!

Get up, dressed (I never get it to the shoes...just enough to be presentable!) - done
Eat breakfast - done
figure out vcr
put away last of stuff from box
put away sewing machine, clear desk -done
write check for Chorale fundraiser - done (wrote gas bill too, and a letter to a family friend telling them about mom's stuff---will send when we go to Chorale)
iron her shirt
work on roses
work Chorale pictures
get dinner started

That should be enough for now. I can't promise more. I figure, with all the stuff I plan on putting in a give away box, I might try a 25¢ sale with them first! Of course, with the way weather's going, I might have to hold off on that!

November 14, 2005

Today's PODA

Yesterday was a lazy day/get work done on the roses day. Plus some shopping for what my husband needs for what he wants to do for the windows. At least he wants to do them finally! Here's today's PODA (Parade of Daily Activities):

Get up and dressed - mostly
Go to Credit Union, transfer money back (there's a funny story about that...)
Go to WalMart, get fabric marking pencil/marker, stockings, seam ripper, yard stick/tape measure
Clear computer room floor (or - sort the box in computer room. Which is now all over the floor. DH went through it looking for something, I told him to leave it where it is cause that will motivate me to go through it all)
Hem DD's skirt
Make chili (told dad if he brought the crackers, I'd make chili. I'm to take care of dad some while mom's gone, so dinner is one of those things!!!)

I feel tired still (well, last night I didn't go to sleep until 2), though my teeth don't hurt so much. I'm trying to figure out what it is---I'm not depressed, at least I don't think I am. It could just be a lot of things catching up to me. I don't know...:-\ Not sure if I should be concerned or not...if I'm as tired as I think I am....I should just get out and get more exercise, I think. I really have to set down a control journal, with lots of flex time built in---I can't imagine strictly regimenting my life. I do well with routines and schedules, but strictly regimenting EVERYTHING is just not who I am!!!

Wish me luck!

November 12, 2005

Day 11---keep in mind---baby steps!!!

These are my plans for today...

Work on the roses
Do at least 2 rounds of cleaning in the kitchen, living room and computer room: set watch timer for 15 minutes, work in living room, then the computer room, then the kitchen, then rest.
Plans during each room: living room---general clean up; computer room---desks, floor, box area if time; kitchen---dishes, declutter counters and table, organize/declutter/match up tops in 2 cupboards.

Maybe through my example my daughter will get the idea to clean her room.

The whole while---country on the radio!!!

All this gets started between now (1pm) and 3pm (time to work on the roses, and sneek a peak at the movie on now :-) (USA Network)

November 10, 2005

Day 9---sputter sputter

I got several things on my list done yesterday. I even managed to wash all my dishes before I went to bed!!! I just didn't get all my folding done---another thing that needs to be done today :-
Today is a slow day for me. The major cleaning that's going to get done is my daughter's room---and SHE gets to do that!!! I'm going to work hard on SEVERAL roses for my bouquet, maybe even look into putting it together (depending on how far it gets), as well as making roses for the bootineers for my dad and husband and my daughter's bouquet. All roses are a DEFINITE. I'll do some dishes (which got ALL DONE last night :-D), maybe pick up a little, take care of hotspots, the like. I might get in transferring more addresses. My mom needs to transfer old addresses to her new address book, and a lot of the addresses in her address book are of family, that I want to make sure I have right. So when we were down there this weekend, and I think my dad said something about doing them, or my mom did, don't remember who---I said I'd do it. I have more time that my dad, my handwriting is a lot better than my mom's right now (because of all her stuff, she's a bit shaky still), and I need some of the addresses. She went through and crossed out all the ones she no longer wanted, told me what to put where (she's got some numbers she needs to grab quickly written on the front and back covers), and I took them home. They are now sitting in a pile---a pile of ADDRESS BOOKS, LOL!!!---on my desk. I put one address in both last night, since it's one that I have that needs to be updated in both :-) (I sent out announcements when I had my son---more on the ball than I was 9 years ago :-S---and the one couple that has been a family friend for years sent back a nice card and their new address, because they moved. I've got to work on a letter for them too. Started one, but stopped in the middle and it reads really funny, so I have to start over, and tell them all that's changed in a shorter time!!! The biggest pieces of news are my sister's wedding, and my mom going into the hospital. That all happened after they left/the last time I or my parents talked to them). I might also consider going out to WalMart, to look into some stuff I need for my daughter and into last minute supplies for the bouquet---I STILL need straight pins!!

Okay, so I can get to all this, I've got to jet. Take care all :-)

November 08, 2005

Day 7---still sputtering---and finding new goals

I tend to take the weekend off. I'll see if I can unearth yesterday's post to my group, and put that one for yesterday---tomorrow. It fills in a couple things for today. wasn't too bad. I think I've found why I'm not feeling so good, and it's not a good thing. :-( I think my teeth are starting to retaliate against me again. That's what happens when you DON'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH. But I've found what makes the pain go away *sigh* (just some ibuprofen, which we had a huge bottle of, but which has gotten lost!!! :-( I blame my husband) At least my whole jaw is no longer hurting, huh? But I've got to solve the problem. Can't right now---money's short, next month is Xmas, and my daughter needs her teeth looked at. Those are my goals for next year, I hope they can wait until then. At least her's isn't urgent. Neither is mine, if they respond to simple pain management.

Anyhow, that's not what I wanted to talk about. Today I managed to...

Wipe down the kitchen cupboards
Wipe down the kitchen counter
Wash a load of laundry
Vaccum my floor
Go with my husband to submit our rings for engraving
Organize my desk so I can go through it tomorrow...and write bills then
Brush my teeth
Take a shower
Give my son a bath
Get my daughter to her special activity today
Make dinner
Wash dishes (except for the dinner ones!!!)

Tomorrow I want to....

Get up and get dressed soon after
Have oatmeal for breakfast
Organize my desk
Pay bills
Wash all dirty dishes
Go for a walk!
Look into different recipes in anticipation of the holidays (hoping to make these for gifts, just as something different)
Finish off the white flowers
Fold all washed laundry
Set up evening routines
15 minutes of SOMETHING EXTRA

I've decided on a goal for myself, a new habit (in reaction to both Flylady and the Habit Builder around here.). I can't make it making dinner every day, since I'm doing really good with that (and I have enough meat to last me for a while). Well, I guess 2 or 3 goals. One is to take one thing around the house that needs done---like the kitchen cabinets today---that will make this house look better, and get me further along the way to getting this house in order. My desk tomorrow isn't tomorrow's---that's a hot spot I need to keep under control, totally different thing---but I will find one thing. I'll tell you tomorrow what. Another goal is to get out and move. I think I've come to that point I need to get to to start losing weight again. The first time around, it was finding I had the confidence in myself, cause I saw I could get through a difficult class. Now, it's watching Biggest Loser, knowing the depths they've felt, and seeing them hit the heights they are. My role model is Dr. Jeff (those who watch it know)---he's lost 100 POUNDS!!!! That's my weight loss goal. I will do it...I know I can, I've lost 2/5 of that before (quick math---that's 40 pounds, LOL!)!!! I'd like 10 pounds in the next month---so I can look just a little better in the dress I hope to wear to my sister's wedding. By next year, I hope to be down those 100 pounds, so I can look good in the next round of family portraits (I hope to get some after we renew our vows!). It's possible, just 10 a month is 120 pounds!!! 5 a month is 60---10 a month is closer to Weight Watchers at 2 a week---or 8 a month---which I'm used to but don't have the money for again just yet. The last is instituting a bedtime routine---which is something I need for me and my two kids. My husband works 3rd shift, so he's not here for it. But he factors big into it. I've been really good about getting a shower every day for about a year now---since a couple months into my last pregnancy, because I was feeling dirty EVERY DAY and it was the only thing that made me feel better from so many things. Well, my husband has always taken a shower before he went to work---I've just decided to give my son to my daughter to play with---she's okay with him for short periods---and jump in with him. I find it funny to reflect---when we were living with my parents, we did the same thing. With very involved. Now it's a place to talk and just generally reconnect. Then we were young...and, well, you know...;-) So that's going to be the first piece of my control journal, setting up a night time routine, the last piece being putting this guy to bed and making one last sweep of the house.

Well, off to watch what's left of L&O:SVU, get my son to bed, and get to sleep myself!!!

November 04, 2005

Day 3---List!!! And a recommitment??

Things that need to be done, November 4, 2005:

Dishes (perpetual, ugh!)
Work on Roses
"Pamper myself"---write, try for a short short!!!
Clean up general clutter
Make dinner
Get DD to GS
Get check(s?) from dad---phone bill and GS
Refind phone bill
Post this before baby wakes up!!!

I'm hoping to start back up with my writing. As such, I'm going to take my pamper mission for today, and use it to write write write write. I can do anything for just 15 minutes----even write!!!

The *BIG* recommitment is on the 17th---13 days and counting :-D Can't wait for the new rings!!!

November 03, 2005

Day 2---of posting my list....

This is the list for Thursday, November 3rd

Today is going to be an easy day. My house is looking decent enough (to me) that I want to take it easy---plus, one of the things on this list needs to be done by Saturday!!!

finish dishes
work on roses
work on B's letter (needs to be done by Saturday)
clean up small clutter---wrappers, etc
(forgot this on the list to the groups, but...)
clear desk
write out an order for magazines (due Friday)

November 02, 2005

Trying to FLY---time to be a Flybaby again!!!

I've decided I'd try to get this house in order. Something I've known of for a while, tried before but had no success because I didn't think I had time for, and decided to try again is Flylady. I've got to make a committment to this. But if I can make a committment to my husband again, then I can make a committment to my house. Baby steps. For me, a big one is keeping my living room halfway decent. Right now, I have to vaccum (will when the little one gets back up), but the floor is clear in there. My clothes are folded, as are my son's---they are still in the basket---but it's a miracle they are folded!!! My desk is cleaned off. I have a list of things I'm going to do. I'll share here. I have to get off here so I can start about 4 of them before my son wakes back up. I'm going to start posting my lists for the day on here, so I can keep myself in check. I post them to the Flying groups I'm on, besides Flylady's main one...

Wish me luck!

List for November 2nd, 2005

Vaccum floor
get garbage
sort drawers in computer room
hit wm for diapers, maybe fancy paper for B's letter (if none in drawers)
B's letter
hit po to send rent check (certified) and other pieces
look over finances for Nov.
more time in box?
write 5 min---something at least