January 26, 2008

My afternoon, an update

Not going to start the blog hoppin just yet, but I thought I'd sit down and regroup before I put P down to bed tonight. I'll do some blog hoppin' once he's asleep, and I'll hopefully get to bed at a decent hour :-) Tomorrow's church :-D

Vac - done
Stuff and bag Penny Savers - while Blog Hoppin'
Degarbage the futon - done
Sort and toss stuff in the fridge - I wish
More Dishes - not a chance
Sort cabinets - this coming week (along with all the dishes left to do)

I didn't just clear the futon and vac. I also picked up the floor a couple times (due to Hurricane P), and organized the area just to the right of the futon, which is a corner filled with all my crochet stuff---the boxes with all my yarn---plus some other crafting items. And I removed the bags from old undelivered Penny Savers. Also, I went through all the stuff here around the computer tower and monitor. So it looks a bit prettier. :-) I've got to talk to T about jimmying open the filing cabinet---it seems to have jammed itself. Definitely time to sort through all the folders---I've at least got everything sorted by subject/utility/bill. Maybe a new cabinet is just one more thing we'll have to get when we get our income tax refund. :-|

Off to help P calm down :-)