February 10, 2008

Weekly Winners Feb 2nd - Feb 9th

Weekly Winners - February 3rd(ish) to February 9th

My first installment. Enjoy!

How can we take pictures of her if she keeps covering her face??

I've decided, it's official---I'm the mother of a band geek!
(she's right there in the center!)

Mr. Cameraman.

My kids really are the apples of my eye!

I think someone has a future in yoga....
(or, "London P is falling down...")

If you want it done right, sometimes you just have to
do it yourself (like holding your kid to keep them from
pulling out the plug while you're vacuuming!)

P's self portrait (when you see this cutie, you are going to want to run!
Or maybe it's just me....)

He's got to wait another 13 years (don't worry folks, we
took away the keys!)

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HRH said...

Too cute! I love the apple one...they are so funny.

Mishelle said...

Cute pics! I, too, love the apple-eyes one!

WNY? Where? I'm originally from Buffalo.

Mishelle said...

mishelle = secret agent mama

nancy said...

whew! I'm past those intense "mommy days" but your photos really brought it back. The GOOD, of course. Only the good!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

I love band geeks!

That last photo is adorable. :-)

Marylin said...

great pics! Love the yoga position!

Rebecca said...

Love the apples of my eye. :)