November 12, 2007

Interesting day.

Today actually went rather smoothly. We helped my dad some with leaves, I made him chili for dinner, and then we came home.

It was while we were away that things got a little crazy, at the house. We walked in and the computer monitor looked cool, and a little wierd. Upon further inspection, we found that it and part of the floor was all wet. Before we left the man who unclogged the pipes upstairs stopped again. In the process of doing it again today, we must have had this surprise. But we weren't home to save that part of the computer. That's okay, though. The tower is just peachy! Not even wet! No part of it---it was down one level on the desk.

Of course, now T has decided that we'll have the computer sitting here at my desk. He'd move it across the room at the bottom of the stairs if there was an outlet against the only outer wall in the room, which is at the bottom of the stairs. How would we put the router there for the computer and phone? Oh well, good thing I don't need to know that! :-)