October 17, 2015

I'm still over at WordPress. Even tho at times I miss here, because I can do a lot of HTML working with the basic code. Or at least I could years ago, when this all first came up. I'm not totally sure why I thought "hey, writing a post would be good here." Other than I've had Blogger up for a while - I'm connected with several blogs on here, not all of them specifically mine, either. I saw that this blog had some traffic, and I wanted to check what. I'm curious, so sue me. And it said I had 16 views. 16 VIEWS? I'm seriously curious who would want to look at my little page here that much? Maybe it's connected to things I had no choice but to add this blog to?

Some things are the same. Still married, still have just 2 kids, don't want anymore.

What's different? We moved 1/4 of the way across the country. My husband's company closed down, so he no longer had a job, so out of NY we went, to Missouri. It's only been 2 months, but it's been interesting. I like it here.

Our daughter is 19 now. And married. And a lesbian (so that means her spouse is a woman). And on her (their) own.

Other than that, I don't know. Take a trip on over to Wordpress and take a look.

And, I'll be involved in NaNoWriMo next month. So go over to my author page, and donate for the cause at my donation page :-) And go to my WordPress Blog to keep up with my progress, like usual. :-)

June 13, 2013

Excuse my redirection...

Hello all. If you're coming here, you've done so because you have a Blogger account and when I visited your blog, I was only able to use my Blogger ID to sign into a comment. I know it's a hassle and probably bad business, but if you wouldn't mind, it would be great if you headed over to Wordpress, where I'm blogging now. Again, sorry to be a pain about this, but it's the easiest I can think of - no need to sign out of my Google account, and you'll find everything you need there :-)

October 16, 2009


to my Wordpress Blog. That's where I post for the MAJORITY of the time (like, all the time. This is the first time I've posted here in FOREVER).

March 01, 2009

Bowing to the Awesomeness of others

There's something rather important I need to do. This will be the first time since I started that I will be doing this.

I need to thank some pretty awesome people. You will see in the righthand sidebar that I've got my Entrecard widget here because I can't put it up on Wordpress. But I will keep the account, drop on others occasionally, and allow others to advertise here on my Blogger blog until then. The first thing I'd like to point out is that I have had constant advertising through Entrecard. It's up to me to "buy" advertising on others' widgets, and I've been lax in that, but since I because an Entrecard member, I have not yet had my widget sit empty for even a day! I think that is awesome. It might also owe to the fact that the "cost" to advertise on my site has NEVER gone above 200 (that I can recall), but that's neither here nor there. Just today, I cleared 2 people for advertising on my widget, sites whose badges will appear later this week. I must be doing something right---if everyone else does things like me, they've checked out this site (which I would hope led them here), then gone over to Wordpress and they like what they see. :-) That gives me a good feeling. Even one or two visits a day by other (hopefully unique) people is good.

Unfortunately, February was hell (as you'd know if you're a regular reader), so my number were low. But things can (and hopefully will) always improve. So, here are the people who dropped on my widget the most in the month of February! :-)

1. Your car's Maintenance
2. tutorial blog
3. computer and internet
4. C'est La Vie
5. IT is so big
6. IT used
7. Freeware Gadget
8. Gadget Info
9. Dollar Tamer
10. The Lounge of Pictures

There ya go. I'm just too tired to make comments (some people do, some ran through my head, I'm just too tired to do it now :-|). Take care, and see you later :-D

Cross posted with proper changes over on Wordpress.

January 09, 2009


Cross posted here and on my main, WordPress blog...

You know how I was talking about the haiku contest yesterday? It was one of my things I had to do. I wrote the haiku shortly after I posted the list? I said, it would really help a girl out if you went over and voted? I didn't know how she was going to do the contest....she musta had 70 or more submissions....no, holy cow, she got nearly 200 submissions!!!! And guess what?

I MADE THE TOP 5!!!!!!!!!!

(I know what I'll hear now....those who have read my stuff will tell me "I'm not surprised, blah blah blah".)

But, that means, you can go over and VOTE for me!!!!






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