January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 7th edition - It's about time!

Thirteen Things I need to improve this year

I'm not one to do resolutions, but I've figured since back when it was the fad cause everyone was doing it, that I'd note things I need to improve this year. Some I've already started---last year---some are new things. Oh, who am I kidding? It's all old!

1. Flylady - I need to clue myself back into this. It covers a lot of things---I have to start doing the WHB again, I have to update and start doing my Control Journal again---I could do a whole list JUST on this!!! :-| But I won't, because there's so much more. But if you really think about it, I do...it's all the same I suppose!

2. Be a better mommy. I've fallen behind on a few things. That's the whole point of the list. I have to say, I already think I am a good mommy, as I don't let my kids starve, etc, but there are a few things I could do better on, like give the kids more individual attention, and make sure some things I haven't taken care of are taken care of. :-| I've got to work up a chain, and pin it to the back of a little guy's jacket, with some mittens attached to that. I'd really like to knit some, maybe I'll look up the patterns I've saved up here and there and do that sometime today (too).

3. Be a better wife - again, I already think I'm pretty good at this, but there are some places I can improve on. And doing #1 will help a lot, because stuff won't be on my mind anymore. I've got all this time while he's asleep to do all of it, and I can include the kids in a lot of it. So that's what I'm going to work on today. And more. Oh goodness I hope I can keep up this good mood and high energy!!!

4. Eat better - I'm already going to Weight Watchers (though, truth be told, I didn't go this week :-| I'm picking it back up starting today. It'll work itself out in the wash). I've got to get back on program. And keep the site up in my browser again, so I can keep up my food. Maybe plan what I'm going to have ahead too. Why can some people do that? Maybe because they get enough sleep every night? Or they are just BOs (Born Organizers for those not Flylady savvy!)!

5. Read my bible - I started, and I've got it bookmarked, but I've stopped. So starting tonight, I'll do this. I'm hoping to do about what I did last night, in getting both the kids to bed asap at night---him about his regular bedtime, and she went to bed just after T left. Let's see if I can do that. And work on the next one...

6. Watch LESS tv - Oh, this is a big one. It's called the Boob Tube for a reason! I wonder what they're going to start calling the computer? It's almost as bad! But, if I can get it turned off about when T gets ready for work, then we'll be all set up to get D to bed quickly, and I'll have time after he leaves for me to read my bible and have some me time. I was doing pretty good before the holidays, I can do it again!!!

7. Spend less - This is a no brainer. We spend so much frivilously. Gotta get a good coffee pot, because Tim Horton's is a big one :-(

8. Write more - not just my pen pals, who I have to be better about writing to, but my writing. I haven't written in ages!

9. Get to bed earlier - I've now definitively proven to myself, and I've known for a while, that the best time for my bed time is roughly 11pm. It allows me roughly 8 hours of sleep, as long as I get to sleep by 11:30. Which I can do, with a bedtime of 11, without playing games on anyone's cell phone :-S

10. Deplete my yarn stash - oh hush! I need to move some of this stuff out so it makes me feel better to move more in! So I can make things like dishcloths. And socks with my new sock pattern book and needles (which I really didn't need because I have enough patterns and needles, but who cares, right?).

11. Spend less time on the computer and more with my family - Oh, but you all thought you were my family? Sure, my internet family. But the one here at home is more important. That's why I put more time with them twice (and soon it might be thrice!).

12. Keep up with all other writing and fb related stuff - I've been doing better with writing people, but every time I hit a crazy slump, you can forget it. Like now, which means I have to pull myself out of it again, and finish the letter I started, and write others. :-| And send the ones I've finished.

13. Keep down the clutter - part of #1, for sure, but it needs to be said. Don'tcha just love garbage bags?

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Irishcoda said...

I usually post late too because I'm busy running around taking care of chores, dinner, kids, grandkids, etc...that is an impressive list! Best wishes to you!