January 04, 2008

...and sometimes I know I don't

If you want to better understand the title, check yesterday's "personal" post (as in, the one that's not a meme). That title's the beginning of the sentence, this is the end. :-| Because isn't it that truth?

Well, I had that cry. It wasn't a very good one. Rather pitiful, I must say. Hardly many tears. I was hoping for a real gully washer----you know, the kind you had when you were a kid and your parents sent you to your room. Or when you discovered the guy you thought hung the moon didn't even know you existed (or when the girl you thought of as your best friend told you that she had told him that morning on the bus that you had a crush on him. Okay, that time I didn't cry, I nearly hyperventilated, then I think I got kinda peeved. I should have been able to see then what a SUCKY best friend she'd turn out to be!!! That was Betrayal #1---but then, I've forgiven her now, so it doesn't much matter, does it? Oh well.). Things feel only a little bit better. Maybe because I didn't take a nap right after---D decided to bring the friend I had told her could come over if they played outside, inside, they helped T with the cheesecake for the crochet meeting tomorrow, and the girl ended up "accidentally" knocking P down on the floor, so I didn't want to sleep anymore. I sent that girl home! I don't much like D playing with that girl anyhow :-| Right now there are few people who pass my "test".

Anyhow, who would have thought that the HIGHLIGHT of my day would be going down to get the pictures from my sister, getting P's haircut (he looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE now!) and then coming home to open my email and see that my electric bill had been reduced by $77!?!?!?!

Because I came home and couldn't get P down for a nap, T took forever before he decided to finally work on the cheesecake, plus he didn't like that I had already told the group that he was making a chocolate peppermint marbled one---that I'm pretty sure will turn out GREAT!--- and he doesn't quite get why I flipped out because every time people come in while I'm trying to put P down to sleep it restarts the whole process again, and my head hurts so bad that all I want to do is sit and crochet all night and day long so the dishes AGAIN are sitting unwashed, the floor is in serious need of getting picked up, the stuff that didn't get put away where they belong right away are piling up on my futon, and we have to dig around in a big box of clothes in the washroom if we want to wear anything (mainly me and whoever I send to get something for P to wear [read: often D}]). UGH! I had all of ONE WEEK between when my period ended and this whole silly cold started. And now P still has his cold, and I've got to track down the number for the nurse who called from the place who will be evaluating P because some people in the family (my mom and sister) think he needs to be checked since he doesn't talk or say much. I think he's just fine, I know how INTELLIGENT the kid is, I'm working DILIGENTLY to get him to sleep enough, and I know all of the OTHER wonderful things that he CAN do, but no, I promised mom if he didn't improve much (to her satisfaction I guess), then I'd call them and have him evaluated. Which they will do IN the home, which brings me back to getting this place picked up. I don't want to set up the eval until AFTER we move, because I can't STAND this place!!!!!

But my time is up, and I need to go get D from Girl Scouts after I wake T up. Which I won't be doing the way he LIKES because P is asleep next to him. UGH....

I'll do the Friday's Feast when I get back later.