November 27, 2007

Looking around...

Wow, today is just a day of ups and downs. Pretty much it was....a downer, I think. Not letting myself eat much before Weight Watchers was no fun. I ate, but by the time it was time for WW, I was not happy. I should stop doing that....I don't think it's just today, though, because I know I've not been drinking my water lately either. That doesn't help much. And I need to get out and move more. I felt really good for a while after going for the walk I took to put P to sleep---he was to the point he really wasn't going to get to sleep any other way. So out we went for about half a hour. Sure he only slept for about a half an hour more, but that's fine. He got some sleep. Of course, bedtime wasn't the most fun, he wanted to keep doing the things he's been doing all day, but he had to finally realize it was time to go to bed. He did, with some help from me. He got to sleep not long after daddy left for work. Of course, I didn't start until after 8 either. Ugh, I should really start before 8. I'm going to bed REAL soon (no PSP, no staying up talking to people all night, etc etc, little more blog reading time after this), so we'll start there on our daily list. I've got to throw myself back in to Flylady. I'm not totally sure what has thrown me off. Before I started reading TPDL, I was off. I sorta came back, but now I'm off again :-( And I'm really tired. :-| Those of you that pray, pray for me, okay?

I can't wait for No Cry Sleep Solution to get here. I don't know what I'm going to do now. We had been doing so well for most of P's life, but within the last 2 or 3 months, things have just been off. :-(

Speaking of things getting here, the Bella Balm did show up today. That was a definite up. My hands don't seem so dry, and it wasn't oily at all. It has a hint of lemon (at least it seems lemony to me), but it's not an overpowering scent, whatever it is. I think I've figured out what it is that I want to get with the money from the phonebooks. I'm looking at the Mia Melts, to use as scent samples. A few of those and one Bella Bun. Which means that next week will be a fun week for me---2 shipments instead of 1. :-D The COTM, then the one the money from the phonebooks gets me. So nice. :-D

Well, I want to do one more thing on here, then the computer goes off and I go to bed. But you'll know about that thing first, won't you?

And maybe today was an upper. I mean, I got the kid to bed before 10, I got the Bella Balm (Lizzie got her shipment today :-D), even though I was worried about this week because it was after all a holiday week I still lost 1 pound (keeping me at a weight loss total above 50 pounds), I may not have FINISHED the dishes, yet, but I did at least get the new bottle of dishsoap I needed, there are 3 of the flowers I'm making for mom that are sewn together, P went down for some kind of nap, I'm alright over all....I guess it's a good day. Silly me. Oh yeah, and I've got one person who has put up their plugbutton on my plugboard! I was SO surprised to see it there!!! I feel special now!!! :-D