February 06, 2008

Tuesday Update

Looks like I haven't done the 10 on yet. I will, I just guess it will be a bit late. :-| As always.

My latest obsession---Farm Frenzy. Computer games are just evil, I swear. *sigh* But it's not as if I didn't get anything done. I went to Weight Watchers, I checked out the vacuum shop for the screws, and the hardware store across the street (both a no-go, which means I'm going to have to find the manual and see about product codes, calling up for more, etc). I did some dishes. I hope I've got enough momentum going on with them to finish them. I made a lasagna. They are surprisingly easy to make. It was always Christmas dinner at home, so I thought they were like super special and hard to make or something. Nope. :-) All because T bought Garlic Bread this morning (which I didn't heat up enough, but oh well). I got some of T's uniforms washed...he transferred them to the dryer. I'm going to have to do more tomorrow. I went though all my candle stuff earlier, before the last post, so now it's all nice and organized. I just have to get my butt in gear with all that, huh? I've got to do more clothes, and work on the floor some, somehow.

Oh, and when I bought the things I needed for the lasagna, on the way home from going to WW and seeing my mom (to return the things she asked me to wash), I also bought a single cup dispensing coffee maker. It's nice. I had to find a good place to put it so that small hands can't go and push the button to get the coffee, and burn his little hand. Because that stuff is HOT. The steam coming off it was something else!!! I hope it's in a good enough place. OMG that kid can get into ANYTHING. He can even (with the right tools) get into the medicine cabinet in the bathroom!!! :-S NOT GOOD. Part of what I know he's thinking is "oh, my cough meds taste really good. I want to get more." :-S Why can't they keep the stuff tasting nasty---Robitussin might taste so bad it gives you the chills (it still does me, but now the bad taste is somehow comforting), but at least it makes you better. I think I'll look into getting him some. It's just mommy's and daddy's jobs to force the kids to take the stuff so they feel better, that's all.

But it's way to late. I'm hoping to go to bed at a decent hour tomorrow.

And how about Super Tuesday? I watched a little bit of the after polls closing coverage. I should turn it back to that now before I go to bed. There was also the NY Time Alert saying who got what, at least with some of the states (including NY). Seems Clinton's got the large part of the votes here. I've been thinking of reregistering, registering myself as a Democrat. Currently I have no part affiliation. I didn't want one when I was just coming out of high school, and I've kept it that way for the last 13 years. But now I have evaluated everything as best I can, and I'm definitely a liberal. The more liberal of the 2 parties is the Democratic party, and the majority of my votes go that way, so I think it's the best choice for me. Besides, the choices there don't turn my stomach as much as the choices on the Republican party ticket. :-P McCain's not too bad, neither Huckabee---but I'm more comfortable considering Clinton for president, or Obama, than any of the men on the Republican ticket. I don't think that the fact that Hillary Clinton is the former first lady is a bad thing, even with all that brings with (including her husband, because I voted for him in the first election I had the ability to, in 1996), nor do I think the fact that she already is a part of the establishment is a bad thing either. Sometimes the best view point on changing the status quo is only viewable from the inside, and someone who knows the inner workings. Plus she's the first woman campaigning for a presidential nomination to get this far, and it definitely doesn't look like she's stopping any time soon. And of course I think that it's great that there is finally the potential for the first black president in the history of this nation. It's about stinkin' time. Honestly, I'd vote for Clinton before Obama in the primaries, but I would much rather have Obama as the presidential nominee with Clinton as the vice presidential nominee. Weird, huh? :-|

Speaking of which...I just realized, we will be leaving Colorado just before the Democratic Convention there in Denver. Dang nab it! :-| But that's right---the tickets have been purchased, we have the eticket number, and we will be visiting the great states of Colorado and Wyoming in August. I've started my campaign of praying for some sort of sanity and some help in dealing with T's grandmother. He told me yesterday, though, that his plan this time is to spend as much time going around to the places he's been wanting to show me for nearly 13 years now. How sweet---I have always felt like that one Rascal Flats song---the one talking about wanting to know every where the person's been. I mean, I've only heard of where he was born and seen it's name on a map. Now he LIVES in the areas that are special for me. It's my turn to learn about the places special to him! I know where the high school he graduated from is, that's about it. So I'm going to look for and add a ticker to this page, probably right up on top! Sounds like a good idea.