December 19, 2007

Took a break

I guess that's the only way to explain my absence yesterday. I didn't do a Ten on Tuesday, and I haven't yet figured out what I'm going to post for Wordless Wednesday. Though now I think I have an idea. But, I just basically took a break. It doesn't help that T was on the computer for most of the time I was going to get on it. I've been working hard on finishing the roses and working on D's shawl, and the blanket I'm making for our friends.

I've got to work on this house, since I finally feel a whole lot better today. I've already gone around and set a few things up, like the wash. I was a bit surprised to find that D hadn't put in a load when I asked her to the other day. I just found stuff in the dryer and not the washer. So the washer's full now, and I'm going to work to stay on top of things. I've got a few other loads besides her stuff. So here's my list today:

Wash clothes
Fold clothes

This week I've also got to go through the box of stuff on my futon. I'm happy that I got the stuff I wanted to donate off to Salvation Army. I think I might have mentioned that in my last post, because I think I did that on Monday. I gained about 2 pounds yesterday, but considering what week it is, that's not so bad. I'm determined to lose during these next 2 weeks, and not gain. We'll see how that goes :-|