January 12, 2008

Yet another set of reasons to praise God

Today was a crazy day. It started out fairly normal, getting up later than usual because D and T watched P for about 2 hours after he woke up. Then I got up and worked on Rosa's afghan some, then got ready to go see my mom, because she had told me she had something for me waiting in her room. I had no idea what it would be, but I decided I'd go find out today.

While I was sitting here for pretty much the only time I would be at the computer all day, my dad called. They have one of those turbine thingies you see spinning on top of people's roof, and the top part that spins had come off with our wind storm last night. He asked if T would go up and do something about it---my dad was figuring he would go into the upper attic, that my parents have never used, because that was the best access to it without going on the roof, and my dad figured T could put up some wood or something. T ended up going up on the roof, twice, and putting a tarp up there, covering the thing. During part of that I was outside and the kids were in.

Well, while I was, P got ahold of 3 bottles of my dad's meds. Only Ibuprofen, Naproxen and a diuretic. We have no idea if he took any, but I called my mom because I figured we'd be going, then I called the hospital who put me through to poison control, who said there was nothing I could do to help counter effect the stuff before we got there, so off we went.

They really did nothing, other than count the pills in the bottle, and put leads on him to keep track of his little heart, etc. They figured in part from us and in part from the number of pills, he probably didn't take any. I certainly hope so!

And last night, while it's not a real big thing, it was big to me then---D's Girl Scout troop was an hour late getting home. It's not so bad because they did get home, but before they get home you don't know what's up. Ya know?

So, you might ask why it is that I call the triple threat to my family here a reason to praise God. I hope you don't think I'm a glutton for punishment. Or that I'm a sadomasachist. Heck, I don't even think I'm all that paranoid (though that can creep in from time to time.).

No, I'm not going to take it when others decide how my life is going to go. And I don't ENJOY the pain, or the fact that, yes, sometimes it's a result of my own mistakes. I can't imagine who would be out to get me---I look at my God as a loving God, who allows some things to happen so that we LEARN from them (and because we all got together and wrote it into our charts).

So, what do I think I can learn from this? That God is always there. Even when it was just me and P in the room---or the car, because I felt it when alone with him then too---I didn't really feel as if we were alone. I prayed, somewhere deep down inside or just in my head, at one point in time or another during all of the events. I know he got us through each of these things, and he would have gotten us through all of them no matter what the outcome of any of them was!

And if you read this far and still remembered there was a reason for me to stop and see my mom today---she had a check for me. For labor for making the roses. I told her all the money I was looking to get from it was to replenish my supplies that I didn't have on hand when I started making the stuff. Heck, I didn't even worry about the money I spent getting the green thread (because I like to make sure I have all of one color on one ball before I make threaded items, and I was able to find a good sided green one for cheap at one point). It doesn't come out to much per flower, but she wanted to do something. :-| Part of that money is going to go towards the biz, part is going to be some yarn money for me :-) Maybe some stationery too.

And of course things never end. I left the Penny Saver garage with 3 bundles of circulars to insert into the Penny Savers---I can only find 2. And this one was distinctive, because it had the slip about the house that I have to stop delivering to!

Oh well, bed time. Hope your day was better! :-)