January 07, 2008

Monday's the beginning of a new week...

I still don't feel totally up to par, but there are several things I MUST get done today. Among them a trip to the post office, and maybe one to the bank to pick up a new check register. The old one's more than full.

Also, I'm working to take a stab at cleaning up this house. I've already gathered up some garbage (which joined the growing pile on the futon, ugh), and some clothes from the bathroom. I've filled the kitchen sink to do some dishes, but chances are pretty good that's already all drained out. I folded the clothes that were in that really big box, though I didn't put them all away yet (the towels are back in the box waiting, as well as T's clothes that had been in the mix.). I want to attack the floor more, and the stuff on the futon. And start sorting stuff on out of the house. But I will try hard not to over tax myself, and just get what I can done. I'm already looking forward to the next dose of ibuprophen, and it's going to be time to put P down for his nap SOON. I haven't heard him cough in a while. I'm going to see how his new meds work for him, and keep consistent with it so I know it's REALLY working. He needs another dose too.

But I'm happy because I'm making an attempt!

Later gator!