November 25, 2007

Been fun...

I didn't have a bad day today. I think today would have been the better day to go out and deliver the PS, because it looked halfway decent outside, but at least I got them stuffed and in the bags, right?

Little guy was a terror to get to bed, and he's restless tonight. I don't know if he's coming down with something, he does sound a little congested. I really want to go to church in the morning, I hope he doesn't get something full blown and decide to share it at church. It'll be my first day with my new shoes that I got just so I could wear them to church. I'll wear them elsewhere too, but I've been getting sick of wearing my gym shoes to nice places, and the heels I got at that one church scare my ankle way too much so that's why I got them.

Besides revamping this blog (do you like? It's what I was doing when I should have been stuffing the papers and delivering them and when I was stuffing them), I deleted my candle and writing one. They're really a part of this anyhow (in more ways than one because I transferred the interesting posts over here), I just have to keep up with the labels :-)

I came up with a really nice new plugboard button. I'll be filling my plugboard with it, so it won't look as if no one wants anything to do with it. Of course, not many people can have anything to do with it if they don't know it exists, right? Oh well

I've got to get to bed, it's after 1 and I want to go to church in the morning!!!!!