February 29, 2008

Finally Friday, again.

Feeling the comment love once again! :-) I received 12 whole comments in the last 24 hours---some for my recent Thursday Thirteen (including some back and forth between me and another blogger---Hi Lou!), and some for the Friday's Feast. I hope to keep this memeing going. And I'm going to use my del.icio.us help keep my side bar in order. More widgets, if that means more loading time, I'm sorry! I'm just trying to keep my blog pretty as can be :-)

You know, I've found that God does answer prayers. Okay, right now He's answering all my "big" prayers with a great big old

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But He lets me know that He IS listening in small ways. Like last night, not for the first time, I brought the fact that my attraction to others is making me feel distant from T...and I swear within minutes He helped me revert my mind to thinking of something just about T. TMI, I'm sure....but you know, I KNOW I didn't actively do that. And there have been other times, with other things---two specific nights, when I had the tv on the Contemporary Christian music station and was feeling very distant from God, when I prayed and asked for Him to comfort me, "Broken Road"---which I originally heard after Rascal Flatts recorded it, but that was recorded by other people in these instances---came on. For me that's a really big song when it comes to my faith, because I know I needed to follow the road I did to get back to Him, and I REALLY know He was there all along while I was clearing my head and returning to His arms. It never really applied with T, because the road we took to each other led us to each other's arms. Our song is "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd---and right in it, it says that the Keeper of the Stars had this plan all along.

So, what else is there? I'm not really sure. So, I hope you have a good rest of your day...of rest if you're doing Blog365

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