November 22, 2007


It's that time of year again. For some people it means lots of cooking, spending time with family---both the ones they want to see and some they don't---traveling, eating lots of turkey, football, sleeping on the couch....lots of things. For us it meant going to see my mom, spending a bit of time with my sister, having dinner here with dad, and a late night tonight.

It also meant this year that my biz grew! I got another recruit today! And my sponsor was great enough to surprise me with some new leads! I'm going to call them tomorrow to follow up.

I wanted to start doing the Thursday Thirteen this week. But when I sat down to the computer to do so, I started talking on Yahoo messenger with my new recruit. That started all the whirlwind that comes with signing someone up as a bit of a surprise, so my *first* post will post on Friday. One day I will get a TT one done ON TIME.

This seems to be a theme with the other TT posts I've looked at so far. There's nothing better to write about today than what we are thankful for. So without further ado (you don't know how much ado there has been so far, you really don't)....

Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For

1. God: I think this probably goes without saying. I'd be a fool to ignore the fact that even before I admitted to Jesus being my person Savior, that God has done some wonderful things in my life, some of which will definitely show up later on my list. But afterwards, now, he's still at work. There's of course the surprises when I finally got recruits. I'd spend lots of time praying for help with myself and my personal image, asking for help to learn who I am and how to approach people in order to help them in whatever way the biz would help them. And just when I least expect it, pop. There's the times when He opens my eyes and makes me realize a different angle on a subject---for example, to realize that some things in my life have had to fall away in order to prune who I am, so that I can grow back stronger and more beautiful than before. These things are being removed in order that there is room for whatever He has in mind and in store for me to fill that place later.

2. T: There is no better match in this world for me than him. Maybe it's part of why God had us marry so close to Thanksgiving....I can see this wonderful guy in action every year, doing something he loves. He loves to cook, and he does it well. He might not want to turn that into a career (just yet?), but it's something he has a passion for. Maybe one day we can have a home so that we can both enjoy this little pastime together. Either way, it's still a nice thing to watch him doing. And that's not the only reason I love him so much and know he's my perfect match. If I really stop and listen closely....I don't hear a thing. But it's not an empty silence. Every time I think about being in his arms, 2 songs come to mind. One is our song, Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd. The other is When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss. Especially this last one in this instance. He's it. I know it when I'm alone in the dark and I think of him. I know it when I look in his eyes.

3. D and P: They are the best things we've ever done together. They are our legacy. No one is perfect, and it's a hard road being mommy and daddy, but I wouldn't rather be mommy to anyone else. If someone gives us another T, fine. But I'm happy with just them too. And I can't tell you how happy I feel just watching them (okay, the yelling and crying I can do without, but it's better than absolute silence too, right?).

4. Mom and Dad: Yeah, mom and I fought over the yams, but I'm sure ours wasn't the only disagreement. I'm sure others had it much worse. Besides, they gave me life. Without them I wouldn't be here. Without them, watching their love, their marriage, I wouldn't know how good it could be, and how to keep it that way. 33 years hun, that's all I've got to say about that.

5. Mom's back here: Again, yeah, yams and all. But she's not 100 miles away. She's home.

6. Josh, Cindy and David: Good friends. Good times. There's few things that can replace good friends. There are more friends I'm sure. I don't remember all my friends, how sad is that. Well, I am thankful for all the ones I have, I know I am. Some are the momentary friends, some are the forever ones. You know, if you honestly think about it, both Josh and Cindy have been there a lot longer than even the ones I thought were going to be there forever. The ones who weren't up to par. When I had S's phone number and talked to her when she moved to Westfield, or we moved to Cass, I had Cindy's address in my address book and the memory of her in my mind. She has proven herself in real ways, in the adult forum. Josh has been one of the few constants in my life, even today. Today I still get a nice warm thought in my heart when I think of him. And I've known him longer than any other friend. And I'm pretty sure I'm in the same place for him :-)

7. Mary and Claudette (not to be put atop all the ladies on W2W): What can I say? They are some of the best support a person can have. I asked for help tonight, and they were there. I wanted to make sure I got things right, they were there with more experience to fill in the gaps in my mind (from fatigue and lack of knowledge not to mention experience and simple learning), and kudos and congrats for the reason I needed them (my new recruit).

8. Nicole and Lizzie: My recruits! They are proof that I have to be doing SOMETHING right. That my passion for this biz might spread to them, that they may be able to take it to the heights they deserve---yes, it's great what I could do with them, but it's even greater what they are going to do for themselves. And I know they are great women far beyond just the biz....Lizzie's working towards a dream, and Nicole is standing her own ground.

9. FIBN, HMB and WNY_C: Great ladies. Great support too. It's great to be able to find a place, even one, where people share the same things you of a craft, a desire to make yourself better.

10. Harvest Chapel: A home away from home. It's not where I grew up, but it's a good place to bring up my babies. They don't ask or demand anything from you. They are there in the Lord's name (interesting how, really, I started with God and I end with Him too). That's all they see of you, I believe. Some may not understand, but I know that's what they are there for.