September 27, 2006

Now sleepy....


Now I'm feeling sleepy. Because I haven't gone to bed by 11:30, my cut off time, in about 2 days. But I was going to bed about then for the week that I was busting my butt. So, soon I will be getting off here and going to bed.

It's interesting how with a few carefully placed choices in a quiz, you can bend it to get the result you want..... Posted by Picasa

September 26, 2006

For once, peaceful....


Right now, I feel peace. The only sounds I hear are the tapping of the keyboard, and the refrigerator. And my daughter's alarm clock, because she's using it to put herself to sleep. I know my floor is picked up, my dishes are washed, my son will sleep most of the night, and I will be able to get a good night's sleep as well. I will be going into the living room soon, watching some late night news, then turning in. I'm getting projects done, of all kinds...crochet, and cleaning :-)

The only problem weighing on my mind is the washroom, and of that I have no control. This weekend I discovered a large wet spot on the carpet between the kitchen and the washroom. At first I thought it was my basket of towels, because at that time it was just a pile of towels sitting on the floor, and there was at least 2 very wet items in the pile from washing the floors. I moved them into an available basket, and discovered after another run of the washer, it had gotten worse. I took a harder look at it, and discovered that the water was not coming from the basket, or the washer, but from what now looks to be the wall. At first I thought it was a pipe coming out of the wall leading to the washer, but our resident manager took at look at it, and he's pretty sure it's in the wall. That makes me concerned---especially since he hasn't been able to get the plumbing company over in aboout a week. I don't know how long it's gone on and gotten to the point it's at now, but I definitely don't want it to get any worse!!!

But as soon as I get up from here, and after I'm done watching tv, I will go to bed, and hopefully this will all be solved in the morning. :-)

I plan on using my new mop possibly first in the washroom. I hope someone comes soon, so I know how soon I will be able to use it in there. It needs it!!! Posted by Picasa

September 24, 2006

Working hard.

Things are looking better around here. For the last week, I've been able to keep stuff together, though I had a small decompression towards the dh. I've been keeping from stinkin' thinkin' some, but not as much as I'd like.

But I've been working like you wouldn't believe. I sorted his tools, got my futon mostly cleared off, sorted and organized the closet in the wash room, scrubbed my bathroom and kitchen floors....vacced, picked up all his clothes and they are (mostly) done.

Of course, then we had to find yesterday that it seems one of the pipes in the washroom, to the washer, is leaking. Hopefully our resident manager can convince someone to come and take care of it quickly. The pipes probably will need to be replaced, but we'll just have to wait and see. Right now is probably the longest I've sat here without jumping up and doing something else (Maybe because if I got up and left the computer, my husband would take it over. OH well...I'll probably get up soon).

We have a decent working computer back. We were using one we borrowed from my dad, that he had gotten from his dad, but it was real slow. My husband bought a motherboard off of ebay and, while I thought last night we were going to end up with exactly the same problems with that one as we did with this one, it's been working pretty good :-)

So, to get up and do other things......

September 08, 2006

Busy life...

Wow, life has just been...full. Not busy as I'd like it, the house isn't getting much better---though P's sleeping is. One small blessing. It helps that I put him down at pretty much the same time---8-9pm most nights. Later if things get in the way.

With all this Bucky (ugh!!!) stuff, and living downstairs from his daughter, it's been emotionally exhausting. And I'm trying to distance myself, but you can't help being scared with all the stuff they're putting out. It's certainly scaring my mom (and mother in law, frankly), and she's 2 states away now!!! :-| I think with my mom, she's reading a lot of junk that's being put out in the paper, and suffering from a lot of blind faith. There's nothing wrong in believing----but, you've got to question EVERYTHING as well (I think my daughter's getting to the age where at some level she understands that!! "Why mommy?"). I put up for her about the kids, but that's the last I will do (unless I need my phone---"hello, 911.").

On a lighter note---an interesting thing came to mind this evening. I ran into the mother of a girl I graduated from high school with while going into the store this evening. She knew I was going to college, and what I was planning on going for, so while we were talking, she pointed out that there's a listing in the county for a position that sounded to her (and to me :-D) to be right up my I looked it up. Then I looked up the practice tests (test question examples, from what I could see---my Adobe Reader on this computer [since it's the one we've been using since ours bit the dust and it's INCREDIBLY SLOWER] is only a 3, and doesn't read all the awesome stuff our old hard drive/processor can handle, so I couldn't see ALL the stuff in the information "packet"), and they seem pretty easy. Is it arrogant to think that clerical work is simple? Is there more to what my sister went to school for? Don't know, I went to a totally different school for something totally different. But it at least looks like I can do the stuff in the practice tests. If that translates to the actual test being...not too hard...and the tests in Colorado are similar to the ones here....maybe an entry level county or state job when we go out to Colorado isn't out of the question! :-) That would be nice. I'd have to ask T what he would think of something like a construction job...and boy wouldn't that be a nice thing to suggest to R(of R&J)?? dad does a clerical job there with the VA. Heck, there's even an idea to look into. I'm starting a compilation of Colorado Job searches...the link to the Larimer job listing site is the first one (well, the first one I marked as such---I did have another one I found when we were out there. I should file that in the same folder...boy it would be nice to simply be a literary critic....*sigh*)...

Well, sleep and a shower call. I'll answer the second first, and the first second. Maybe I do a little crocheting inbetween. I've got to post some of the things I've made, if I can get this computer to transfer for me....