February 27, 2008

What were you thinking?

It finally occurred to me just this evening, I don't have to keep going to my blog to post a blog post!  I can do it from right here, in my email!  Wow---duh!  It'll make it easier and cleaner for me---then I can save the posts until I'm ready with them (though, yes, Blogger allows for that), and I don't have to go and open a whole other window---well, actually, I do because after I'm done here I'll be going over to my blog to make sure it looks kosher.  But really, now I have little excuse.  I've had the email address set up for a while, I'm just going to start doing this.  But since I have my email open so much, I'll be able to come and go with the post as I please, and not even have to worry about it getting lost.  Yeah, the great thing with Gmail is that it automatically saves your draft as you go along.  :-)  So I'll have them here waiting for me no matter what :-)

So, today...

I went to MOPS.  As always, it was fun.  Not too much to report there, though I'm hoping I didn't insult the Pastor that is the mentor---with the activity the speaker had us do, I mumbled that she just has way too much fun.  Dang...I'll have to say something to her on Sunday if I see her.  And if not then, I'll have another chance next Tuesday, because we have MOPS then too.

Then we went to see mom.  It was hard to tear the little guy away from mom's lunch tray.  He had so much fun eating off it after the last MOPS we went to.  He's a good kid.  They both are, it's just getting difficult with D because she's getting older, and more of an individual.  :-|  But isn't that what we want?

Then I finished weaving in the fringe on Rosa's afghan, and started adding an edge to the ends to match the other 2 sides, then started equaling out the whole edge, adding the last row all the way around.  I'm not done with that yet.  I'm going to have to remake the pillow, as (I don't think I mentioned this last night but I might have) P hacked into it with my scissors.

After D got home, I got T up so that I could run to the post office and Weight Watchers.  Not directly after, but soon after.  Her clarinet mouthpiece is still missing.  If she (we) can't find it real soon, it will be a cost of $70+.  :-|  Not amusing.  I've got to get off here soon and go to bed so I can use all of tomorrow to clean as much as I can round here.  :-|  Both to help her look for the mouthpiece, and just because it NEEDS it.  D=

Weight Watchers was somewhat uplifting.  I lost 4.4 pounds.  I hope this is the start of a turn around in my weight loss journey.  In that now I hope I start losing again, since I've been gaining bit by bit since the holidays.  I think last weeks "Everybody has those days" (unfortunately, even though I'm not a big fan, D is a fan of Hannah Montana, so that song sometimes goes through my head) theme of the talk the meeting leader gave (not exactly the title, but that's the gist of it) helped some.  I hope.  I'd like to lose quite a bit more---20 pounds or more---before we go out to visit T's family in August.  So I can surprise the pants of his grandma (though her actually losing her pants would be scary!). 

Then to the store.  Do you know, it doesn't take much to pick up a gallon of milk?  But it's interesting the fracture points possible in a plastic jug.  I dropped the thing on the floor just inside the doors---I was going to take all the bags out to the car, instead of having to push it through the slush.  But wouldn't you know, I picked the milk up and just as I had it over the edge of the cart, it fell to the floor.  Some girl was walking in, talking on the phone, and a bit of it splashed on the bottom of her pants leg!  I could feel really horrible about that---I apologized repeatedly to her as she got her cart, and walked away.  She mentioned it to whoever she was talking to, but she said "that's okay."  I'm sure she was complaining to them after though. 

Then home.  To find the floor still a mess, the kids running rampant, the hubby changing a diaper...:-|  But I can't expect much when I leave them alone.  Just more work for me tomorrow.  Oh well. 

One good thing about this evening---I think T has figured out why the hot water heater wasn't putting out such hot water all the time.  And it had to do with something up here, not downstairs.  The bathroom faucet is...faulty.  So, he stopped the leak (by turning it good and all the way off), and slowed down the bit we have running in the washroom, to keep the pipes from freezing (okay, that's only one reason it's on in there).  And the water in our shower proved that it was indeed the faucet leaking in the bathroom that was the problem.  Oh boy, is that water HOT when the water heater's turned all the way up!  :-S  I learned that QUICK, thanks in part to P coming in and playing with the shower faucet :-S  T just has to go down and turn it back down---and now I have good and hot water to do dishes with. 

Woo hoo?  :-|

Okay, enough, good night.  :-)

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