November 26, 2007

(Non)Manic Monday (although that could come into debate at any time)

Church yesterday was good. Pastor Brent's sermon talked about "What if what God asked you to do is embarrassing?". It was interesting and informative. He used Mary as an example---I mean, in her time getting preggers without being married, etc. He said he's going to have a whole series of "What if?" questions using the characters in the Christmas story as the jumping off point for each. I look forward to it. The most notable points had to do with things that had occurred that weekend and I had been thinking about. How interesting that God always does that...I think and wonder about something while in church, and my question is often answered shortly after. The thing that I was pondering was Thanksgiving and the thing with mom's yams. And T's mom. I'm not going to go into it here. And about being a parent in general. So, the thing that Pastor Brent said that responded to my thoughts was that he realized a few times (and I have too, really, in the time since I started this quest) that our jobs as parents are to teach our kids to obey us so they are ready to obey God when the time comes. It's something I have to realize constantly about my parenting, not to mention how I act both as a parent and as a Christian. Heavy stuff, really. I remember this a day and a half later because, it's really cool, the bulletins at church have a whole space for notes on the sermons. Sometimes there's fill in the blank stuff pertaining to the sermon, sometimes like this week there's just a big open space on that page. For the program, there's a scant listing...the songs they play aren't listed, like at my home church where they list all the hymns; the exact prayers said aren't listed, sometimes I wonder if large parts of it aren't thought up right then and there in service; if there are additional things, those are added in, often with what service it's at. It's cool, I really like this place. To think, nearly a year ago, last Christmas eve, we were driving by this church and when I looked in the window I got such a nice warm feeling, now I'm going to the church and trying to find ways to become active in it. And I know when the Christmas eve/day services are too, LOL!

So, the rest of it. I actually took a pause there because T had come around the computer with me, I got side tracked onto playing with Paint Shop Pro more, and I had to make dinner.

Dinner was good, sorry no pictures today (yeah, I keep forgetting :-S). Penne pasta with chicken and tomato sauce. Ack, sometimes I swear I'm getting myself sick of TOMATO SAUCES! I was going to try a pork chops with pineapple salsa recipe off of the Weight Watchers website, but it turns out our pork chops had gone bad. Bad me. I want us to start eating dinner at the kitchen table again, and I'm going to start planning specific dinners instead of doing it on the fly like I am, again. :-| I've taken out my Control Journal, and I'm going to work on that some tonight before going to bed.

Speaking of going to bed. Little guy went to bed very quickly tonight. None of that waiting on him to fall asleep while he plays with the wall, etc. I've ordered a copy of No Cry Sleep Solution through the library's online system, hopefully I'll be able to read all the way through it this time. Last time I got it I didn't. Speaking of which, I should drop what books I do have out late when we're out tomorrow with Weight Watchers.

I'm not holding up much hope for WW this week. I know I didn't really follow it at all. And with Turkey Day---well, let's say, I think 50 pounds lost is blown out of the water. :-| After tomorrow I will just have to start over again. Yippee, Thursday is payday which means I get to figure out my dinner menu and grocery list. Aldi's had tomato sauce in cans, right?

I'm still waiting on my tube of Bella Balm. That should get here tomorrow. My hands aren't too bad, not like they were at the end of the week last week. And all my papercuts from the phonebooks the week before have now healed. Speaking of Mia Bella and the phonebooks (ha ha....nice transition?), I'll be getting paid for that this week too :-D Yippee, now I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to get with that. Thanks to Nicole's help, I was able to get the Bella Balm and the catalogs, what will the phonebooks get me? I had the hardest time going back and figuring out my numbers for each of the streets...I was so tired last night when I was sitting down here and trying to figure it out that my math was ALL wrong! :-S So, after the boss man called this afternoon, since I was sitting here anyhow, I looked over my numbers and used the number pad to figure out what the numbers and totals were. I'm still a bit confused over them, but that's not so bad because I'm getting paid this week, and it's all handed in now.

Well, this evening certainly got away from me. I wanted to go to bed a lot earlier than this. But then I got talking to a couple people, and got looking at something, and here it is 1:30 at night.

Why me?

I'm still going to try to get up early in the morning---8:30.

Later days.