February 05, 2008


Well, I sat down with lots of ideas of what I was going to do today, and now that I didn't list them just as soon as I sat down, I've lost some of them. Not all of them, though, because I did a bunch.

Let's see, I needed to start on wash because my mom asked me to was some stuff today, that's done. I haven't done any dishes yet, but there's a sink full ready. I've collected up as much garbage as I can. I've got 4 bags waiting to go outside. I've got 2 bags ready to clean out the car, I think I'll keep them inside and just bring a basket out. I've got a load of T's clothes in the washer. I was going to put them in after I took out mom's stuff, but I was talking to her on the phone at that point, and couldn't hear a dang thing, and never got back to the washroom after. I'd like to look into getting some screws for the vacuum cleaner. That's what I'm going to do next, while we go to Weight Watchers. Not my favorite thing, as I know I've gained some (a good amount, which is not a pretty sight), and I'm going to have both kids with me. :-( I've really got to work HARD on getting back on track. Really hard. :-( I had a plan for meals last week. Not that it helped any. :-(

I guess I'd better start getting ready for that, so I can get those screws hopefully before the vacuum cleaner shop closes.

I'll do the 10 on Tuesday later, after I get back home.