February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day....

You know, I'm not a big one on celebrating Valentine's Day. As I told my daughter this evening, the most important thing for me on Valentine's Day (on any day, holiday or not) is to spend time with my family, having a good time, enjoying their company. She was putting up another one of her totally juvenile, 11 year old girlie fits. I've had just about enough of them---but unfortunately I know this will not be the end, not at any time. Once I nicely chewed her out, though, things were better. We enjoyed our time together, we sat and talked, T and I flirted (we actually do a whole lot of that).

The day has sorta ended on a bad note. I felt like crap AGAIN. I've been wondering, really, what's up with this? Am I getting sick? Am I preggers (which of course is always a possibility, and even with what I realized tonight, will still be checked out)? Am I coming down with something serious? I was suffering some SERIOUS fatigue, and a few moments of---mental pause? I can think of two times walking through the store this evening (I wanted to check and see if any coffee creamer company has more than French Vanilla flavored Fat Free coffee creamer. Thank goodness CoffeeMate does---I bought myself some Original Flavored and Hazelnut---for the times when I've run out of Hazelnut flavored coffee, and only have original flavored coffee. Ha ha....except for the fact that the next to last of the Hazelnut coffee my sister and her husband gave us is in the brew station now, and I don't think there is more than one or two scoops or cups of it left. I like the Hazelnut better than the Chocolate Truffle, though the CT isn't all that bad!) where I nearly fell over. Not really nearly fell, but stumbled just a tiny bit. Then we came home, and it came time to put P down to bed. My head was reeling then too. So I got to thinking...I do feel really dry. I can't think of the last time I had a whole bottle of water. Keeping a full bottle of water around me has been difficult since P was about 18 months, not that I haven't tried to keep a bottle or a glass of water nearby. But he likes to take it and either drink it himself, or pour it out all over the floor. But, I was thinking that I need to get some water. D decided she just couldn't fall asleep in her room (this is more common than you might think---I guess it can't be all bad, as she stated yesterday, and I've contemplated a few times myself before, she will not want a thing to do with us soon, so I better get all my older kid time in that I can now, huh? :-| My bed is still overrun by the byproducts of what goes on there @_@, and not free for just me! :-S), so I told her to get me some water. In the last hour or so since that, I feel much better. I've got another bottle (roughly, though not necessarily completely, 1 pt, 7.7 oz. What is that? I'm not going to do the math. It's one of the packages of bottled water T got at WalMart, again.)

T and I didn't get anything for each other. He bought a pot of tulips at WalMart this morning, but they weren't really for me. They are yellow---his favorite color flowers. :-| I don't know... maybe he's trying to make this pigsty look a bit better? I'm hoping for better tomorrow...I'm going to go to bed here very shortly because we got our State Income Tax refund, and chances are really good (if he's wide awake at about 9am), that we will be heading over to the bank it's printed up for in the morning.

What I want to get done tomorrow:

Straighten this place up more
Fold Penny Savers before bed?

I don't know if we are going to have a WNY_C meeting this month---it was supposed to be this weekend, but neither my co-owner nor I have said anything to the group about it yet. :-| We'll have to see what her response to my email asking about it is.

Let's hope I can get my water levels back up! :-| Remind me to drink a bottle, will ya?


A Man Among Mommies said...

We are not big on the whole V day thing. With water at any given time there are probably a dozen jugs,bottles cups around. We consume mass quantities... Pure Filters Rock...

Doing a little blog hopping with baby..

Real World Mom said...

Cheers! (Water, of course!) :-)

Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin'!
"Margarita Mom"

Ashley said...

Blog hoppin! Good luck with trying to drink more water!


Blog hopping! Just wanted to say hi!

Sarabeth said...

Cheers, with water!

Blog Hopping--HP