December 11, 2007

10 on Tuesday #3

I can't believe I didn't think of this until last night, which is why this is getting posted "late" (well, later than I wanted it to)

10 things I'd like for Christmas
1. People to buy candles (I'm just being honest---and they really ARE a great product!)
2. A new apartment. I want out of here so bad, really. I feel like the walls are closing in on me sometimes---and I almost never feel that crazy---and it's really too small for even the 4 of us. Though I'm sure in old times more people lived in smaller houses (maybe even this one)---but they had less stuff (and they would have been using both levels :-P). A woman's house then wouldn't necessarily get really bad, because she had little to keep track of!
3. I'll go with what my daughter told Santa this weekend---everyone to understand the meaning of the season and discover Jesus for themselves!

4. What I told my husband---a cross necklace. There are some nice ones in WalMart right now. I pointed out the really cheap ones, but if he was nice (and smart) he'd get me one of the fancier/gold ones at the jewelry counter. I've always wanted a "Mother's ring" with the birthstones for the kids and their names on it. :-) But he doesn't have to get that and I don't think he knows.
5. Continued peace of mind---since I accepted Jesus in my life again, even through the hardest most confusing times I've felt better. I've felt low, but not as low as before, and I've been able to get through. The first thing I've nearly always done is pray some kind of prayer.
(I think it's a good thing that I really don't have many things I really want. I'm lost beyond this point.)

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