January 26, 2008

Updates and----Good Morning!!! :-)

Well, the watch seems to have a small hitch. 3 actually. Each time the bigger hands pass, or try to, another of the hands, they stop. Also, the watch is no longer winding. I think I'm going to have to seriously look into bringing this baby to a jeweler's. And the cover story would be easy with mom, since I've been wanting to do it for a while anyhow...it can get cleaned up and fixed if need be. It's an old watch, having it looked it wouldn't be a BAD thing. I just really hope running it through the wash hasn't completely ruined it!!!

So, I was thinking, I have no meme to do today. It's Saturday, and I only do them Tuesday thru Friday. But that's where the Weekend Blog Hoppers comes in. Cause now I have a public to cater to (ha ha), and I'll write something interesting just for them. It will all help me keep up with the commitment to Blog 365.

But, BuzzeeDad---you're evil.

SmartassticMom---you too. You don't know all of the debauchery you have put in my mind. Including inspiring me to be a lot more myself, in so many ways you will never know!

Love ya both!

Enough sentimentality.

I didn't get to bed until after 2, and I didn't fall asleep until 4 (P woke up just as I fell asleep, so I had to start myself all over again once I quickly got him settled). I'm feeling a bit off thanks to that, but now I know why. I've got a list to attack, and a sunroom to deal with as well (T looked thru his tools, so he made a bit of a mess, but at least put most of it back). As much as I can do before bed tonight I will. And I'll see about a nap during P's. But I've got to make a commitment to going to bed by 11. Just as I have to make a commitment to getting P to bed at 8. No later. If I can seriously help it, and nearly 100% of the time I can!