January 09, 2008

The rest of my Wednesday....

For anyone that cares---the Wordless Wednesday picture is that of water splashing up over the railings along the walkway at a local park on the shores of Lake Erie. We live within 5 miles of Lake Erie :-) My husband loves to take pictures of such things. I say it shouldn't happen in mid-January like that because it was unseasonably warm for about 3 days, and the water that splashes up like that (as it's wont to do on such a windy day---we had wind advisories for all over the Western New York area) SHOULD BE FREEZING NOT JUST FLYING UP IN THE AIR AND LANDING BACK ON THE GROUND! T also had a few pictures of the water on the car, through the windows and windshield. I think it looks pretty when it freezes on the railings, and also there where it was flying up, period :-) But then I'm crazy and I just LOVE our area :-) T's taken pictures of it freezing before, I'm just not too sure which memory card they are on or where said memory cards are! :-|

The rest of the day has prompted me into some introspection. I won't be on here much longer, and I really hope to hold to not taking much longer getting to bed. P was quite a handful today. But I don't think it was all him, some of my problem (a lot of it) was how I reacted to it and how fit I am right now. I'm dragging tail a lot. And not just because I've been sick. I guess it really started when I began eating all that garbage, and went terribly off program. I've just got to give the kid some running room. And he hasn't been out of the house for "play groups" much these last couple weeks, just right before Christmas, and church just before New Years Eve. But that's not much, and he wasn't feeling well then. I think he's missing MOPS and all that. And he'll probably be staying 2 services worth real soon here so mommy can go to the classes the church is having for the Foundations of Harvest. I need to get going. But I'm going to ask some friends to do some praying for me! :-| I need it!!!

I hope to have the Thursday 13 up tomorrow, not sure when though. Hopefully not too late :-|

Too many :-|'s around here :-P