August 26, 2005

Sleeping patterns....

It's a wonderful, beautiful, tough thing being a new mom. I'm loving it though. The one thing I'm not loving is the fact that my son doesn't seem to want to go down for a nap for very long other than on me during the day. He's been sleeping 7 hours a night, sometimes as long as 9, and sometimes we get another 2 hours in the morning after he first wakes up for his first feeding. Otherwise he is doing WONDERFULLY. He's smiling and laughing, "babbling", working on finding his thumb (still), feeding wonderfully, peeing a bunch during the day, pooping as he needs (right now we're in the middle of a few days when he's not pooping, but it's normal for a breastfeeding baby :-D), and just being the down right beautiful little man that he is :-). I love him more than anything in the world, as I do both of my other babies.

Right now though he's taking a nap. I think he just finally exhausted himself. He was fighting it so bad, and then poom...he was asleep. He opened his eyes a couple times, but then he got to the point I thought he might stay asleep for a while, and now he's in his crib :-). Just as long as he gets up soon---I don't mind him napping, hope he would establish something a bit better---2 2 hour naps a day would be fine with me, it would give me time to get this house clean!!!---but I don't want him sleeping so long now that he starts interfering with his bedtime routine. Since he was born practically, I established a bedtime routine where he and I go in about 9 o'clock, and I hold him and nurse him until he falls asleep. I think it's in part what contributed to his sleeping 7 or so hours a night. Sometimes he just nurses until he goes out, then we lay for a bit longer, either him snuggled up to his boob, or I pick him up and hold him a while longer. I love that point, where your baby is just sorta a sack of potatoes, and you can feel their warmth, and just hold them and kiss them and love them, enjoy their beauty, relish this time which is going to go so fast. I'm trying to do that during the day anyhow---sometimes I take a break and let his sister take him, or his dad (depending on the day and what's gone on), but big sis won't be able to take him in a couple more weeks---and enjoy his smiles, his laughing, even his cries. Because he won't be this small for long. I'd love keeping him up all the time to experience him, but I love seeing him sleep too. And I love breastfeeding him. It was so tough at the beginning, but it's going well now. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Now I have no idea what to do with myself. I want to, but don't want to clean this house. I did get one room looking better---the bathroom. Sure, it's not a room I can see, but I know I took care of cleaning it up some. And that's a good feeling---better than knowing it's still a huge mess. Now it's just a small one, ha ha.

I think I might just generally go crazy---I can't wait for my baby to grow up, but I love him at this stage. I want him to sleep, but I want him awake. I want to spend all my time with him, but I want my house clean. It's just crazy.

August 12, 2005

Is it monthly now?

It looks like I'm only going to get to this monthly. That's what happens, cause new moms are busy busy busy people. Busy changing diapers, feeding small children (from their own bodies :-D), and sleeping when they can.

It's going easier now. Those first few weeks were tough, but now we are all getting the hang of each other. Big sister is always EAGER to help out. Sometimes I have to tell her no. :-) Daddy is getting used to someone---learning what to say to him and everything. Sister just LOVES little brother. :-) Mommy OF COURSE does too. :-)

Now, some things I'm proud of...