February 25, 2008

I'm feeling something, but....

I'm not feeling the comment love. Tell me, do I really complain that much? Do I offend? Sorry :-(

Today was actually a pretty good day, all things considered. I was in a GOOD mood most of the day---not that "woo hoo, it's a GREAT DAY, I can DO ANYTHING" kind of mood, but definitely not "dang, everything sucks". No, more like "It's all good, I'm going to be cool as a cucumber, and only get minimally upset over just the most important stuff." I was going to post my Weekly Winners today---they're up on Flickr, I just have to post them here. I'll do that later....well, later today as I seem to be up at 1:30am :-| Oh well, later today then.

I was thinking of a lot of things to blog about while I was out delivering (most of) the Penny Savers. I even ended up getting pictures of that house, over on one of the streets I deliver to, that I love so much. I might post about just that too. I've got to Paint Shop some of them, as there are important features I LOVE about this place that I want to point out. I even ended up talking to 2 of the neighbors---one lady across the street and one lady next door to the place that happened to come out with some fruit for the lady I was talking to---and I got the name of the guy who owns it. I don't know what I'd like to do---I mean, I'd love to move in there, but then whether or not it would be in our budget would be important. What's more, if the guy would give us the option to buy---but the first lady who I talked to mentioned something about someone being interested at one point, but he didn't want to rent it, or something. It's really a nice place! I wonder if there's anything wrong with it? It was the owner's parents' house---I'm wondering if the name that's attached to the house (I looked up the guy's name soon after I got home, and noticed that the house is listed under his first name, where as where he's supposed to live, and must live since I know the house is EMPTY, is listed with his first name and a middle initial) is actually his dad's. All which includes with it a whole host of more questions. I had been thinking about the house just moments before, and then boom I was able to talk to a neighbor. It was interesting!

Well, it's my bed time. I hope you comment, because now you can!

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