February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - #7 - yum!

Last week was my dad's birthday. That's the first cake. The rest are past ones for various other family members :-) The last is my birthday cake last year, a carrot cake recipe I got off of the Weight Watchers site. The carrot was fun to shred, and it tasted GOOD!!!!! Who knew that cream cheese frosting was so easy to make?

I thought once about creating a blog just for posting all the cakes we've ever made, because they are so much fun to make! :-)


erika~ the inspired mama said...

YUM!!! cake... i have a wicked sweet tooth!! everything looks great! happy ww! :D

Jen said...

That cake looks and sounds good! I'll have to find that recipe for the carrot cake one from WW! Sounds AWESOME! Happy WW!

Shelia said...

Makes me hungry, they look delicious!

Happy WW! :D

Gabriel said...

Mmmm.... Cake...(a la Homer Simpson).

Happy WW, and thanks for dropping by!

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Sarabeth said...


Blog hopping--HP

Kell said...

It's so great - your decorated cakes look like MY decorated cakes. Love 'em.

Darrin said...

Mmmmm, looks/sounds awesome! It's been awhile since I've made cake. You've inspired me to bake one up soon!


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