November 27, 2007

10 on Tuesday

Lucky us, my first meme.....more to come soon!!! :-)

Anyhow, without further ado...

10 Best Games (video, board, card, etc)

1. Miles Bourne - hands down. I LOVE that card game. I went crazy with happiness that came up with a game almost but not quite like it (Thousand Island Solitaire), so much so that I commented on it in a post to one of my groups. They must have thought I was loony---but then some knew the game I was talking about, some googled it just because they were curious!

2. Buzz Word - Oh, this one is fun. Too bad for my family that I just LOVE word games, puns, cliches, idioms, etc. I'll win every time we play this....they can only hope I'm the one giving the clues. Oh well, let's them all learn, right? Now I feel bad...but I'm still getting this for the family for Christmas!

3. Football - Okay, I don't play it, it's a sport and not technically a GAME, but COME ON PEOPLE! It's FOOTBALL. I may be a (die hard, life long, never say die) Bills fan, but I LOVE the game! And it's not the big burly guys running around in tight pants either (though there was a day when they turned my head). I just love it. I'll even cheer for the Broncos, thanks to T, once in a while too. And any AFC team as long as it's not one I can't stand, like the Dolphins...okay, if the Bills aren't in the Super Bowl, I'm cheering for the AFC team no matter who they are. Maybe not the Raiders.

4. Sim City 3000 - Yeah, the graphics are lame, it's an old game, but the sound effects were cute. We'd never be able to get the money right (yeah, I just suck at finances. But I'm better than T at them.), but it was still fun to see the towns grow.

5. Tetris - I'm sure my husband would wonder how it is that this isn't #1. Well, I just didn't think of it first. But it is one of the best. I like the problem solving part. I like all of it. I like the TetrisMania that I downloaded onto my last cell phone. Fun times...

6. Klax - Here's one to definitely blame on my hubby. He bought this one multi game pack that had Klax when we had the Playstation. We still have it, it's just not hooked up. Anyhow, I fell for this game. It's no different than Tetris in some ways (and it looks like, according to the Wikipedia reference I found, that it was supposed to be a follow up to Tetris).

7. Tickle fights - Okay, not a game per se either. But they are fun. I'd always lose to most of my friends, as I'm rather ticklish (to the hubby too), but it's so much fun to tickle a kid. My favorite is when they are old enough to have learned what you are going to do when you just start coming at them with a wiggling finger and they collapse into giggles as soon as they see your finger. Too cute.

8. Scrabble - This was one of the games which, when we played it when I was a kid, you didn't want to be on the team AGAINST me and my dad---and since there were only 4 of us in the family, my poor sister and mom had to work TWICE as hard to win. Which they didn't often.

9. Weffriddles - Talk about mindblowing. I'm still at level 54.1, but I don't know if it's a real level or not. I haven't played that game in nearly a year, but I'll pick it back up someday. I still have my notes, and I still have my place bookmarked. :-| Thanks a lot FIBN ladies! :-S

10. Catan - Awesome strategy game T's best friend C showed to us our first time in Colorado. We saw it at Borders, I'd love to get it one day, but not with the way games get used around here. That's not something I'm happy about. But it's an AWESOME game.

You know, I didn't think this was going to be so hard. I mean, we used to play games a lot when I was a kid. It was fun having game night. But that was 13+ years ago too. We don't play many in our house. I just don't know what's up with that....:-S

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