January 28, 2008

Mild Monday again...so far :-)

Today seems okay so far. The worst part is that I currently can not find a library book that I've had out since the end of December. It's The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Panley, and it's really good. I got as far as the end of techniques to teach your kid to fall asleep...there's 8, I believe...which is good because it reminded me of something I really should have remembered myself---teaching them relaxation techniques. I did one suggested in the book, but that I had also sorta met up with once when I first learned of Tai Chi. I used it last night and earlier for his nap time. He went out very quickly after I started---before I even got to his shoulders earlier! I start with his toes and work up. I've looked just about everywhere I could think of, but so far it hasn't turned up. I don't remember taking it out of the house anywhere, and I checked the bags of garbage I worked with last night (which are all now down to the dumpster, since T took care of them this morning. Finally).

The rest of today is going to be dedicated to some wash, and dishes. Otherwise, the house looks pretty good. :-)

I've still got a good cold going on here. My nose tickles, but it's just this side of sneezing. It's not draining right now, but it was earlier.

I took a break from here yesterday because I was just exhausted. I looked at my email at one point, but other than that, I spent a lot of time on the couch after returning from delivering the Penny Savers and getting D to youth group. I did start the list for tomorrow's 10 on Tuesday meme. And it's going to bleed over until Thursday! Because I had a hard time starting my list, but once I got going, I am finding a lot of things. And I find that many of them are "small" items. You'll see :-)