January 03, 2008

Sometimes I think I have it all figured out...

Like right now. I think I know why I'm not feeling so well. I think I'm coming down with something. The creeping crud or something like that. It makes me nauseous from time to time, it makes my head hurt, and I'm sneezing from time to time as well. It makes me really sleepy. Sometimes eating helps, sometimes it doesn't (I try that because I would feel better when I ate something when it was my period coming on). I've had 2 grapefruits. I'm thinking they may have helped a little. Not much, just a little.

When we dropped off the cookies for my mom and dad, my mom said she wanted to talk to me about some stuff that came up with the psychologist. My first reaction---ut oh! :-|

I'm going to try to talk T into going down to J and getting the pictures out of the family. It's got me real sad and upset that my sister hasn't done it yet. :-(

So, my agenda for the rest of the evening:

Turn off the computer
Take a shower
Go in the living room and crochet while watching the news
Read a bit of the bible
Go to bed

I think it's a doable list, and I can accomplish it quickly.