February 13, 2008

Torturous Tuesday....

The morning started halfway decent---got up at about 8 and got ready, then headed off for MOPS. But after coming home, the day got progressively worse. I'm sure now I have to be coming down with *another* freegging cold.

And it doesn't help that I had to FINALLY go out and deliver the Penny Savers----with below zero wind chills, and a concert on Saturday, it was idiotic to get out and do them before this. And I only got 4 streets done. Out of 7. Well, 4.3, as part of one of the others got done. I had to get the card from mom for dad for Valentine's day, and butter so I could finally make her Crisp. Then I came home, lounged around a bit, had some lunch, crocheted for maybe another hour after D got home, and headed out to do those streets. Then we came back and went to Weight Watchers, where I found I gained yet another 2 pounds. I have to start pulling out the treadmill. Then to WalMart for dinner and a new keyboard (T spilled some water on the old one with some help from P). Then home to make the crisp (should have done it while waiting for D to get home, but oh well, I'm lazy), then over to bring it to mom, then home for dinner, a shower, then putting the kids to bed. I should be in bed now, and that's where I'm going as soon as I'm done.

The house looks like a bomb went off. D's got another concert. And I want to figure out why I feel so off. I'm going to work on ME. I have to figure this out...can't wait to have old bills paid off, just as soon as the state tax refund check gets here, as long as the state doesn't take too much out for not filing my state taxes at the end of the last quarter. *sigh*

Okay, bed NOW.


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