November 24, 2007

Giving Thanks, continuted...

So, I was looking at other people's blogs and their Thursday 13, when I realized I had only listed---GASP!---10. It's a common number, but that's no excuse.

This means I have to come up with 3 more. Is that possible? I've looked at other people's lists, and I just don't do mine in the same fashion. But I suppose there's always something more to add. Now what is it?

11. Yarn: What more needs to be said? Without it I wouldn't have the loves I do. Crochet, Knitting...both wonderful things.

12. Mia Bella: It's not growing very fast, but those candles and my business are growing bit by bit. We'll get there one day. :-)

13. America: I have problems being a citizen sometimes, but I wouldn't rather have been born anywhere else. We're not all the same as certain aspects of it (though sadly I know from personal experience that people outside of the country think that. But then people on the outside of things always make wild assumptions based not on the reality of the person, place or thing, but on their own belief system, their own experiences and what they have been told.), but we are all hopefully really out for the same things. Sometimes I wonder though. Still very thankful to be an American, there are a lot of things that I believe are contained within being an American and our symbols, and those are what I would die for if I need to.

Guess that about covers it. :-)