February 18, 2008

Mellowish Monday...

I can't tell you how relieved I really am now that it's that time of the month. I'm pretty certain that whatever I am suffering from, it's PMS. I now want to get things to the point that they are manageable. One thing I hope to do with paying off the doctor bills, is find out if part of my problem is diabetes. Sometimes I feel oddly lightheaded, and I wonder if it's not being awash in hormones, but being awash in insulin or too high blood sugar. Sadly, because of family history (and I'm sure a horrible diet doesn't help much either), it's entirely possible. My sister, who is a full 5 years younger (and probably about 100 pounds LIGHTER) has already been diagnosed with diabetes. She's also been dealing with migraines and other things during her PMS times too.

We got nearly all the papers done today. And because it was starting to snow and cold, we used the car this time, again. D and I deliver the papers, while T and P are in the car, with the Penny Savers in the back, and he drops us off at one end then waits for us at the other.

*Pause for cheese curd...*

My dad stopped by with some curd from a local farm, that my mom had requested he get, and said to give some to me. :-) MMMMMMMMM......cheese......

It's all gone---but P got to partake of it too (D didn't want any, even though I offered). He liked it! :-) I might get the chance to experience yet another cheese coma...I had one the other day when I had wanted some ham and swiss cheese sandwiches---I did my usual and just ate all of the rest of the cheese after I was done making sandwiches for myself out of it. :-S

Took another break...did some cleaning (especially in the area of P's toys), and talked to D's friend's mom about her coming over tomorrow. This week of vacation seems fuller than a regular school week...she's going to see my mom and to her friend's house on Tuesday, she's going to my sister's Wednesday night to Thursday, and she's got a Girl Scout outing on Friday. I don't get to see her much, but considering she's a typical adolescent, it's not such a bad thing.

Yet another large break---this one included a late dinner, some tv, and now I'm taking a quick break from the rest of my world to talk to the rest of the world. If I stop and sit or stand still for very long, my head starts feeling weird.

I'm thinking about discontinuing with Weight Watchers for a while, so that I can get my medical stuff figured out. I'm not successful with it right now, and part is because I get very mindless about keeping track when I'm at the height of the period of time when I don't know what's going on.

I do feel a whole lot better right at this moment. And as soon as a little more steam has been released while I relax, I'm going to go to bed :-) It's going to feel nice.

Oh yes....and....I finished the Wendy Corsi-Staub book yesterday. I picked up The Anvil of the World by Kage Baker. It's pretty good so far. I'm 40 pages in. I fell in love with her work back when I was first nursing P---I did a lot of reading then, including For Her Own Good, which is perhaps my most favorite heavier reading of all times---and each and every one of Ms. Baker's books that are scheduled to come out or have already come out that I haven't read yet are on my PaperBackSwap Wish List! I got this one through PBS a while back (I also got the OLD edition, the first edition, of FHOG off PBS). I'm going to start going through as many books as I can. Since I realized my need and ability to read is still INSATIABLE!!!! And there is no reason for it to be. I'm always eager to learn, and my mind needs to be working all the time. It does anyhow, but I've felt dead as of late. Need to wake myself up, and not just physically, but mentally too! So that's what reading all the books in my bookshelf (before I move on to other bookshelves, ha ha ha) is for! :-) Plus it's just plain fun!

Yes, I think reading BOOKS is fun. I also think touching them is fun, and looking at them, and putting them back on shelves, and helping people find them, and sorting them, and filing the cards for them, and recording who took out what book is fun too. I want to work in a library. I went to college to get a BA in the path to becoming a librarian, and I will work in a library again some day! I interned at the Seneca Nation Library for my minor Capstone. See, if you read my dribble long enough, you get to learn something interesting about me :-)

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